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DumTeeDum - A show about The BBC The Archers by its Fans

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DTD: 206 - Lexi, Pip, the end of Kefir and more Ambridge goings on.

On this week’s episode we hear views from: Jennidarling who’s hearing classic kate Vicky Cole who’s gone right off Brian Jane who’s lording it over Lucy and Mrs Yewtree who’s staggered at kefir

Duration: 00:46:54

DTD: 205 Happy New Year, Lets recap the last two weeks in Ambridge - Pip rage!

On this week’s episode we hear views from Blithe Spirit who’s suffering from plastic neuroses Claire who thinks Justin’s confused Lilian with Ruby Witherspoon who’s got panto-sadness and Abi from Brighton who can see morons

Duration: 01:12:08

DTD: 204 - your calls

A short but sweet X-mas edition put together in Jamaica

Duration: 00:12:48

DTD: 203 Have there been too many pregnancies in Ambridge?

This week’s Dumteedum is from Fat Bloke Talking and his son Alex. On this week’s episode we hear views from Andrew who’s a believer in the law of Grundy Martin who’s got his eye on Tom Glyn who thinks Shula might need to see the doctor Witherspoon who’s angry santa Emily who’s angry feminist and Dusty Substances who’s desperate for a normal birth

Duration: 00:57:47

DTD: 202 - Ian fires blanks and Adam should know better

This week’s Dumteedum is from Martin Greaves, Keri Warbis and two other people who don’t even listen to the archers but were very drunk. On this week’s episode we hear views from: Clare from Clapham who’s dreading a wedding Witherspoon who wants a session with Ian Aunty Jean who wants Hedli back and New York Nigel who’s still recovering from Brian’s little chat

Duration: 00:50:02

DTD: 201 - Your questions to Hedli Niklaus live, hosted by Roifield and Robert

Witherspoon : Hi, Witherspoon here, texting in early because I actually have patients to see later on. So this is more of a comment about Kathy than a question. I never knew "Happy Kathy." Once I started listening to The Archers a lot of bad things had already happened to Kathy and she was always forlorn, clinically dysthymic. So I must admit it became a chore to listen to her; but it seems so silly for her to be gone for so long, always just off stage left. And what a treat it's been...

Duration: 00:44:16

DTD: 200 Everything went wrong but we got a show out

This week’s Dumteedum is from Nicola Headlam, thank you Nicola. On this week’s episode we hear views from Nicola Hedlam who is worried about the wrong side of the blanket Dusty Substances who loves Kathy Blithe Spirit who thinks Jenny’s gone mad Gore Blimey whose head’s exploded and Vicky Cole who has a baby shaped plot prediction.

Duration: 01:04:12

Election Special and Heldi Niklaus speaks for Kathy Perks!

Witherspoon, Millie and Yokel Bear are on the spot at the Ambridge parish council election.

Duration: 00:12:28

DTD: 199 - Aunty Chris gets scammed and Emma's is strong and stable at the polls

This week’s Dumteedum is from Rich and his parrot. On this week’s episode we hear views from: Miss Mid City who thinks they may as well be investigating the Invisible Man New York Nigel who’s impatient Claire who’s celebrating Glyn who thinks Robert’s a decent cove Clare who’s going off Lynda and Abi who’s feeling cocky

Duration: 01:02:38

DTD: 198 - Will Lillian marry Justin and what about Auntie Cardboard (be warned the sound is a bit iffy in places folks!)

This week’s Dumteedum is from Roifield’s San Francisco posse. On this week’s episode we hear views from Glyn Fullelove who thinks Ambridge needs some weeding Jane who’s had an epiphany Martin who thinks Justin’s going to be fingered and Lord Louise who thinks Matt’s an interesting arsehole

Duration: 00:40:53

Whats in Matts Suitcase.... CASH!

This week’s Dumteedum is from The Sussex Sheperd. On this week’s episode we hear views from Dusty Substances who’s thinks Matt’s gone flat Claire who’s been reflecting on Philip Sussex Shepherd and native Heath who are looking into their crystal balls Abi from Brighton asks who’sscamming who? Amy who thinks Matt’s target number one and Christine who’s come home

Duration: 01:03:02

DTD: 195 - Was it attempted murder in Ambridge or reckless driving on the by pass?

On this week’s episode we hear views from: Andrea Meling who says Ambridge is in the clear Ben Johnson who believes Matt’s been misrepresented Witherspoon who has his deerstalker on and Vicky Cole who thinks Keri’s having a lovely time

Duration: 00:59:25

DTD: 195 - Its officially official Matt is a total bastard

On this week’s episode we hear views from New York Nigel who has a pop at Lucy Ms Bubbles who says Lilian needs to count to more than two and Jennidarling who thinks Johnnie’s letting the north down.

Duration: 01:03:28

DTD: 194 - Lillian, does she love Justin or Matt, is it Justin's money or Matt's excitement ?

We had an awesome Dumteedum and some fab calls!

Duration: 01:00:23

DTD: 193 - The life of Tim Bentinck - Being David Archer: And Other Unusual Ways of Earning a Living

Timothy Bentinck has played the part of David Archer in BBC Radio 4's The Archers since 1982, he is also the Earl of Portland. He talks to Roifield about his family, life and career.

Duration: 01:12:44

DTD: 192 - Justin and Matt square up like silver backs and Lilly's polite racism

On this week’s episode we have views from: Andrew Horn who thinks Justin’s two dimensionaland Lord Louise who has a family plot prediction Now, if you are a fan of Tim Bentinck, and who isn’t, then you could get to see him in the flesh on The Wright Stuff on Thursday 19th . We have six tickets - you need to be able to get to Bayswater in London at 8.15pm then you can have the tickets! Don’t say we never give you anything, lovely Dumteedummers. DMessage us for the tickets

Duration: 01:02:20

DTD: 191 - Emma runs for office and Kate has to deal with mini Kate

This week’s Dumteedum is from Magic Badger again - so many people liked it we thought we’d give it an encore. On this week’s episode we have views from Witherspoon who says that Kate is a sucker Claire who thinks Alice is Theresa May without the cough and Abi who thinks Nole is a mini-me

Duration: 00:50:05

DTD: 190 Lucas returns to Ambridge and speaks to Roifield on Dumteedum Extra!

Connie M'Gadzah who plays journalist Lucas, was heard back on The Archers last week after 15 years away, we celebrate his return!

Duration: 00:21:42

DTD - 189 Helen offers to carry Ian and Adams baby and Britain reacts in horror!

On this week’s episode we have views from Titian who wants to know when Lilian started not liking socialising Glyn who’s glad Helen’s back Debs who’s worried about Lilian and Magic Badger who can foresee the return of Charlie

Duration: 01:08:42

DTD: 188 - Lexit, Lexi leaves a broken hearted Brexit voting Roy

On this week’s episode we have views from Jill who thinks Jennidarling has ulterior motives Glyn who wants to tell Kate what he thinks of her Andrew Horn who thinks Brian and kate are the perfect double act Sussex Shepherd who was holding out for Richard Curtis Vicky Cole who is worried about intense throbbing Aunty Jean who tells it straight about Kate New York Nigel who couldn’t give a bobby’s helmet Chris from Manchester with a plot prediction and Miss Mid City who thinks everything is...

Duration: 01:08:09

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