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Drink 'til We're Funny is the collaborative effort of Justin, Jon and Deena. We've known one another for more than 10 years, and we haven't killed each other.... yet. Our weekly show pokes fun at every day life, without getting preachy or political. Two gay men and one straight woman provide insight and humor that is sure to make you laugh. Join us on this adventure, and tell us what you think! We specialize (specialise, for our Canadian and Aussie friends) in making the work day pass faster and being the cause of outbursts that make your coworkers wonder what you're doing.




DTWF #108 - Bears and Queers, Season Premiere!, Shave 1/2 off your butthole

We have just been having too much Summer Lovin' lately! Join us as we try to remember what we did before passing out.. Going to be in Chicago for Market Days? Drop us a line.. we're having a party! (Usual rules apply.. no crazy!) The Obama dildo Use the link below and the coupon code [...]

DTWF #106 - Golden Poop, Bea (Arthur) better lovers, and Minnie Pearl

Another show with Dan, Deena, and Justin.. better late than never?