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Drive All Night: The Songs of Tori Amos

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Drive All Night: The Songs of Tori Amos is the only podcast that dares to tackle Tori Amos's extensive catalog. In each episode Efrain & Danny will discuss a different tune, in chronological order of release.

Drive All Night: The Songs of Tori Amos is the only podcast that dares to tackle Tori Amos's extensive catalog. In each episode Efrain & Danny will discuss a different tune, in chronological order of release.
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Los Angeles, CA


Drive All Night: The Songs of Tori Amos is the only podcast that dares to tackle Tori Amos's extensive catalog. In each episode Efrain & Danny will discuss a different tune, in chronological order of release.




0306 Boys For Pele - Marianne

Marianne brings the dawn of a new era for the heroine in our story, as well as for the podcast. Jump in the frying pan for a full exploration of this quintessential Tori track including interviews with artist Kako and Marianne super fan Martin Eden. Plus a check-in with our Pele Baby, another installment of Sincerely Shaggy, a check-in with Lauren Eschwie, our Mr. Zebra contest winner and your chance to win a Live From River Hall CD. Full of rare clips, remixes, sound bites, live...

Duration: 02:03:57

PLUS 03 - Steve Caton Interview Part 01

A trailer for our upcoming live event!

Duration: 00:01:04

0305 Boys For Pele - Mr. Zebra

Efrain takes the reigns on this full length episode for the first Pele interlude. A full exploration of this cute little number co-hosted by David Anderson and including an interview with Eisner & Harvey Award-Winning writer and artist Rantz Hoseley. Plus a check-in with our Pele Baby, another installment of Sincerely Shaggy, interviews with a Zebra Superfan and a Zebra Rockstar, and your chance to win a one-of-a-kind Mr. Zebra drawing by Rantz Hoseley. Full of rare clips, sound bites,...

Duration: 02:45:20

0304 Boys For Pele - Professional Widow

Efrain and Danny bring it close to your lips. A full exploration of the King of all shade tracks, Professional Widow. Including interviews with Rolling Stone writer Evelyn McDonnell and Atlantic A&R Executive Johnny D. DeMairo. Plus a check-in with our Pele Baby and another installment of Sincerely Shaggy. Full of rare clips, sound bites, live performances and more! It’s got to be big! Professional Widow by Aural Atrium | Professional Enemy Mashup | Professional Widow (Merry Widow Version)...

Duration: 02:42:26

0303 Boys For Pele - Father Lucifer

Efrain and Danny present their biggest episode ever in honor of one of Tori's signature songs. Co-hosted by David Anderson and including interviews with King Britt, Omaha Perez, Val Patterson and Meade, the boys serve you up everything you ever wanted to know about Father Lucifer (including information on a rare white label remix of Father Lucifer by King Britt) . Plus another installment of Sincerely Shaggy and a check-in with our Pele Baby. Full of sound bites, rare clips, live...

Duration: 02:58:58

T0101 - Official Trailer

It’s all happening! With word of the Native Invader tour on the horizon, we’ve decided to hit the road! Literally and metaphorically. Starting later this year we will be bringing you Tour All Night: The Shows of Tori Amos, a nightly recap show that rounds up all the relevant Tori Tour news, gossip, setlists, wills, wants, and special moments that make tour so exciting. The Tori Amos Tour After Show. See you on the road, even when we aren’t at the show!

Duration: 00:01:06

0301 Boys For Pele - Beauty Queen / Horses

The boys return with their biggest episode to date. In Chapter One of the sonic novel Boys For Pele, Efrain and Danny find themselves traveling to the underworld in order to reclaim their womanhood. Full of rare sound bites, live performances and interesting facts, this episode includes a lesson on the Leslie Cabinet as well as an excerpt of Tori reading Stardust from the new BBC radio production of the Neil Gaiman classic. Included with Horses is a complete analysis of Beauty Queen as...

Duration: 02:25:48

0300 Plus - Boys For Pele Primer

Before Efrain and Danny kick off the Boys For Pele season, there's just a few things they thought you should know. And a few things they wanted to remind themselves of as well. Take a listen to hear exactly how far down the rabbit hole they've gone in their pursuit of knowledge in the field of Tori Amos-otry. Full of rare sound bites, clips, and TV appearances. Plus Efrain catches up with Wade Alberty, a significant Tori Amos fan from over twenty years ago!

Duration: 00:01:47

0230 Plus - Nothing Like A Man

In this special episode exclusively for our Patreon Supporters, we fall down the rabbit hole with Amber who has uncovered a track written by Tori Amos & Cindy Marble. Featured in the 1988 video The Party, Tori sings background vocals for The Rugburns on this track, and it truly is EVERYTHING YOU WANT IT TO BE!!!! Complete with sound clips, film clips and an in depth film critique with Director Josh Johnson, plus special interviews with Dor Dotson (Genuine Article) and Cory Lombardelli,...

Duration: 00:02:09

0229 Under the Pink - Wrap Up

Efrain and Danny get Under the Pink one final time. They take a moment to reflect on this masterpiece by reading some of the emails, tweets and facebook messages they received while putting together Season 2 of this podcast. Full of rare interview clips, covers, remixes, and live performances, including an exclusive interview with Legendary Producer Thom Panunzio who produced Tori’s vocals for I Wanna Get Back With You! - EPISODE PLAYLIST - Cornflake Girl (UNU Remix) | God (Codeword Remix...

