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Streaking & Injuries In The NBA

Kevin and Justin are back to talk about the NBA, this week they focus on two teams that had a pretty nice win streak going. (Utah Jazz, Toronto Raptors & The Portland Trailblazers) And ask questions like Can the Raptors end the season #1 in the NBA over the Rockets? Can the Jazz keep the trend going, if Rubio is hurt from the altercation will the NBA have to step in? Is Portland on the Rockets and Warriors level? they then dive Into whats going on with the Boston Celtics and their run of...


Pelicans On Fire & Early DPOY Predictions

Kevin and Justin survived the Gate River 15K Run, and now they are here to bring you NBA talk! This week they talk about the New Orleans Pelicans and their Amazing play since Demarcus Cousins went down. Should Anthony Davis be considered for MVP? Who else is playing a big part in their recent play, Jure Holiday, Nikola Meritich? Will/Should they Bring Boogie back next year, or focus more on 3pt shooters? The guys then switch to "Ballin & Fallin," and after that, they talk DPOY would you give...


Rip City On They A$$ With Danny Marang!

Justin And Kevin Talk with Danny Marang (@DMarang) Co-Host of Blazers Outsiders and Host of the Blazers Edge Podcast. They start off talking about Damian Lillard and how Hot he has been for the Portland Trailblazers. they ask if he should be in the top 3 for MVP voting this year and if CJ McCollum is having a down year. If he could go back and keep Allen Crab over Mo Harkless would he do it... are Blazers fans still mad at LaMarcus Aldredge for leaving? All this and a little bit of...


Purgatory: An NBA Story

Justin and Kevin are back to the regularly scheduled programming, They answer all of your mailbag questions from Anthony Davis Making an MVP run, to reforming the Tanking problem, the Best talent in the NBA draft, whos on our NBA Mount Rushmore & if we're against retiring NBA jerseys! We then get into talking about NBA teams that are in Purgatory. All the plus Ballin & Fallin and Hot takes from Reddit! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Better Late Than Never... League Comparisons (This year & last)

Justin was dumb and forgot to upload this episode... forgive us... Kevin and Justin Chatted about the All-Star week and some of the highlights and ask if its time to move away from the dunk contest... was the new look All-star game good? They then get into how the league looked last year compared to this year... and how some of the headlines are similar... all this with balling & Falling and some Hot takes from Reddit! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


All Star Break Season Reflections & Jazz are Lit!

Its a day early! but who cares! Justin and Kevin start the show talking about a new game they want to buy, and how Justin is going to New Orleans next weekend, they then jump in the Utah Jazz and how they're going into the All-Star Break HOT! then, they jump over the balling & falling and talk about two things they were right about and wrong about... Thanks for not hating us for posting early! ;) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


#AllForOne AKA All For Bron (NBA Trade Deadline Recap)

Justin and Kevin talk about the Trade Deadline move for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Can the Cavs win now with Jordan Clarkson, Larry Nance Jr, Rodney Hood and George Hill. How will the L.A Lakers deal with Isaiah Thomas and Channing Frye? will the Jazz Keep Derrick Rose and how ill they use Jae Crowder? and yay Dwyane Wade is back in Miami. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


A Bunch Of Knicks & bruises with Joe Pantorno

Joe Pantorno, Sports Editor for Metro New York, Joins the Show to talk about the Knicks and what to expect going forward this season... How do they deal with the Kristaps Porzingis injury, will it bleed into next year, and will the injury allow New York to low ball him in a contract... Willy Has finally been freed, are they going to regret letting Willy Hernangomez go? was the return for him enough, and is this a bigger problem with the younger guys not getting enough minutes? Finally,...


What A Week (NBA Injuries & Trades)

Justin And Kevin take a dive into the recent string of big-name NBA injuries... The Washington DC Wizards Losing John Wall for 6-8 Weeks with Knee Surgery. What are they still winning without him... and some of the player's comments about playing "team" ball now that he's out. The Cleveland Cavaliers continue to fall now with Kevin Love out for 6-8 Weeks, is this worse case scenario for them, how much pressure is on Isaiah Thomas now? Who's injury is worse for each team Wall or Love? Andre...


All-Stars, and Spurs are in a bad spot!

Kevin and Justin talk about the Starters for the All-Star game, With Captains Stephen Curry and Lebron James. would you rather Victor Oladipo over Demar DeRozan, and should the Pelicans have both Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins as the starters? AND THE 76ERS HAVE EMBIID IN!!!!!!! We also talk about the San Antonio Spurs situation with Kawhi Leanord... Should they try to bring him back this season... will they fall behind the Timberwolves in the rankings? We give our Ballin & Falling...


NBA Trades That Will Happen & Why The Raptors Have A Shot At The Finals!

