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#16 Todd Leventhal - Cold War Russian Active Measures

On this month’s podcast, we are joined by Todd Leventhal who was the State Departments sole counter-misinformation officer in the last years of the Cold War from 1987 through until 2010. We discuss Russian Cold War era "Active Measures" If you enjoy the show please visit our website:


#15: The Rage - The vicious circle of Islamist and Far-Right extremism

On Episode 15 we interview author Julia Ebner who has written a fantastic book called “The Rage” that looks at the relationship between Islamist extremists and the Western Far Right. If you like the work we are doing please support this podcast by becoming a Patreon subscriber today by going to You can join in the discussion by connecting with us on Twitter. Go to: For more information about the podcast and to listen to past...


The Battle For British Islam

On this months podcast, we are joined by journalist and author Tony McMahon. We discuss his book "The Battle for British Islam" which he co-authored with Sara Khan. For more information about the work Sara and Tony do please visit: If you like the work we are doing please support this podcast by becoming a Patreon subscriber today by going to You can join in the discussion by connecting with us on Twitter. Go to:...


#13 Moscow Gold, The Soviet Union & the British left

It's the 100th Anniversary of the Bolshevik "October Revolution", so this month we have recorded a special on the complex relationship between the Soviet Union and the British Left. We are joined by authors Paul Anderson & Kevin Davey to discuss their book "Moscow Gold". You can purchase the book here: If you like what we are doing please support the show by connecting with us on Twitter:...


Need To Know- Episode Two - North Korea, Parsons Green, Barcelona Attack And More-

On this episode we will be looking at events that took place between July and September 2017. Anthony Ruggiero from the Foundation for Defence of Democracies joins us to discuss North Korea for the first half. Then we are joined by former Counter Terrorism Detective and Author, David Videcette, to discuss the Barcelona attacks and the failed Parson's Green tube bombing. If you enjoyed the show please support us by becoming a subscriber on Patreon by going to


#12 Submarines for espionage & trident For Nuclear Defence - With Iain Ballantyne

The Dry CleanerCast returns after a short summer break. This month we go Nuclear on "The Dry CleanerCast". We just hope your bunker has wifi. We are joined by Iain Ballantyne, author of "Hunter Killers: The Dramatic Untold Story of the Royal Navy's Most Secret Service". We discuss the use of submarines for espionage and nuclear defense. We dive into dangerous water disusing the renewal of #Trident the Royal Navy's nuclear deterrent. If the podcast is not enough we have also created a...


#11 Dr William Matchett Special Branch And The Intelligence War Against The IRA

On this months "The Dry CleanerCast" we are joined by former Special Branch Officer, Dr William Matchett. We discuss his book "Secret Victory: The Intelligence War That Beat The IRA". If you enjoy the podcast please support us by subscribing to our Patreon page: Also you can connect with us on Twitter:


#10 Peter Bleksley Undercover Policing, The War On Drugs, Organised Crime And Hunted

On Episode 10 of "The Dry CleanerCast" we are joined by former London Met Detective Peter Bleksley. Peter was one of the Met's top undercover detectives during the 1980's to the Mid 1990's. We discuss what it is like to work undercover, the war on drugs and the wider issue surrounding drugs and the illegal drugs trade. We also discuss Peter's work in television on "Hunted", "Guerrilla" and "Murphy's Law".


#06 David Videcette - Former Counter Terrorism Detective London Met

On Episode 6 we are joined by David Videcette. David was a counterterrorism detective for the Metropolitan Police Service in London. He was involved in the investigation of the 7/7 London Bombings and the failed 21/7 Bombings. He is now an author and he has released a novel "The Theseus Paradox" which is a fictional account of the investigation into the London bombings.


#05 Malcolm Nance - The Plot To Hack America

On episode 5 of "The Dry CleanerCast" we are joined by author and former US intelligence officer Malcolm Nance. We discuss the alleged Russian plot to hack and disrupt the 2016 US Presidential Election.



Episode 1: Meredith Tax In the first half of the show host Chris Carr discusses the problematic relationship between Anglo American left and the Muslim right with author Meredith Tax. Later in the podcast they discuss the role of Kurdish women in the fight against ISIS.