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Episode 43: Verjibia and a Peevis

We're back in the water for a slightly out of season, recently released shark attack movie, Open Water 3: Cage Dive this week, while Scott apologizes to the crew for submitting them to the newest season of American Horror Story. The crew also discuss the EA Star Wars Battlefront controversy that took the internet by storm this week, possible Criterion Collection releases for the original Toho Godzilla films, the dangers of trusting an algorithm to make your decisions for you, getting various...

Duration: 01:50:47

Episode 42: Striking Down The Elderly

Everyone is back at the table this week, discussing the newest movie to tackle one of the most publicized (some might say milked to death) paranormal incidents in history, Amityville: The Awakening. The crew also talk the death of the Dark Universe movies, baby Frankenstein's, the Pet Semetary remake, a Japanese serial killer who finds their victims using Twitter, live action Archie spinoffs, phantom kangaroos, and go Whole Hog with Dennis Hopper.

Duration: 01:44:55

High Literature Episode 3: Urban Legend Jamboree

In an episode powered by Nyquil and moonshine, Scotty and Robin are short Rigby this week since Robin has been sick with the boogie woogie flu for the last few days. The DIAG twosome share some popular urban legend lore including The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs, The Bunnyman, the New World Order of the Denver Airport, People Can Lick Too, Strawberry Quik as crystal meth, and blue star LSD.

Duration: 00:47:47

Episode 41: Accidental Cosplay

All the crew’s wishes are answered when Wish Upon, a story about a Chinese wishing box with a dark secret, turns out to be more than entertaining. Japanese snacks are also taste tested in this episode and Rigby recounts meeting alien hunter turned dad rocker David Duchovny. The crew also talk drunken bumper cars, where they sit on the schlock scale, Corey Feldman's Friday the 13th script, shape-shifters revealing themselves to rock stars, the disappointment that is American Horror Story:...

Duration: 01:50:48

High Literature Episode 2: Creepypasta and Purple Voodoo

Man down! Er - WOman down! The threesome becomes a gruesome twosome this week, as Rigby is out sick with the flu. Scotty and Robin take up the High Literature mantle and enjoy some Purple Voodoo hybrid smoke and take turns reading their favourite creepypastas from the internet. It's like NPR for creeps and weirdoes, except better. Scotty's Creepypasta selections: White With Red The Cleaning Lady The Statue Robin's Creepypasta selections: The Russian Sleep Experiment The Smiling...

Duration: 01:00:08

Two Trucker Hats and a Baby

The crew gathered this week to watch a movie that feels like it was ripped straight from the heart of the ‘90s horror scene, Happy Death Day. Guitars are also strapped on and turned way up for The Devil's Candy, a satanic possession movie with a hint of heavy metal. This week's episode of American Horror Story: Cult is also discussed, along with learning ninja skills from Naruto, the Halloween reboot, “insensitive” Halloween costumes and the legality of drunken canoeing in Canada. The crew...

Duration: 01:35:42

Episode 39: Rib Breaker High

Flatliners is first up this week, an unrequested remake of the 1990 horror film about a med student who discovers how to cross over to the afterlife, which of course leads to all sorts of unforeseen problems. Scott and Robin saw Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049 this week and share their thoughts on it as well as discuss holo threesomes, drunken time travel, penis collections, possible Paranormal Activity remakes and Netflix’s Punisher getting delayed. The crew also discuss the newest...

Duration: 01:36:19

Episode 38: Borscht Babes

This week, the crew watched paranormal horror Ghost House, which rose above its innocuous title to prove itself a more than formidable example of a successful ghost story. Also discussed is the sequelitis that Houses That October Built 2 is infected with, Russian cannibal families, cold case killer clowns from Florida, eyeball tattoos, getting married at Tim Hortons and a whole load of genre news. The crew keep it local in this week's Crappy Cryptid and then round off the episode with a...

Duration: 01:31:04

Episode 37: Sad Reacts Only

The crew checked out newly released in North America social media horror movie Friend Request, a German movie filmed in 2014 but only seeing the light of day on these shores this year. They also discuss their feelings around the controversial new Darren Aronofsky film Mother!, talk about the recently completed The Murder of Laci Peterson documentary series from A&E, the mockumentary American Vandal and discuss the newest episode of American Horror Story: Cult, “Neighbors From Hell”. The...

Duration: 01:36:09

Episode 36: Freeballing In Sweat Pants

Incantations are read, candles are lit, prayers to a movie god are whispered and actually answered with a decent occult horror by the name of A Dark Song, an Irish independent movie directed by Liam Gavin. The crew also talk about Netflix offering Little Evil, Robin and Scott’s misadventures with the evil clown-ghost flick Clowntergiest, the alleged Owlman sightings in Chicago, the proper way to smoke scorpions, the newly announced Bladerunner anime and a bunch more genre news . Also in...

Duration: 01:54:03

Episode 35: Are We Watching A Snuff Film?

