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Do you think you know your favorite celebrities just by their tweets? Guess the most and win $5! Best part, we come to you.

Do you think you know your favorite celebrities just by their tweets? Guess the most and win $5! Best part, we come to you.
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Los Angeles, CA


Do you think you know your favorite celebrities just by their tweets? Guess the most and win $5! Best part, we come to you.




dtgs dan v jackie v liam_mixdown.mp3

Jackie Kashian, Liam McEneaney and Dan Paskernack join host Jonathan Corbett at the first annual NYC Podfest. It's also the first time three contestants have competed on the show and the first time a constant instantly regretted his decision to do the show. Rob Paravonian did the live music for the show. That means on stage there were two Armenians, 1 1/2 Jews and one person just being a bitch. Thanks to Jeremy Wein for putting together the entire festival. Thanks to Kelly for the tech and...

Duration: 08:29:55

Jason Nash Vs. Joelle Boucai

"Guys With Feelings" Vs. Gal With Job. GWF host Jason Nash takes on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" writer Joelle Boucai in a Twitter tight tournament. Background: Two comedians go head to head in a Twitter knowledge showdown. Host Jonathan Corbett does his perfect parody of the obnoxious, over enthusiastic game show emcee, complete with the affected voice, as he reads tweets written by a mystery movie star or other public figure. The comedian contestants are then supposed to guess who wrote the...

Duration: 07:39:59

"It's Always Sunny" Vs. Bacon! BACON!

Writer Scott Marder ("It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia") battles Caleb Bacon (Host, "The Gentlemens Club" podcast). White on white crime in Santa Monica will leave you doping for more. Listen for gardeners and delievermen int eh background! The conditions!

Duration: 00:26:02

Wilhoite V. Stein

Actress/singer Kathleen Wilhoite vs. Time magazine writer Joel Stein. Who will win in a top twitter take down. Jonathan Corbett hosts.

Neal Brennan Vs. Prescott Tolk

Neal Brennan (Co-creator of "Chappelle's Show") goes cap to cap with comedian Prescott Tolk. They entered our Dream Tweet Mobile Studios which was in a parking garage in Santa Monica. The players were just in time for the shift change and janitors wheeling really loud trash cans back and forth. It was like the running of the bulls, but loader. Here's how the game works, host Jonathan Corbett ("Dream Tweet") reads three tweets from a celebrity. Two are real and the last one is fake. The...

Comedian Death Re-Match!

Christian Finnegan begged for a rematch with Twitter Tornado Damien Fahey. They crammed into Host Jonathan Corbett's Mini Cooper on a busy Hollywood side street in hopes to record Dream Tweet glory.Can Christian beat Damien or does Fahey go two for two in our Season Two opener?Editor's note: A police car was parked across the street from us while we were recording. I was outside the car waving cars off. They were all desparately looking for a spot that they wouldn't believe me. The cop car...

Jim Jeffries takes Eddie Ifft

It's Violence In Venice! It's an air mattress to the death. Comedians Jim Jeffries takes on podcast mate Eddie Ifft in the Twitter war of their lives. From "Jim and Eddie Talking Shit" to "Dream Tweeting as fast as you can!" This show has some objectionable content. So enjoy it. Notes: We recorded at Eddie's house just before a recording of their podcast. teh room is filled with freinds, fans, interns, producers, photographers and the star of them all, Jason. We didn't know what to expect...

Slaughter on the Seaside

Eli Braden (Howard Stern show) pro-name dropper Mike Gibbons kick sand in each other's faces in a seaside slugfest.You'll have to listen to this twitter smack down with an ocean view. How to play: Host JOnathan Corbett ("Dream Tweet") will give you tweets from a famous person. You have to guess who it is. If you can't after two, he'll give you the "Dream Tweet" made up by him. Remember, when you hear Jonathan Corbett (Not the guy from "Sex and the City," the other one) say his catch...

Duration: 00:30:53

Playing the Stump Card

TV's Frank Conniff heckles Erin Foley in a shameless fight to the finish. For the first time in "Dream Tweet" history, the contestants got totallly stumped. It's something for the record books. In fact we are recording it in the books next week. This is a notable nugget in not knowing. Did you know the answer that they couldn't get? How many did you know? Tell us on our Facebook page. Our First live show is tonight at 8:30 at Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood. Come down, say hi.

The Bitter Buddha Bites Back!

