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DTD: 192 - Justin and Matt square up like silver backs and Lilly's polite racism

On this week’s episode we have views from: Andrew Horn who thinks Justin’s two dimensionaland Lord Louise who has a family plot prediction Now, if you are a fan of Tim Bentinck, and who isn’t, then you could get to see him in the flesh on The Wright Stuff on Thursday 19th . We have six tickets - you need to be able to get to Bayswater in London at 8.15pm then you can have the tickets! Don’t say we never give you anything, lovely Dumteedummers. DMessage us for the tickets

Duration: 01:02:20

DTD: 191 - Emma runs for office and Kate has to deal with mini Kate

This week’s Dumteedum is from Magic Badger again - so many people liked it we thought we’d give it an encore. On this week’s episode we have views from Witherspoon who says that Kate is a sucker Claire who thinks Alice is Theresa May without the cough and Abi who thinks Nole is a mini-me

Duration: 00:50:05

DTD: 190 Lucas returns to Ambridge and speaks to Roifield on Dumteedum Extra!

Connie M'Gadzah who plays journalist Lucas, was heard back on The Archers last week after 15 years away, we celebrate his return!

Duration: 00:21:42

DTD - 189 Helen offers to carry Ian and Adams baby and Britain reacts in horror!

On this week’s episode we have views from Titian who wants to know when Lilian started not liking socialising Glyn who’s glad Helen’s back Debs who’s worried about Lilian and Magic Badger who can foresee the return of Charlie

Duration: 01:08:42

DTD: 188 - Lexit, Lexi leaves a broken hearted Brexit voting Roy

On this week’s episode we have views from Jill who thinks Jennidarling has ulterior motives Glyn who wants to tell Kate what he thinks of her Andrew Horn who thinks Brian and kate are the perfect double act Sussex Shepherd who was holding out for Richard Curtis Vicky Cole who is worried about intense throbbing Aunty Jean who tells it straight about Kate New York Nigel who couldn’t give a bobby’s helmet Chris from Manchester with a plot prediction and Miss Mid City who thinks everything is...

Duration: 01:08:09

DTD: 186 - Love for Roy and Lexi and Jennifer reveals her true colours

On this week’s episode we have views from Lady Garf Garf who hopes Adam and Ian adopt a real child Blithe Spirit who thinks Roy needs to put a ring on it Witherspoon who thinks Peggy is three-faced Claire Astbury who loves a bit of F & P and Jane who has been to an Archers wedding.

Duration: 01:05:57

DTD: 186 - Roy and Lexi get it on and Ian and Adam talk babies

This week’s Dumteedum is from the splendid people who attended the Archers quiz on Friday, which was splendid. On this week’s episode we have views from Chris from Manchester who can see the Return of the Matt Glyn who thinks Johnnie at Home Farm will be a disaster and Witherspoon who thinks Adam and Ian will make a happy family

Duration: 00:47:35

DTD: 185 - Charlotte Martin on Susan Carter's 35 years in The Archers

Roifield talks to Charlotte Martin about Susan's time in The Archers. They talk about her joining the programme, her time in prison, being asked to go on Kilroy; failing to bond with Christopher when he was born with hare lip; struggling to make Neil 'better himself'; appearing in Calendar Girls, photo shoot in Radio Times... and chilli...

Duration: 00:36:39

DTD: 184 - Boring snoring Ian and Adam and Camp Coffee news!

This week’s Dumteedum is from Naked Fingers with his top off yet again in Oxford. On this week’s episode we have views from Sussex Shepherd who fears Angry Emma Dusty Substances who’s in a minority of one Jacqueline who hates kefir Claire who is rejoicing at Susan’s comeuppance and Goddess Deeva and Yokelbear who have advice for Ian and Adam

Duration: 00:54:05

DTD: 183 - Kefir and a drunk Alice

This week’s Dumteedum is from Mary Not Contrary and Nosila in Toronto. On this week’s episode we have views from Witherspoon who thinks Alice might need AA Blithe Spirit who thinks Emma’s doomed Abi who can foresee trouble in the smithy and Goddess Deeva who thinks it was a smoulder not a spark

Duration: 00:45:36

Ep: 182 - Emma's housing dreams

This week’s Dumteedum is from fine fingers of Sally Hodgson who has been flirting with Mr Naked fingers on the twitters hear. On this week’s episode we have views from Andrew Horn who is angry about Chris being treating cheaply and stress relief Glyn Fullalove on the good bad and the indifferent and wet fish Dusty Substances does Kirsty Julia M Parker who breaks her callinerer duck with a plot prediction and JoJo Sexy Heels who does history and Lilly

Duration: 01:05:43

DTD: 181 - Emma's and Ed's stirring speeches - This is Ambridge!

