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Spurs Season Outlook with Paul Garcia

Paul Garcia of Project Spurs (@PaulGarcia) joins us to discuss the Spurs offseason. Is LA a part of their core and can he accept a #2 role next to Kawhi? Was the Pau Gasol extension the right move? What can we expect from the Spurs young players this upcoming season? And can the Spurs truly compete with the Warriors

Duration: 00:30:59

NBA: ZBO's Dimebag, and our Mailbag

It's the offseason... so we asked for your questions! It's the Drive and Dish "Ask Us Anything" episode. First, we talk about Zach Randolf's Pot problem and the Chrismas day games... WHY DO THE RAPTORS KEEP GETTING SHAFTED??? The Questions we'll attempt to answer this episode: - Who do you think will have a better win-loss at the end of the regular season, Suns or Lakers? - Better record in 2016-17 Suns or Sixers? - What can the NBA do to make August interesting? July was just plain...

Duration: 00:57:34

The Very First #NBA Anti-Awards!

It's the offseason, so let's have some fun... Everyone wants to talk about the good awards that players like Lebron or Westbrook get... but we want to change it up a bit... Today we're giving out the NBA Anti-Awards!!! We open the show talking about Doc Rivers losing some of his powers with the Clippers... then we get to the good stuff, hear what NBA player gets our vote for each Anti-Award, and listen as we argue over whose pick should get the award. Categories: NBA Least Valuable Player...

Duration: 01:13:17

NBA Whats Next: The Very Dysfunctional Cavs.

Kevin and Justin Chat with Justin Rowan to try and figure out whats going on this offseason... Why did The Cavs not say something about Kyrie Irving earlier when there were a bunch of players moving, How do you feel about Derrick Rose coming to the team? Do you believe Lebron Leaked the Story about Kyrie? What should we expect with Kobe Altman, will there be any big changes... What would you like back for Irving, and where do you rank him compared to other players in the league?

Duration: 00:35:19

NBA Off Season... Kyrie Irving Wants Out & The Pistons Shopping Drummond?

The guys are back for another NBA Offseason Pod... They talk about the news that Kyrie Irving wants off the Cleveland Cavaliers, they ask if it's a Lebron James driven move because of Irving's friend's tweets, or does he actually want to be the #1 guy on a team? They also ask why the Cavs did not let this out earlier... because they could have gotten really good players, and of course, they talk about teams they'd like to see Irving on... PS TIM DOES NOT WANT HIM ON THE SUNS. They Then...

Duration: 00:54:22

NBA: Summer League Experience, Rule Changes & Are The Rockets The 2nd Best Team?

The Guys are back From Las Vegas Summer League, they talk about what it was like out there... some initial reactions to seeing some of the rookies. They then talk Adam Silvers new NBA rules with the free throw shooting and fewer timeouts. how will this affect the flow of the game? They then point out that the Golden State Warriors have gotten better this offseason... where as the Cleveland Cavaliers have... NOT. After all that, they switch their attention to the Rockets... are they able to...

Duration: 00:50:40

Free Agency and Vegas Summer League

All the way from Las Vegas, we recap the first 8 days of free agency and the start of Summer League.

Duration: 00:24:53

Sound From Around #NBA #SummerLeague Orlando!

OUR FAVORITE EPISODE OF THE YEAR!!!!! Kevin And Justin went down to NBA Summer League to talk with some coaches and players from the: Knicks, Pistons, Thunder, Mavericks & Magic Some Highlights, Magic: Johnathan Isaac: We asked him about his Firs NBA came and what he wants to improve on Pistons: Luke Kennard: We asked how he is improving his game and how he plans to get better Knicks: Jeff Hornacek: We asked him about Frank's Knee, and how he felt about the new guys Pacers: Joe Young: We...

Duration: 00:42:21

NBA Draft & Trades: Winners, Losers And The Unwatchable Next Year...

Tim and Justin Give some inside info as to what it's like to have fangirls... and on NBA draft night - Why did they make us wait on the 1st and 2nd pick? - WHAT ARE THE BULLS DOING!!! - what "Tier" Does this put the Timberwolves on? - The Trailblazers had some questionable draft picks. - Are the ATL Hawks the Most "Un-watchable" because of their Dwight Howard trade? - How good will the Charlotte Hornets be next year... and Why Do they love their traditional Centers?? - We need to stop...

Duration: 00:46:25

NBA Trade Season: More Compelling Than the Finals?

Talking Trades, Rumors and Thoughts Leading up to the NBA Draft: - Are the Cavs really THAT dysfunctional to let David Griffen go? - Can Chauncey Billups Step up.. Will he be any good.. and is this going to be Lebron's Reason for Leaving? - Who actually won the Celtics/76ers Trade? - Will This Hurt Danny Ainge if Fultz becomes a star? - Was "The Process" Validated? - Does the D'Angelo Russell, Mozgov and Brook Lopez trade mean Ball's going to the Lakers? - Should the Lakers Get PG13 this...