Eddie Pepitone attacks Sean Conroy in a Twitter mele. Years of hostility finally erupt in a fight to the finish. Host Jonathan Corbett ("Dream Tweet") gives out three tweets and the contestants have to figure out who the celeb is that tweeted it. The third one is funny tweet made up by the host! Feathers fly as these two compete like champions. Does Sean kick some Asssssssssscat or will Eddie be the Last Comic Standing? Subscribe on itunes or Stitcher. Leave us a nice comment. @seanconroy...

Maz jobrani V Michelle Buteau

Maz Jobrani meets Michelle Buteau in a top tier Twitter tte--tte. Listen as they battle like champions for a chance at a $25 gift certificate to Skooby's Hotdogs in Hollywood, CA. Maz asks Host Jonathan Corbett ("Dream Tweet") the question on all our minds, "What's a Black Girggle?" @mazjobrani @michellebuteau @Corbettjc @Skoobys @Dreamtweetpod @proudlyresents

Hallowed Be Thy Twitter!

Drummer Eric Leiderman turns his TV room in West Hollywood Adjacent into an Iron Maiden of twitter brain power. Writer Craig Doyle is a war pig ready to ride this crazy train to winner's town.Who will have the number of the beast and who will be the victim of changes?Warning if you play this show backwards you will hear Satan ordering a pizza.

Will Jimmy Dore Beat His Wife?

Somehow pot fumes entered the studio. It's a very special "Dream Tweet." The contestants and host Jonathan Corbett are super high. Which is why we let a wrong answer go through. When listen to the show, you'll see that the outcome wouldn't have been much different. Jimmy Dore and Stefane Zamorano put their marriage on the line in a spousal spat that's more War of the Roses than Romancing the Stone... And remember, winners don't do drugs. Or do they? You have to listen to find out.

Battle in the Back Seat!

Inside a Mini Cooper it's a fight to the finish between comedians Amanda Melson and Sharon Houston ("Daytime Justice" podcast). Recorded outside the West Hollywood fire house in the almost sound proof car. Host Jonathan Corbett fires Tweets at the two top titans. Hear Amanda attempt sports terms. Hear Sharon try to annoy her way to the winner circle. Hear fire trucks leave the station. The game: two contestants must guess who's tweets the host is reading. That's it. pretty simple, right?...

The Beauty and the Beat Down!

Actress Judith Benezra ("Chuck") faces comedian Rob Paravonian at DTHQ. Two contestants enter host Jonathan Corbett's apartment, one will leave victorious. Check out this historic Twitter Tete`-a-tete. Excuse my French, but I'm just excited about this battle for the ages.

"Family Guy" V. Guy

"Family Guy" writer John Viener Josh Haness have a terminal Twitter tte--tte. Listen! This week we come to you from Bar Lubitsch in the eastern part of West Hollywood. It's where Josh hosts the comedy show "Josh Josh Show" evey Thursday ay 8:30. Feel the tension, smell the ambition, hear the bartenders clanking glases and talking in the background.

The KING puts up his crown.

Paul Goebel, the King of TV and comedian Jim Bruce get royal on each other's butts! Two best friends drop all sense of decency and go at each other's neck playground style. And Host Jon Corbett? He's just being a b*tch. That's because it's his catchphrase! Play along! @PaulGoebelShowl V. @ComedianJimBruce host @Corbettjc Producer @Proudlyresents Show @Dreamtweetpod

Regan Vs. Sully

Writer Chris Regan ("The Daily Show" and "Shatner Rules") goes head to head with sports blogger Paul Sullivan ( for twitter dominance! Check out the show, play along. If you want to be a contestant call our hotline 646 481 LIPO.

Duration: 01:22:58

Limited Oxygen Edition!

Josh Comers (Conan) takes on Adam Felber (Real Time with Bill Maher) in a twitter triva challenge to the death! This time host Jonathan Corbett takes them for a ride. Literally. They are recording in Jon's Mini Cooper. Who will win? Who will run out of air? At one point they almost choke. It gets steamy! @ADamfelber @JoshComers @Corbettjc @Extremelylocal

Duration: 01:08:03

Christian Finnegan Vs. Damien Fahey

Christian Finnegan is pitted against Damien Fahey in a twiiter battle to the death! Host Jonathan Corbett reads three tweets from a celebrity and the guys have to figure out who wrote them. It's not as easy as it sounds, but twice as fun! if you ever watched VH1 or MTV you must chose sides and listen to the slaughter.

Duration: 01:29:59

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