This week’s Dumteedum is from Sally Hodgson who sent this in months ago but it fell down the back of the Dumteedum sofa and only got retrieved last week. On this week’s episode we have views from Aunty Jean who has a comment about stallion’s danglers Blithe Spirit and Claire from Clapham who both love Lexie Witherspoon who says hurrah for Ed and Abi from Brighton who thinks Kate could be the answer for Roy

Duration: 01:02:35

DTD: 180 - Lillian lathers her luffer

This week’s Dumteedum is from Moiness who brings a touch of I’m Sorry I haven’t a Clue to Dumteedum On this week’s episode we have views from Coggie, who doesn’t believe in Matt’s solicitors Louise who’s worried about Jill, and Moiness who’s losing patience with Emma

Duration: 01:02:35

DTD: 179 - Jill Archer arrested in flapjack assault

This week’s Dumteedum is from the Hay Biles! On this week’s episode we have views from Witherspoon - who looks into the heads of Eddie and Matt Aunty Jean - who wished Angela all the best in Edinburgh Rosie, who was a hater but is now a lover Paul Roome who dislikes a plummy voice And Andrew Horn who looks at two sets of Ambridge couples

Duration: 01:19:43

DTD: 178 - Oliver loses his head and a jug is smashed

On this week’s episode we have views from Maeve who has no love for the Grundies Witherspoon! who likens Matt and Justin at war to a skit from Mad Comic Dusty Substances who likes grief well directed Catherine Kavanagh who belives that love and money dont mix The Hay Bales who are frustrated by rich old ladies Blithe Spirit who wonders when Jill became a Social Justice Warrior Claire Astbury who gets into the weeds with housing. Sussex Shepherd who was a friend of Fraiser. Abbie from...

Duration: 01:32:38

DTD: 176 - Caroline remembered

Robert Wilson leads off this week by bursting two tyres in Wales – and he thanks the helpful residents of Nantmor. Derek has been investigating fermented foods from his compost heap. Just in case you think that The Archers is all made up the musical “Hair” is being revived this year with a new immersive production. I assume immersive means the audience are underwater – see this:...

Duration: 01:14:40

DTD: 175 - Justin's land deal gets the once over

This week’s Dumteedum is from the Bath meet up this weekend, featuring Aunty jean, Titian73, Luke and Louise Lombard. Goddess Deeva was too poorly, so get well soon and Yokelbear had a nightmare with GWR trains and couldn't get out of Yokelshire! On this week’s episode we have calls from Claire from Clapham who thinks Lilian should go to the Bull Witherspoon who thinks Lilian needs to smash the shepherdess Lord Louise who thinks everyone panders to Brian New York Nigel who has tips on his...

Duration: 01:08:41

DTD: 174 - Jill and Kirsty do bees and Tom gets a spanking from Justin

This week’s Dumteedum comes from Fat Bloke Talking. It's made using note blocks on Minecraft and was a little project with my son, Alex (10) On this week’s episode, we have calls from Lord Louise who’s gone a bit paranoid Witherspoon who’s cross with Lucy and Jo Jo Sexy Heels who’s queen of the lyrics.

Duration: 01:15:46

DTD: 173 - Johnny and Freddie do the Isle of White!

Photovoltage who thinks we’ve not seen the last of Bonnie Sussex Shepherd who thinks Lizzie needs help Magic Badger who thinks Harriet’s podcast is called Sandwiches Goddess Deeva with some very exciting news! Aunty Jean who’s not keen on James and Blithe Spirit who thinks Susan’s gone too far.

Duration: 01:05:35

DTD: 172 - Pip and Rex are discussed along with Freddie's lack of brains

This week we had calls from Dusty Substances Witherspoon Aunty Jean Jenna Sara Browne Aindrew Horn Sussex Sheperd

Duration: 01:09:45

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