Duration: 01:20:25

0228 UTP Era Tracks - Famous Blue Raincoat (Leonard Cohen Tribute)

In the Under the Pink Season Finale, Efrain & Danny pay tribute to the late, great Leonard Cohen via Tori's cover of Famous Blue Raincoat, including rare sound bites, interesting covers, and contributions from Leonard Cohen fans across the country. Plus an in-depth interview with Cohen fan Naomi Booth, a special Hallelujah Tribute Mix by Efrain, and the end-of-season UTP Sealed Vinyl Contest. This episode will dance you to the end of love. Sincerely, eef and Danny. - - - EPISODE PLAYLIST -...

Duration: 01:50:51

0227 UTP Era Tracks - Down By the Seaside (Duet With Robert Plant)

With only two more episodes to go before entering the Pele era, Efrain and Danny dive head first into Led Zeppelin fandom. Including rare sound bites, a special Tori-Amos-LOVES-Robert-Plant Audio Montage and a fantastic conversation with Led Head CJ Jacheo of the cover band Category Five, the boys prove they remember things that well. Down By The Seaside by Tori Amos & Robert Plant | Whole Lotta Love by Tina Turner | Down By The Seaside (8 February 1996 - Tokyo, Japan) by Page/Plant | Down...

Duration: 01:37:59

0226 Soundtrack Song - Butterfly

Efrain and Danny go from cradle to gumdrops and give you everything you ever wanted to know about Butterfly. Complete with rare live performances, sound bites, and an interview with Butterfly Super Fan and YouTube Historian Sakre Heinze, Efrain and Danny make a pretty pretty garden where Butter can fly. - - - EPISODE PLAYLIST - - - Butterfly (Instrumental) by Tori Amos | Butterfly (The Chaos Mix) | Butterfly (cover) by Casey Stratton | Butterfly + Hyperballad (30 June 1996 - Los Angeles) |...

Duration: 01:52:06

0223 UTP Era Tracks - I Wanna Get Back With You (Tom Jones Tribute)

With the Under the Pink bee sides complete, Efrain and Danny tackle the UTP Era tracks beginning with Tori on featured vocals for Tom Jones. Listen as Efrain and Danny get to the bottom of this mystery collaboration including an interview with Geinor Styles, the Director of Tom the Musical! We also interview Dan Gee, an Australian super fan of this track, as well as do some investigative journalism to find out if Efrain's grandmother ever threw her bra at Tom Jones. Full of clips and sound...

Duration: 01:22:23

0221 UTP Bee Sides - Honey

Efrain and Danny turn back one last time to leave you with all the information you've been craving about Honey. Plus an interview with NYC based singer-songwriter Huston Shcarr as well as Honey superfan Morgan Radmall. Full of soundbites, rare live performances, and an in-depth line-by-line analysis. The boys love to watch those cowboys ride. - - - EPISODE PLAYLIST - - - Honey (live) by Tori Amos (from Hey Jupiter EP) Honey (demo) by Tori Amos Honey (instrumental) by YANTA Honey (cover) by...

Duration: 01:40:44

0219 UTP Bee Sides - Home on the Range

The range may be fine for some but for Tori it is terrain worthy of exploration. On the dawn of the Donald Trump era, Efrain and Danny revisit the slaughter of thousands of Native Americans and let you know who really discovered your ass. Full of soundbites, rare live performances, and a must-hear Cherokee history lesson with Jon Howard. - EPISODE PLAYLIST - Home on the Range by Bing Crosby Home on the Range by Bugs Bunny Home on the Range by Connie Francis Home on the Range by Tori Amos...

Duration: 01:07:46

0218 UTP Bee Sides - Strange Fruit (Billie Holiday)

Efrain and Danny come ready to unpack years of racial tension, discrimination and bigotry. This episode includes fascinating interviews with Robert Meeropol (the son of Strange Fruit lyricist and composer Abel Meeropol) and Shamell Bell, one of the original founding members of the Black Lives Matter movement. A full examination of the song and history of Strange Fruit, complete with rare covers, sound-bites and in-depth discussion. *** EPISODE PLAYLIST *** Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday...

Duration: 02:13:14

0217 UTP Bee Sides - If 6 Was 9

If the mountains fell into the sea, Efrain and Danny would still be here cataloging everything they know about Tori's cover of this Jimi Hendrix classic. A full exploration of the song, including interviews with Jimi's younger sister Janie Hendrix and two Jimi megafans, James and Tim! Complete with rare remixes, covers and in-depth discussion, Efrain and Danny ain't gonna copy you. purchase Under the Pink Deluxe CD HERE purchase Axis: Bold as Love HERE purchase The Kennedy Experience by...

Duration: 01:18:09

0216 UTP Bee Sides - A Case of You (Joni Mitchell Tribute)

Efrain and Danny are as constant as the northern star while paying homage to Joni Mitchell, one of the greatest songwriters of all time. A full exploration of Tori's cover of A Case of You, including a hunt for the stamp of approval with Joni Mitchell megafans Simone Nubir and Bob Muller. Plus a Joni Mitchell covers tribute and more! Complete with rare clips, live performances and discussion, Efrain and Danny will soon be in your blood like holy wine.

Duration: 01:57:10

0215 UTP Bee Sides - Piano Suite: All the Girls Hate Her / Over It

Efrain and Danny are over all the girls hating them so they offer a Tori Amos master class with pianist and performer Brian J Nash. In addition the boys chat with percussion duo Escape Ten about their incredible cover of Over It.

Duration: 01:16:00

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