Duration: 00:52:52

NBA Whats Next: Boston Celtics "The #1 Seed With The First Draft Pick"

Kevin and Justin host a roundtable, with Keith Smith(Contributor for @RealGM, @FanRagSports, @celticsblog, host of @FrontOfficeShow ) and Warren Shaw (Co-host of the @NBAbaseline pod. Founder of @shawsports) to discuss the future of the Boston Celtics. Topics We Hit: - Are you worried about the "Everyone Is Expendable culture" - Do you think the Gordon Hayward Talk is legit? - How would you Grade Al Horford's first season? - how do you address the Rebounding problem? - What are your...

Duration: 00:56:45

Super teams and their diminishing value on the league

What happens to 28 other franchisees and their fanbases when a pair of 'super teams' dominate the NBA?Will the Celtics trade their number one overall pick?Gordon Hayward's baby looks ready for Boston, does that mean anything?Draft lotto talk. A short analysis of the top prospects Help us get to NBA Summer League! https://www.gofundme.com/drivendish-goes-to-summer-league Social- Twitter @DriveAndDishNBA

Duration: 00:39:58

Whats Next: How Do The #Rockets Get Past Their Playoff Loss...

Another Solo Justin pod! He talks with Eric Spyropoulos a Rockets/NBA writer for Hoops Habit and Amico Hoops.net and host of The 94 Feet Report Podcast. They talk future of the rockets, how can James Harden get past his cliff dive in the finals, are you worried about their bench depth with Clint Capela and Nene, What Rockets theory would you like to see... MORE 3's or better defense? what should we expect from Zhou Qi coming over this year? Is Eric Gordon the 6-man of the year for you, and...

Duration: 00:32:54

NBA: News & Hot Takes After Game One

Tim, Kevin and Justin Talk about some Trending News around the NBA League: Adam Silver's comments on "resting" and "One and Dones," how would you fix this? They Talk about Dion Waiters testing the market could he get 4 years 60 mil??? We try to shed some light on Enis Kanter's family situation with Turkey and Finally we Talk "Hot Takes From Reddit" Is LBJ's Championship window closed... did LeBron start the "big 3" trend and Just how many minutes did Shaq Spend missing FT's in his NBA...

Duration: 01:03:07

The Wizards- What Comes Next?

Charles Taylor (@CTSchwink) of Zardcast comes on to to discuss the Washington Wizards! - How do Wizards fans feel about the franchise moving forward? - Will the Wiz offer Otto Porter the max? - What free agents are a target this offseason? - Why the team doesn't miss Randy Witman - How much of an impact did Scott Brooks make? - Where do the Wizards go in the draft? Help the Drive & Dish get to NBA Summer League! ----> https://www.gofundme.com/drivendish-goes-to-summer-league

Duration: 00:33:59

NBA Finals Preview: Uncommon Opinions, and Cavs are the Underdogs... AGAIN!

The Guys Start the Show with a quick game Justin is calling "uncommon Opinions." he states some opinions he's seen on Social Media and sees if the people are just "trolling" or speaking some truth. They then dive head first into the Cleveland Cavaliers Vs Golden State Warriors Nba Finals! Whos the X factor for each team... WIll the Cavs be able to stop the "DEATH LINEUP.." how important is rebounding in this series? once we've made our predictions we talk about some other topics like Enis...

Duration: 01:12:33

#NBA What Comes Next: Memphis Grizzlies

Joe Mullinax, Site Manager for SB Nation's Grizzly Bear Blues and Host Of Grizzly Bear Blues podcast, Talks with Kevin about the Future for Memphis: - What do the Grizzlies Do with Chandler Parsons... Can we get back to the way he was? - Is Tony Allen Coming back next year? - Is this Era of "Grit N' Grind" Basketball over in Memphis? - Just How Good Was Mike Conelly this year? - Is there a Trade out there to Send Marc Gasol to Boston??? What would you want in return? Follow the guys -->...

Duration: 00:30:35

The Milwaukee Bucks- What Comes Next with Brian Sampson

Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA) sits down with Brian Sampson (@BrianBall0), of 16 Wins a Ring, to chat about the Milwaukee Bucks off season and what moves they'll make in the draft and free agency Twitter- @DriveAndDishNBA

Duration: 00:30:57

NBA: All-Teams, Playoffs, Lottery Thoughts & Male Rompers

The Guys Talk about the NBA playoffs... and how THEY ARE STILL BORING! Of course, we have to talk about the male rompers, are they worse than a Fanny Pack??? Back to basketball... They ask if Markelle Fultz will be able to push the Celtics over the top? They talk the All-NBA Teams being released and who got snubbed, plus what it means for the Utah Jazz and Pacers... Will Gordon Hayward or Paul George leave? Did Demar DeRozan deserve to be on a team over Kyle Lowry? we then answer some...

Duration: 01:02:59

#NBADraftLottery Winners and Losers with Cole Zwicker

Kevin and Justin Talk with Cole Zwicker (Scout for Net Scouts, Contributor for The Step Back, 16 Wins A Ring, and Whats On Draft Pod) about the Draft Lottery. They talk Draft Prospects like Markelle Fultz, Lavar Ball, Josh Jackson, Jayson Taytum, De'Aaron Fox and Monk! We ask if there are any chance of the Boston celtics Trading the #1 pick, or are there other teams who might be looking to trade back? Lastly, we ask who Cole thinks is the Sleeper Pick this year. Follow the guys --> Justin,...

Duration: 00:28:57

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