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Episode 32: Die With Your Tits Out

The gang grabbed their planchettes and talking boards this week and sit down with mid ‘90s horror movie Witchboard: The Possession, the third movie in a trilogy that probably didn’t need to happen but did. They also discuss the possible lizardman invasion that could take place during the Great American Eclipse, The Witch director Robert Eggers’ Nosferatu remake, making a bong out of things laying around a construction yard and go deep into the topic of personalized sex robots. The gang...

Duration: 01:31:36

Episode 31: She Pissed Her Mom Jeans

This week's episode pulled its radioactive self ashore late last night, reeking of whiskey and wine, sputtering about giant monster movie Shin Godzilla before moving onto the UFO mockumentary Phoenix Forgotten. More reboot news from the Hellboy and Munsters camps, the dangers of dingos and sea fleas, and upsetting(for Scott) video game release news and Whole Hog round out the episode

Duration: 01:37:11

Episode 30: Your Shorts Are Too Tight

The crew talk about Altar, a horror movie that was more mumble than gore, and then move onto greener pastures with haunted house flick The Domicile and its plethora of spectres and spooks. They also talk Alien stars and their alien encounters, Wild West anthology shows, YouTube trolls, Eli Roth's horror history documentary series and discuss some more of horrors best and beloved on Whole Hog.

Duration: 01:15:41

Episode 29: Spooky Skeleton Yak Bak

Robin, Scotty and Rigby ended up having a unintentially Korean themed night, shoveling bibimbap into their faces while watching the korean horror movie The Wig, about a haunted hairpeice and the havok it wreaks. The crew also discuss Arrow Video's release of the '70s kung fu yakuza flick Doberman Cop, revisit Resident Evil Vendetta now that Scotty and Robin have got in on the action, a korean (gotta keep the theme going) supernatural soap opera called Oh My Ghost, talk horror news and add...

Duration: 01:45:27

Episode 28: I Got PTSD From Scotiabank

It's a battle of the simian variety this week as the crew talks about recently released War For The Planet Of The Apes. The crew also suffer disappointment at the hands of a overly meta anthology horror movie called Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories and Rigby throws down her thoughts on the new Spiderman: Homecoming. The crew also talks genre and bizzare news, and Andy Serkis is the latest addition to The Whole Hog.

Duration: 01:27:31

Episode 27: I'm Self Conscious About My Bees

The DIAG crew was bamboozled into watching christian propaganda horror film Tsunambee, and while that went down a pizza boy afraid of knocking on doors was thrown into the mix. Robin and Scotty talk about Arrow Home Video's release of 1970s Japanese kung fu movie Wolf Guy featuring Sonny Chiba and his romper. Discussion abounds on why Scott thinks Blade 2 is better than Van Helsing, getting shot at a strip club while dressed as Jared Leto Joker, and how Rigby has played over 58 hours of...

Duration: 01:24:51

High Literature Episode 1: The Werewolf of Fever Swamp/The Horror at Camp Jellyjam

Ever been at a party and a super baked person tries to tell you about a story they saw on the news the night before? High Literature finds Rigby and Robin doing dabs and trying to explain the plot of two Goosebumps books to Scotty Floronic. Things get weird. This inaugural segment of High Literature brought to you by Internet Dispensary/Holistek extracts. Episode 1 covers The Werewolf Of Fever Swamp and The Horror At Camp Jellyjam.

Duration: 00:21:37

Episode 26: Young, Dumb And Full Of Eels

Don’t rush out to meet new horror movie The Ice Cream Truck or you’ll likely face the same disappointment and confusion the crew did when they sat down to view it this week. Thankfully the week was filled with much better offerings such as the science fiction thriller/creature feature Life, a surprisingly well animated Resident Evil porno, the highly musical Baby Driver and A Cure For Wellness. Interesting Grudge remake news is also discussed, along with Neil Marshall’s Hellboy, the Texas...

Duration: 01:34:52

Episode 25: I'm A Man, I Can Kick

In a rotting, waterlogged chest at the bottom of a lake, nestled beside some weird hockey mask wearing body, we dredged up another Lost Cabin tape. In this cursed episode the crew talks about the highly anticipated (at the time) slasher killer mashup Freddy vs Jason, the first Resident Evil movie, a movie about a killer under the floorboards called Crack in the Floor, the appropriately named Cabin Fear, make some dark confessions about what happens when the crew is provided with cable...

