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It is the policy of Dreamland to present the credible edge in science, religion and culture. We want to inform you about the real unknown—the world of genuine scientific mysteries and possibilities that the general media ignores.

It is the policy of Dreamland to present the credible edge in science, religion and culture. We want to inform you about the real unknown—the world of genuine scientific mysteries and possibilities that the general media ignores.
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Los Angeles, CA


It is the policy of Dreamland to present the credible edge in science, religion and culture. We want to inform you about the real unknown—the world of genuine scientific mysteries and possibilities that the general media ignores.




Who are We and Why are We Here?

January 19, 2018 What is consciousness and why does it matter whether or not we know? The truth is that our most basic understanding of who we are and what our fate may be depends on the answers to those two questions, and in this week's show Ervin Laszlo, one of the great thinkers and philosophers of our time, returns to Dreamland to tell us about the newest research into such things as whether or not consciousness lives only in the brain, and, if it is nonlocal, then what is the...

Year of the UFO: Encounter in the Desert

January 12, 2018 read more

Duration: 00:35:28

John Hogue on 2108: Weather Changes, Alien Discoveries, Disclosure and MORE!

January 5, 2018 From weather changes to the future of America to an axial shift in civilization as China expands and the US withdraws from the world, John Hogue discusses the changes that are coming in 2018. Using a combination of his predictive skills learned from years of studying Nostradamus to his expertise in astrology, John shines a light on what we can expect 2018 to bring. read more

Duration: 01:03:34

Year End Extravaganza: 12 Guests on Afterlife, the New Disclosure Process and Much More!

December 22, 2017 A four hour 2-week Dreamland extravaganza. The show is posted in full for both subscribers and non-subscribers. This is a huge program covering many topics. It is divided into two parts and all the guests appear at the times listed below. If you are using a mobile device with 16GB or less, you may not be able to download or listen to the whole show without the stream stopping or the download freezing. If so, try downloading through an app such as Filer or go to our...

Duration: 04:07:38

Things that Couldn't Happen--But DID!

December 14, 2017 Dr. John Alexander returns to Dreamland with mind-opening stories of his adventures into the unknown. Formerly head of the US Army's famed non-lethal weapons program, John has traveled the world in search of answers to the mysteries of such things as mediumship, out-of-body movement and near death experiences. read more

Duration: 00:35:38

Hidden Symbolism in the Movies, and What It Wants to do to You

December 6, 2017 Robert W. Sullivan has done some super popular Dreamlands in the past, but this one completely knocks it out of the park! He's here talking about the hidden symbolism of movies, and there's a lot of it, mostly intentionally put in by writers and directors. read more

Duration: 00:33:17

The Ghost Studies: We're Starting to REALLY UNDERSTAND!

December 1, 2017 read more

Duration: 00:38:22

The Mystery of the White Spirit Animals

November 17, 2017 You've heard about the White Buffalo and maybe other white spirit animals. But what are they and what do they mean? Today, Zohara Hieronimous explains them to us. Learn about not only the White Buffalo but also the White Bear, the White Lion, the White Wolf and others. What does it mean for the future that so many animal species are now going extinct? read more

Duration: 00:33:46

John Hogue on 2017 and Beyond

November 10, 2017 John read more

Duration: 00:33:53

The Tom deLonge Project: Is there Really More to Come? Peter Levenda Knows!

November 3, 2017 Peter Levenda returns to Dreamland to talk about the book he co-authored with Tom DeLonge, Secret Machines, and also to discuss the latest updates regarding the ToTheStars project. Will Tom release clear video and convincing declassified documents about UFOs? If so, when? Find out more this week on Dreamland! But then go deeper into the amazing world of Sekret Machines: who are we and where did we come from? Is there any evidence that we are a designed...

Duration: 00:37:15

Aliens and the Fate of the Planet

October 27, 2017 Yvonne Smith and James P. Lough join us to tell of their work with close encounter witnesses. Yvonne founded CERO, the Close Encounter Research Organization, in 1992, and, as a certified hypnotherapist, has been working with close encounter witnesses ever since. Here, they open up as never before about what they think is really happening in the close encounter experience and why hybrids are real. This is a powerful, provocative and shocking edition of Dreamland and...