The crew is floating down in the sewers this week after checking out the new adaptation of Stephen King’s IT on opening night. Unfortunately, they were brought down to earth by artsy thriller It Comes At Night, which could have been subtitled “Blue Balls Forever.” Thankfully, Robin and Scott have some thoughts about the Guinea Pig movies they marathoned over the long weekend that will raise your spirits. Pro tip: don’t marathon Guinea Pig movies without proper supervision. The crew also...

Duration: 02:06:29

Episode 34: The Curse of Colonel Sanders

The crew is joined this weekly drunkinagraveyard.com writer Bear, who gets subjected to a new possession movie by the name of Demons (2017) that proves to be not quite what it promised. Robin, Scott and Rigby also checked out the recently re-released to theatres Terminator 2 3D and discuss Rigby’s porn habits, the Hellboy whitewashing news, a hefty lawsuit being leveled at The Conjuring movies, how to reclaim your bong from the police, the cancellation of the Jeepers Creepers 3 premiere,...

Duration: 01:29:21

Episode 33: I Did A Kickflip Off My Dingo

The crew had a horror filled week, checking out Annabelle: Creation and the newly released on Netflix Deathnote. Also discussed in this episode is Victor Crowley (the next movie in the Hatchet series), Stranger Things season 3, horror movie based reality television, cannibalism induced guilt, Joss Whedon’s recent debacle and just how much damn money The Conjuring movies have made. The gang also play a round of Crappy Cryptid and finish the episode off with Whole Hog.

Duration: 01:39:09

Episode 32: Die With Your Tits Out

The gang grabbed their planchettes and talking boards this week and sit down with mid ‘90s horror movie Witchboard: The Possession, the third movie in a trilogy that probably didn’t need to happen but did. They also discuss the possible lizardman invasion that could take place during the Great American Eclipse, The Witch director Robert Eggers’ Nosferatu remake, making a bong out of things laying around a construction yard and go deep into the topic of personalized sex robots. The gang...

Duration: 01:31:36

Episode 31: She Pissed Her Mom Jeans

This week's episode pulled its radioactive self ashore late last night, reeking of whiskey and wine, sputtering about giant monster movie Shin Godzilla before moving onto the UFO mockumentary Phoenix Forgotten. More reboot news from the Hellboy and Munsters camps, the dangers of dingos and sea fleas, and upsetting(for Scott) video game release news and Whole Hog round out the episode

Duration: 01:37:11

Episode 30: Your Shorts Are Too Tight

The crew talk about Altar, a horror movie that was more mumble than gore, and then move onto greener pastures with haunted house flick The Domicile and its plethora of spectres and spooks. They also talk Alien stars and their alien encounters, Wild West anthology shows, YouTube trolls, Eli Roth's horror history documentary series and discuss some more of horrors best and beloved on Whole Hog.

Duration: 01:15:41

Episode 29: Spooky Skeleton Yak Bak

Robin, Scotty and Rigby ended up having a unintentially Korean themed night, shoveling bibimbap into their faces while watching the korean horror movie The Wig, about a haunted hairpeice and the havok it wreaks. The crew also discuss Arrow Video's release of the '70s kung fu yakuza flick Doberman Cop, revisit Resident Evil Vendetta now that Scotty and Robin have got in on the action, a korean (gotta keep the theme going) supernatural soap opera called Oh My Ghost, talk horror news and add...

Duration: 01:45:27

Episode 28: I Got PTSD From Scotiabank

It's a battle of the simian variety this week as the crew talks about recently released War For The Planet Of The Apes. The crew also suffer disappointment at the hands of a overly meta anthology horror movie called Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories and Rigby throws down her thoughts on the new Spiderman: Homecoming. The crew also talks genre and bizzare news, and Andy Serkis is the latest addition to The Whole Hog.

Duration: 01:27:31

Episode 27: I'm Self Conscious About My Bees

The DIAG crew was bamboozled into watching christian propaganda horror film Tsunambee, and while that went down a pizza boy afraid of knocking on doors was thrown into the mix. Robin and Scotty talk about Arrow Home Video's release of 1970s Japanese kung fu movie Wolf Guy featuring Sonny Chiba and his romper. Discussion abounds on why Scott thinks Blade 2 is better than Van Helsing, getting shot at a strip club while dressed as Jared Leto Joker, and how Rigby has played over 58 hours of...

Duration: 01:24:51

High Literature Episode 1: The Werewolf of Fever Swamp/The Horror at Camp Jellyjam

Ever been at a party and a super baked person tries to tell you about a story they saw on the news the night before? High Literature finds Rigby and Robin doing dabs and trying to explain the plot of two Goosebumps books to Scotty Floronic. Things get weird. This inaugural segment of High Literature brought to you by Internet Dispensary/Holistek extracts. Episode 1 covers The Werewolf Of Fever Swamp and The Horror At Camp Jellyjam.

Duration: 00:21:37

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