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Lite 27 – Assassin’s Creed

Keith and Saf are back and this time Keith is educating Saf on the Assassin’s Creed franchise. They talk about what the series is and Keith breaks down the story of the first nine main games. Then they review another beer from 3Floyd’s the Canus Invertus.

Duration: 00:58:46

Lite 26 – Wolf Brewcapades Vol 3

Dustin and Allison decided to celebrate Dustin turning 30 by traveling around Indianapolis hitting up a few different breweries. These are their tales…. well enough law and order intro. Volume 3 is their second stop at Union Brewing Company in carmel. They also just finished season one of Vikings and they are here to talk … Continue reading "Lite 26 – Wolf Brewcapades Vol 3"

Duration: 00:16:19

Lite 25 – Breaking Bad

This week Keith and Saf talk about the critically acclaimed AMC series, Breaking Bad. They discuss some of the main characters and read through a list of interesting trivia. Then they end the show by reviewing Breaking Bud from Knee Deep Brewing.

Duration: 00:50:47

Lite 24 – Wolf Brewcapades Vol 2

Dustin and Allison decided to celebrate Dustin turning 30 by traveling around Indianapolis hitting up a few different breweries. These are their tales…. well enough Law and Order intro. Volume 2 is their first stop at Beir Brewery. They also decided to check out the eclipse that just so happened the day of recording! Please … Continue reading "Lite 24 – Wolf Brewcapades Vol 2"

Duration: 00:22:07

Episode 39 – Trailer Talk

This week the group discusses some recent movie trailers before Dustin and Pail have to run. Then Keith and Saf talk about a recent visit to Laotto Brewing where they attended a Stranger Things premiere party and tried 4 new beers. They also review an “out” beer and a “strange brew” to fill out the … Continue reading "Episode 39 – Trailer Talk"

Duration: 01:19:53

Episode 38 – INtoberfest

To celebrate the season and close out the month of October we finally get the gang back together to review a sundry of Oktoberfest beers. The brews come from BirdBoy, People’s, Sun King and Three Floyd’s which are all Indiana breweries, thus the title INtoberfest. We also begin the episode by finally revealing the results … Continue reading "Episode 38 – INtoberfest"

Duration: 00:58:07

Lite 23 – Spooky Mario Music

Keith and Saf are back to talk about video game music once again. Continuing the spooky theme this month they talk about the ghost theme from 13 Mario games. They compare similar tracks and give their thoughts. They also provide a little information about the composers. To finish up the episode they review two spooky … Continue reading "Lite 23 – Spooky Mario Music"

Duration: 01:00:33

Lite 22 – Haunted Indiana

Dustin explores (virtually) the top 10 most haunted places in Indiana. We say virtually because he is too chicken to actually go there himself. He has a black fang mead with him from B Nectar, from Detroit MI. Hopefully this inspires you all to check these places out and let us know what you think … Continue reading "Lite 22 – Haunted Indiana"

Duration: 00:31:38

Lite 21 – Stephen King’s It

Join Pail and Kayla as they discuss the new It movie while attempting not to wake Logan. They do some comparisons to the original miniseries and review the movie as whole. Pail drinks and reviews a New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Atomic Pumpkin and now that Kayla is no longer pregnant she can finally try a Redd’s … Continue reading "Lite 21 – Stephen King’s It"

Duration: 00:31:05

Lite 20 – Buffy The Vampire Slayer S02

The month of October is known to be spooky and scary so to kick things off Saf and Sara return to talk about season 2 of Buffy. On Lite 13 in June they covered season 1 and now they are back to talk about every episode from season 2. They break down the season, sharing … Continue reading "Lite 20 – Buffy The Vampire Slayer S02"

Duration: 01:06:08

Episode 36 – Three Floyds Brewing Co

This week on the podcast we do something a little different, we GeekOUT about a brewery instead of our typical geeky topics. We focus all of our energy on 3 Floyds Brewing Co. out of Munster, IN. We talk a little bit about their history, the brewpub, their beers, the Alpha King comic book and … Continue reading "Episode 36 – Three Floyds Brewing Co"

Duration: 00:17:53

Lite 19 – Fast And Furious

On another Lite episode Saf, Keith and Sara (Confection Confessions) have a blast talking about The Fast and the Furious franchise. They rundown the complete series and talk favorite moments and quotes. They also review the newest movie, Fate of the Furious. Of course Keith and Saf had to drink Coronas, but they also review … Continue reading "Lite 19 – Fast And Furious"

Duration: 01:13:27

Episode 35 – Obi-Wan, James Bond and Joker

The whole gang is finally back together and they begin by catching up a little bit before getting into some recent news stories. Number one: the Obi-Wan spinoff movie, number two: Daniel Craig returning to James Bond and number three: the Joker origin movie. Then they get to reviewing the beer: IN Beer: The Barrel … Continue reading "Episode 35 – Obi-Wan, James Bond and Joker"

Duration: 00:22:52

Lite 17 – The Music of Zelda

Keith and Saf get back together to talk about The Legend of Zelda once again. This time they talk about the music and sound effects used throughout the series. They compare tracks from game to game and drink a Moon Man from New Glarus Brewing Co. Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube: … Continue reading "Lite 17 – The Music of Zelda"

Duration: 00:57:19

Lite 16 – Wolf Brewcapades Vol. 1

The Wolf’s are back to talk about their trip to hollywood FL to visit the Hollywood Brewing Co. right off the beach. Allison and Dustin started off their honeymoon with a super long flight of 11 beers from the brewery! Check it out to see what they thought! Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: … Continue reading "Lite 16 – Wolf Brewcapades Vol. 1"

Duration: 00:32:26

Episode 34 – San Diego Comic Con

Once again Keith and Saf are keeping the podcast going while Dustin and Pail deal with life. This time they discuss stuff from Comic Con including Marvel Studios, Superhero TV Shows, Warner Bros., HBO, Netflix, AMC, Star Trek: Discovery, Horror and Everything Else. They also finish of the remaining two beers from the “League of … Continue reading "Episode 34 – San Diego Comic Con"

Duration: 01:10:55

Episode 33 – D23 Expo 2017

This week on an understaffed episode of the podcast Keith and Saf hold down the Fort while Dustin is moving and Pail is becoming a father. They discuss everything from the D23 Expo including Pixar, Disney Animation, Disney Live-Action, Star Wars, Marvel and Disney Theme Parks. They also drink two beers from the “League of … Continue reading "Episode 33 – D23 Expo 2017"

Duration: 00:52:49

Lite 15 – Game of Thrones S01

Join Pail and Kayla (Confection Confessions) as they discuss season one of Game of Thrones. They go into some really deep details, so if you have not watched the show and plan to in the future, beware of spoilers. Pail reviews Dragon’s Milk from New Holland Brewing, while Kayla drinks Welch’s Mocktail Sangria since she … Continue reading "Lite 15 – Game of Thrones S01"

Duration: 01:32:03

Episode 32 – One Year Later…

The podcast is one year old today and we are celebrating with an extra long episode! We begin by taking a look back at all the beer we have consumed and talk about it again. You can find the spreadsheet with scores here: Beer Scores. We also talk about the birth of the podcast and … Continue reading "Episode 32 – One Year Later…"

Duration: 00:49:32

Lite 14 – Pirates of the Caribbean

On another collaboration episode between DrinkIN GeekOUT and Confection Confessions Dustin and Allison talk about the pirates movies and drink pirate beers. Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube: Email: Website: Instagram:...

Duration: 00:34:54

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