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Drunk Jays Talk is the first no filter, Under the Influence Podcast Talking all things Blue Jays, MLB, Sports, and anything else that that crosses the minds of hosts Chevy and Patch.




Drunk Jays Talk Episode 22 - Eating Crow

Well looks like Chevy and Pach are eating some crow. After a month off, the boys are back to break down the Blue Jays recent revival of their 2017 season. They discuss what caused the rebound, what's around the corner, where they think the season will go from now. They take a look at where the rest of the MLB is. Talk about the Bryce Harper mound charge, which former Blue Jays have signed in the Mexican league, and of course give their bahds and sureeee budddds of the I guess month......

Duration: 01:06:18

Drunk Jays Talk Season 2 Episode 3 - Sweep

Well the Blue Jays 2017 season has officially fallen off the tracks. The bandwagon is empty, and all that are left are the brave souls who chose to encounter and invest time into the 2017 season. Chevy, Patch, and Clammers try to cheer all you Blue Jays fans up with some aimless what do they do now for the season banter, introduce some new segments, and give Bahds and Sureeeee Buddddds of the week. Music: Bensound.com

Duration: 00:56:55

Drunk Jays Talk Episode 20. O and 8.

Well....that escalated quickly. Just like the off the track start the blue jays had to start the 2017 season. The fellas come with an off the track episode covering the first few weeks of the MLB season. They talk about where the blue jays go from now, and how low they can go before you throw the towel in for the season. As always they give their Bahd and sureee buddd of the week. music: Bensound.com

Duration: 00:40:37

Drunk Jays Talk Season 2 Episode 1 - Smoaks Perfect Season

The Boys are Back! We have been picked up for Season Dos and ready for some Blue Jays Ball! Chevy, Patch, and Clammers preview the 2017 Blue Jays season. They take a look at what the MLB season could shape up to be. Wager some Lad Bombs on playoff predictions and which jays pitcher will have the best OBP. It wouldn't be a Drunk Jays Talk without the Bahds and Suree Budddss of the week. Music: bensound.com

Duration: 01:10:16

Fourth Take Podcast Season 1 Finale - Roger That

Thats all she wrote for the 2016 NFL season! The Fellas break down some hot takes on arguably the greatest Super Bowl of all time. Clammers and Patch celebrate their Patriots 5th Super Bowl. Chevy makes his case for the NFL to change their OT, and for all Patriots fans to stop complaining about a certain Helmet Catch. Patch brings up some topics to look at for the NFL offseason. Thanks to all listeners for a great season one of Fourth Take Podcast. Follow @4thTake @chevnaa @theclammers...

Duration: 00:56:01

Fourth Take Podcast Conference Championship Weekend - Goodell the Coward.

This week the fellas preview the Conference Championship Round. They officially retire Skip Bayless' hot takes for the season. They celebrate the two year anniversary of the Deflategate. Discuss whether the window could be closing for the Seahawks as well for Brady and Big Ben's Careers. Why Roger Goodell is coward and afraid of New England. They also have a new sponsor for the championship weekend show; The Bears Den Calgary Restaurant. https://www.bearsdencalgary.com/ Music: Bensound.com

Duration: 01:06:18

Fouth Take Podcast Divisional Round - LA Lightning? LA Dodgers?

This week the fellas preview the Divisional Round. Review the roller coaster ride of Skip Bayless' twitter account during the national championship game. Get a hot take from Don Cherry. Talk about the Coaching Carousel in the NFL. They also cant figure out whether the new LA NFL team is the Dodgers or the Lightning? Music: Bensound.com

Duration: 01:19:48

Fourth Take Podcast Wild Card Weekend - Jed York Worst Owner?

Holy Moly that season flew by. After a holidays break the boys are back wishing you a happy new year with a Wild Card Weekend Preview. They give out their 2016 NFL season awards. Hot takes about the Patriots super bowl contention, whether firing a coach this off season is the right call, if Jed York is the worst owner in NFL, and if the packers running the table success is due to Rodgers or McCarthy. They also make their picks against the spread for the first week of the playoffs.

Duration: 01:03:30

Fourth Take Football Podcast Week 13 - Justin Tucker MVP

On this week 13 episode, the guys talk about how great Justin Tucker is, how the browns can't lose this week, whether if Russel Wilson is an MVP candidate, if Matt Barkley can be an actual NFL QB, the impact of Gronks season ending injury, and the longevity of Tom Brady career. music: Bensound

Duration: 01:20:55

Fourth Take Football Podcast Week 12 - A New Era

A new era indeed for the fourth take football podcast. After Patch relocating to Vancouver, a trial and error week 11 recording, and a few week hiatus. The boys are back with a new and redefined football podcast. The week 12 fourth take football podcast takes a look at the past weeks gridiron action. While also discussing the four worst takes of the week in the NFL world. Chevy and Patch also give a few takes of their own. They discuss how terrible it would be to be a browns fan, How...