Duration: 01:04:11

Episode 24: Mandy Moore Got The Bends

Grab your scuba gear and a healthy fear of deep water because this week the crew checked out newly released summer shark attack flick 47 Meters Down. Rigby also checked out Resident Evil: Vendetta this week and gives us her thoughts on it, while Scotty and Robin keep it light with 2010 Korean crime-drama meets gorefest that is I Saw The Devil. The crew also talk about the Jurassic World sequel, the recently announced BBC Dracula series, the hardships of hiring a live in nanny in while...

Duration: 01:24:34

Episode 23: Gary Busey Has A Cloaca

Another strange night in Canada finds the crew watching Wild Eye Releasing’s upcoming movie Bonejangles, an over the top slasher drenched in equal parts meta references and fake blood. The crew also discuss the new Neill Blomkamp directed short Rakka (starring Sigourney Weaver) and Devil's Domain, featuring Michael Madsen. Horror movie and video game news and a new segment entitled Whole Hog wrap up the episode in the classiest way possible.

Duration: 01:35:35

Episode 22: Rest In Pizza

The weeks episode finds the crew hanging out at the Barshed, talking about the French horror film festival darling Raw, a movie about coming of age and cannibalism. The crew also talks about The Boy on the Bridge (the literary sequel to The Girl With All The Gifts written by M.R. Carrey) the psychiatric benefits of eating human flesh, the recent horror movie Eloise and a whole bunch of genre news. They also start asking some heavy existential questions about everyone's favorite purple...

Duration: 01:50:05

Episode 21: Everytime I Hear An Andrew WK Song, I Wanna Drink Whiskey

The crew talks about the tone deaf social media thinkfilm iMurders, Frank Grillo's nudes, the importance of Andrew W.K., how EVERYONE jerked off to Species for some reason and ponder why the Deadspace cartoon movie was made. Some fan mail is answered and the genre news for this week is about killer nurses, Karla Homolka, horror porno parodies, and why you shouldn't put ground up wasp's nest in your vagina.

Duration: 01:28:41

Episode 20: Let Me Shave My Neck

The crew talk about James Wan’s 2007 doll based horror Dead Silence,the best kind of werewolf to be, the perils of being an HD-DVD living in a Blu-ray world, turning into a Frankenstein mermaid, how to make Jesus come/cum, and of course genre news and listener questions.

Duration: 01:45:26

Episode 19: Space Jargon And Stuff

It's wall to wall xenomorph action in this episode, with the crew talking about newly released Alien: Covenant and the the not so new disaster that is Alien: Resurrection. Bizarre matricidal incidents, genre news, and listener questions are discussed as well and many, many beers are drank.

Duration: 02:20:04

Episode 18: I Found It In The Haunted Stockroom At Best Buy

The crew talk about the new Arrow release of '80s horror-comedy classic House, recently launched shows The Handmaids Tale and American Gods, and the many uses of Vicks Vapo Rub. As well, some genre news and listener questions are answered.

Duration: 01:41:42

Episode 17: Also, Kris Kristofferson Was There

Friday night found the crew plunging headlong into a bottle of wine and talking about the nice to look at but messy early comic book inspired movie that is Blade 2. The feasibility of a house moat, the ups and downs of being an Alien fan, serial killer exhumation and some listener questions are also in the mix to make things as weird as possible.

Duration: 01:26:26

Episode 16: Take Your Y Chromosome And Get The Hell Out

Recent horror anthology XX is this weeks movie of choice, proving more hype than substance for the crew. Good thing they came prepared for potential disappointments with some good genre news, some bad genre news and just some weird shit that will make you scratch your head. As always, some listener questions are tackled as well.

Duration: 01:32:41

Episode 15: His Nipples Look Like Milk-Duds

A millionaire, his meth addiction and the movie 15 years in the making, known as "The Evil Within" captivated the DIAG squad this week. Later on, the crew bugged out and checked out the surprisingly good movie "Bite". Robin went to town on some horror news, and the crew answers some fan mail.

Duration: 01:30:52

Episode 14: Ted Nugent Tried To Warn Us

Another video game horror movie lands in the crews lap this week in the form of 2006's Stay Alive, starring ultimate final girl Frankie Muniz in a bad CGI battle royale against Elizabeth Bathory down in the swamps of New Orleans. The crew also talk genre news and answer some listener questions.

Duration: 01:21:27

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