Duration: 00:32:56

Dr. Eben Alexander: Living in a Mindful Universe

October 20, 2017 Dr. Eben Alexander and Karen Newell return to Dreamland with their amazing breakthrough book Living in a Mindful Universe. Too many of us have come to believe that you need to have an NDE, use ayahuasca or some other substance or engage in long years of meditation to reach the higher state of consciousness that we all aspire to. read more

Duration: 00:34:03

The First Recorded Abduction...Or Was This Something Even Stranger?

October 13, 2017 "It's a cold, moonlit night in the high desert of southern Utah. On a lonely stretch of highway, a young soldier drives en route from his home in Idaho back to his base at Ft. Bliss, Texas. The date is February 20, 1959. Suddenly, there's a brilliant flash of light in the sky ahead. He stares, spellbound, as it resolves into a strange glowing…something." Thus begins the strange story of airman Gerry Irwin, which has been extensively researched by David Booher. But...

Duration: 00:31:01

A Revealing New Vision of the Secret Past

October 6, 2017 In author and adventurer Michael Feeley's first visit to Dreamland, he reveals a new vision of reality, the meaning of man, soul and god. By re-envisioning the secrets of Egypt, he opens up new vistas of knowledge and new possibilities—that might well also be very, very old. In the second half of the show, he explains his belief that many of the ancient Egyptian gods and monuments are actually representations of the organs of brain and body, knowledge with reveals...

Duration: 00:33:59

UFO Disclosure in the Trump Era

September 20, 2017 Famed UFO researcher and scholar Richard Dolan joins Whitley for a wide ranging discussion about things like the Roswell materials, UFO disclosure, and the breakaway civilization that utilizes advanced technologies and is held secret from the rest of us. Where is it, for example? Might you know somebody involved in it without even realizing this? And do they have any sort of a presence off-planet, for example on the moon or Mars? Given his deep and detailed...

Duration: 00:33:41

Incredible, Forgotten UFO Event

September 15, 2017 In July Grant Cameron provided us with one of the most fascinating Dreamlands ever recorded. It started out as a discussion of an incredible UFO event, but morphed almost immediately into one about the cutting edge of what is happening among UFO insiders, what the disclosure process really is and where it is going. Now Grant is back, and in the first half of the show he and Whitley talk about Charlie Red Star, one of the most documented UFO events in history, and...

Duration: 00:33:55

Meet Your Ancestors: a New Vision of the Afterlife

September 8, 2017 Daniel Foor joins Whitley Strieber on Dreamland for the first time in one of the most moving, beautiful and inspiring shows we have ever aired. He talks about what he calls Ancestral Medicine, which is about the healing one oneself and one's troubled relationships with ancestors through the use of powerful insight and respect for ancient ritual methods of interacting with the souls of the dead. read more

Duration: 00:35:35

Ark of the Christos, Prophecies of the Return of Planet X and the Age of Terror

September 1, 2017 Please note that the free stream on this week's show is not working. The free version of the show can be downloaded. The subscriber versions are working normally. This week we present a vintage Dreamland from 2002: William Henry on the Ark of the Christos--Prophecies of the Return of Planet X. Now that we know that there actually is a rogue planet out there somewhere beyond the edge of the solar system, this show has taken on new significance. So listen to what...

Duration: 02:22:51

How Soon is NOW

August 25, 2017 PLEASE NOTE THAT THE STREAM IS NOW WORKING FOR BOTH FEEDS. Both subscribers and nonsubscribers get to listen to the full, uninterrupted version of this important program as Whitley and futurist Daniel Pinchbeck discuss the changes that are unfolding all around us, from the rise of dictators and demagogues to the unexpected intensity of climate change. read more

Duration: 00:59:46

Beyond Strange

August 18, 2017 Trish and Rob MacGregor return with Beyond Strange—reports of extreme high strangeness that are well documented and often involve trained observers. Dreamland is about exploring the credible edge of strangeness and this show fits the bill in spades. The reason is that, DURING THE SHOW, Trish and Rob and Whitley realize that one of the phenomena they are talking about occurs all over the world but has never been understood before as a unique high strangeness...

Duration: 00:29:22

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