Duration: 01:19:49

Fourth Take Football Podcast Week 8 - October 27, 2016

On the week 8 preview of the finally found a name "Fourth Take Football Podcast" (so long Drunk Football Talk...still need a new logo). Chevy, Pach, and Clammers are back after taking week 7 off. They recap what happened in week 7. See who deserved to be in James' checkout cart, what coaches played to win the game, what referees made Mike Carey calls, and what player deserve to be in street clothes. They also preview week 8 and they make their picks against the point spread, give their...

Duration: 01:05:34

Drunk Jays Talk Episode 18 - Brooms and ALCS Preview

On Episode 18 of Drunk Jays Talk Chevy, Pach, and Clammers reflect on the Blue Jays ALDS sweep of the Rangers. They preview the ALCS series agains the Indians. Pach plays devils advocate of possible scenarios the Blue Jays may face in ALCS.

Duration: 00:47:33

Drunk Football Talk Week 5 - October 6, 2016

On the 2016 week 5 edition of the still temporarly named 'Drunk Football Talk' there is yet again no Patch as he takes in the Thursday Night Game. So Chevy and Clammers Break down the week 4 games, and take a look at the Week 5 games against the spread. As always they see what jerseys are in 'James' shopping cart' from week 4, what refs make the 'Mike Carey Calls of the week', What coaches made the 'you play to win the game' questionable calls, and which players will find themselves in...

Duration: 00:59:22

Drunk Jays Talk Episode 14 August 30, 2016

On episode 12 of Drunk Jays Talk. Patch and Chevy are back after a few weeks between episodes. They go over the previous 4 series the Jays played, and current series vs Baltimore. They take a look at the upcoming final month of the season as rosters expand. Break down the playoff races in both leagues. No Clammers on this episode, so no Take or Fake and Clammers Quiz. However there is Salty's Take, some "Stephen A Smith/Skip Bayless Takes" and of course the Bahds and Sure Budddds of the...

Drunk Jays Talk Episode 13 August 13, 2016

On episode 13 of Drunk Jays Talk. Chevy and Patch take the name to new heights. They discuss the Jays recent week of ball. Talk about the value of Joey Bats, the trifecta of retirements the MLB saw in the past week. Given it is the summer olympics they discuss how Canada and the rest of the field have faired, including Patch having a Hot Takes, but none can trump Chevys take on Phelps vs Bolt. They of course round out the week with Take or Fake, Clammers Quiz, Salty's Take of the week, and...

Drunk Jays Talk 2016 Trade Deadline Recap (August 4, 2016)

Chevy and Patch do a special Drunk Jays Talk. Recapping the 2016 MLB Trade Deadline. They discuss how the Jays did, talk about what the rest of the league did, and give their winners and losers of the deadline. Music: www.bensound.com

Drunk Jays Talk Episdoe 11 July 30, 2016

On episode 11 of Drunk Jays Talk Patch is still on vacation so joining Chevy this week is the infamous Cousin Rob. Recorded at Buffalo Lake in front of a few intoxicated "audience members" they discuss the Jays recent 8 games played including the win to put them into First place of the AL East. They talk the two recent Blue Jays trades along with what Trades that occurred around the MLB. Introduce a few new guests to play some games with them, do their Bahds and Sure Buddds of the week,...

Drunk Jays Talk Episdoe 9 July 11, 2016

On the 9th episode of Drunk Jays Talk it is All-Star Break Time. So Chevy and Patch are recapping the Blue Jays first half of the season and MLB season. They recap the home run derby, talk about potential trade deadline deals for the jays and their rivals. We hear again from "Stephen A. Salty" as "he gives his Traydup takes of the week." They make bets on the All Star Game and make some remainder of the season bets. Also as always of course give their BAHD's and sure buddds of the half way...

Drunk Jays Talk Episode 8 July 2, 2016

On episode eight of Drunk Jays Talk Chevy and Patch are back after a few week hiatus and recording again from Patches Cabin in Invermere, BC where beverages were consumed in a post Canada day celebration. They recap the Blue Jays previous 6 series. They talk what happened around the league, Salty gives his Traydup take of the week, and of course give their BAHD's and sure buddds of the week.

Drunk Jays Talk Episode 7 June 11, 2016

On episode seven of Drunk Jays Talk Chevy and Patch are recording from Patches Cabin in Invermere, BC where beverages were consumed. They recap the Blue Jays previous 4-3 stretch. They talk what happened around the league, give bunch of record chasing facts, and discuss the Phillie Phanatic vs Donald Trump popularity for president. Salty gives his Traydup take of the week. They make bets on the EURO Cup, and of course give their BAHD's and sure buddds of the week. Music: www.bensound.com
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