With the NBA Trade Deadline coming up next month Rumors are starting to ramp up! Justin and Kevin talk about possible trades that we could see, Will the Chicago Bulls Send Nikola Mirotic To the Utah Jazz... Or maybe the Detroit Pistons? How can they get young assets in return... what about the Jazz and Derrick Favors? Will The Cleveland Cavaliers be willing to part ways with their #1 pick? The guys then switch over to "We The North" and chat why the Toronto Raptors are new and improved...


The Charlotte Hornets Have Bad Buzz with Richie Randall

Kevin and Justin Bring on Richie Randall From Buzz Beat Radio (he's also a contributor for Queen City Hoops) to talk about the Charlotte Hornets, and whats going on behind the scenes in this disappointing season...They bring up topics like is Dwight Howard having a bad year or do people just hate him, whats been going on with Nic Batum's shot, there seems to be an overall shooting problem with the team... how can they fix it, is Bench Play a problem for them, What direction would you like...


Drive and Dish NBA: All Star Vote Reactions & Are The Lakers In Trouble?

Kevin and Justin start off talking about the NBA All-Star Vote Returns, Are they Suprised Giannis is over Lebron and should games played matter in these ranks? Also, Justin says if Kristaps Porzingis is tired... HE SHOULD NOT PLAY IN THE ALL-STAR GAME. Then they show off their new segment: "Who's ballin & whos fallin." After the segment, they jump right into the Los Angles Lakers losing streak and whats going wrong... Plus they find about Andrew Bogut during the episode. Last, They end the...


Drive and Dish NBA: New Year Who Dis, East coast NBA Resolutions.

Kevin and Justin Welcome in the 2018 year looking to the East Coast Teams and what they should be looking to change into the new year. teams they dive into: Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors, Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Pistons, Washington Wizards, Brooklyn Nets, New York Knicks, Philadelphia 76ers, Miami Heat, Charlotte Hornets, Indiana Pacers, Orlando Magic, Atlanta Hawks. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Drive and Dish NBA: New Year Who Dis, West coast NBA Resolutions.

Its New Years, and everyone is trying to better themselves... So whether or not they want it Kevin and Justin offer their New Years Resolutions for all the west coast teams. Hear what they think teams like the: Clippers, Trailblazers, Grizzlies, Pelicans, Warriors, Spurs, Rockets, Timberwolves, Suns, Kings, Thunder, Nuggets, Jazz, Lakers, and Mavericks. Disagree with something we said?? Please let us know On Social Media! Just Search "Drive and Dish NBA" Learn more about your ad choices....


Drive and Dish NBA: Good News & Bad News Kawhi's Back & Potential NBA Trades!

Tim, Kevin, and Justin are all back to record a new pod! , They talk some show changes, and how you can help them. Plus the already good Spurs are getting even better because Kawhi Leonard is back... should the rest of the NBA be worried... there are some trade talks brewing with some centers.. who do we think is most likely to move? Hear it all and more here! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Drive and Dish NBA: Are The Pacers Legit

Justin brings back out Indiana Pacers writer, Grant Afseth (Indiana Pacers writer for Indiana Sports Coverage, Editor for Myles Turner's website & Columnist for the Kokomo Tribune.) They talk about the team as a whole and if they are actually legit this year. then, they talk about Coach Nate Mcmillan and ask if he should be considered for Coach of the year. After that Justing addresses the ESPN question, Did the Pacers win the PG13 Trade because of Victor Oladipo's recent play. hear all...


Drive and Dish NBA: Streaking Teams & #JahIsFree

Kevin and Justin talk about some streaking teams in the NBA, more specifically the Cavs and The Rockets... they ask who's streak is more impressive, How important is CP3 to the rockets, what has finally clicked for the cavs, why is no one talking about how good Kevin Love has been playing? They also talk about the 76ers trade sending Jahlil Okafor to the Nets for Trevor Booker, and talk about the media making it seem like the nets won the trade. lastly, the jump into some hot takes from...


Drive and Dish NBA: Pistons Chat with Duncan Smith!

Midweek interview!!! Kevin brings on Duncan Smith, @DuncanSmithNBA to talk about the Pistons newfound success. He asks about the changes that have been made to their offense. How Andre Drummond's overall game has improved, how in the hell do all the Pistons starters have a negative net rating, has Tobias Harris has taken the leap this year, what are the expectations for next year... and is Stanly Johnson a bust? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Drive and Dish Basketball: Early 6th Man Candidates

We discuss some of the early bench players who are already making strong cases for 5th man including Marcus Smart, Tyreke Evans, Dwayne Wade, Lou Williams, Normal Powell & more. We also touch on the David Fizdale firing and what the next logical move for the Memphis Grizzlies are. Kevin Rafuse (@Rafusetolose) and Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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