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Episode 11 – Grabbers

The Holiday season took a lot out of us and left us with just enough energy for this episode…but while it may be a bit shorter than our usual antics, it is chock full of the usual ludicrousness. Perhaps, in …

Duration: 00:59:57

Episode 10 – The Shallows

Shake off the chill of Winter by taking a trip to the tropics with us! In this episode Grace makes us all uncomfortable by delving into the depths of the sea to face one of the planet’s oldest and most fearsome predators. Along the way we discuss shark films scarier than Jaws, learn that one […]

Duration: 01:35:51

Episode 9 – Holiday Season Special

‘Tis the Season for a ridiculous, alcohol fueled episode celebrating all the horror flicks and seasonal brews that we want to find under our tree each year! This episode we learn that starting with the 13% ABV beers in a podcast featuring more than a dozen is a sure fire way to talk over each […]

Duration: 02:22:01

Episode 8 – The Witch

We get a little spiritual, a little supernatural, a little scientific and just a tad silly while watching and reviewing The Witch: A New-England Folk Tale. While pondering our own mortality, we enjoy a mind-blowing Wild-Fermented Farmhouse Rye IPA from Jester King; and somehow we still manage to answer such exciting questions as: Just what […]

Duration: 01:37:45

Episode 7 – Phantom Carriage Brewery Spotlight

No one blends the worlds of horror and beer together quite as masterfully as Phantom Carriage Brewing in Carson, CA. Recently the Dread, Fright & Brew gang had a chance to tour the brewery and sit down with founder/co-owner Martin Svab for an interview. Join us as Martin shares just what it took to change […]

Duration: 01:06:36

Episode 6 – The Descent

Episode 6 has arrived! Aaron is stunned to learn that apparently people listen to podcasts on their…phones?? Grace earns herself a fabulous new nickname through her ability to procure beers for us. We discover that none of us are natural-born cave explorers. And it is determined (well…not quite unanimously) that Diet Dr. Pepper should be […]

Duration: 01:31:20

Episode 5 – Prince of Darkness

Wow, our fifth episode already! We venture off the straight and narrow and sell our souls for a fantastic cider. This episode is chock full of evil, Satan juice, Alice Cooper and homeless zombies. Some seriously great guest beers from Gilgamesh Brewing and Great Divide show up, and we discuss the lack of skin and […]

Duration: 01:18:00

Episode 4 – Halloween Season Special

Happy Halloween everyone! We are tossing all the rules out the window and all caution to the wind for this one. Your hosts each discuss their favorite horror films of the Halloween season, the beers that most put them in the Halloween spirit AND their favorite Pumpkin brews. A LOT of ground gets covered this […]

Duration: 02:02:54

Episode 3 – The Babadook

This time around we work to unfold the layers of The Babadook to expose the dark truths behind this “boogyman” movie from 2014. A polarizing film among horror fans, but we believe it is one not to be missed…or misunderstood! Rate/Review/Subscribe on iTunes, Google Play Music & TuneIn.

Duration: 01:19:28

Episode 2 – The Void

Grigori Rasputin! H.P. Lovecraft! Haunted Houses! All of that AND we rememeber to introduce ourselves to you…our listeners. Join us again as we delve into The Void; a mystical, sci-fi/horror hybrid with the best practical effects this side of the 80’s. Now with all the boring stuff cut out!

Duration: 01:30:32

Episode 1 – Tucker & Dale vs Evil

It’s official…we are podcasting! Our first episode was a no-brainer. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010) is one of the best horror comedies ever made and we pair it with an awesome brew from Ex Novo Brewing. Thanks to everyone who joins us as we find our stride and hopefully bring you some decent reviews […]

Duration: 01:32:11