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Income Inequality [Episode 061]

This week we discuss another tumultuous week in the Trump Administration, the death of the last male White Rhino, another school shooting, and an update on Universal Basic Income Polling. Our Bigly Topic this week is: Income Inequality. We also have our monthly "Not Politics Report" with Kevin from the Nerdy Things Podcast! Our Beer this week was exclusively Weyerbacher: Sunday Morning Stout, Quad, and 22nd Anniversary. Check out our website for blog entries, updates, and our merch store...


Universal Basic Income [Episode 060]

This week we cover a busy week in Trumpland, we talk about personnel changes in the WH, a secretary of state fired via Twitter, and a war criminal being put up for the dead of the CIA while the current head of the CIA is tapped to take the Secretary of State post. We then cover our Bigly Topic: Universal Basic Income, where we go over what it is, the criticism, and the state of UBI around the world. After that we listen to one nut job christian protester and a couple nutjob Mormons have a...


Citizens United [Episode 059]

This week we battle an annoying winter storm and the fragility of the Pennsylvania power grid to bring you this week's episode. We talk about some Trump news, including Kelly Ann Conway and the case of the broken law and other stories. Then we move on to our Bigly Topic: Citizens United, the court case, the organization, and the aftermath. We also take a listen to Lori Bakker face emoji her way through a nonsensical and incoherent monologue. Thanks again everyone for the kind words while...


Water Privatization [Episode 058]

This week we talk about some Trump news, a member of the Sanders family running for congress, and other general nonsense. The Big(ly) Topic this week is: Water Privatization, as well as Water Commercialization focusing on the big bottled water corporations and private companies handling public water utilities. We then have Steven back on for the Not America Report. He has some interesting news about African Dictators and how the Tories are trying to smear Jeremy Corbyn. Finally, we have a...


Modern Monetary Theory [Episode 057]

This week we talk about the school shooting in Parkland, FL. Another shooting here in America, but it seems likes the students who survived might actually make the change that the generations that preceded them could not. We also cover a couple Trump stories and we debut our Big Topic segment: this week we take a look at Modern Monetary Theory or MMT. Then we have Kevin from the Nerdy Things Podcast on to talk about some pop culture. Tom was a little under the weather, so this week's...


American Horror Budget (Feat. Peter Jacob) [Episode 056]

This week we take a look at Trump's terrifying "An American Budget", *spoiler alert* if you aren't rich, its not good for you. We also have Peter Jacob, who is running for Congress in the 7th district of New Jersey, on to tell us a little about his candidacy and we want to thank him for being a great guest and being on the show. We also listen to Alex Jones tell us about his issue with the Obama portrait...it's a doozy. Help Peter Jacob out by checking out his campaign here:...


Headed For Another Shutdown (feat. Tom Prigg) [Episode 055]

Well, here we are again, another week, another Trump crisis. In the wake of a nonsensical and lie filled State of the Union, Trump has been busy accusing people of being treasonous and steering the government toward another shutdown. We also talk about some of the things that annoy us on twitter and we have Tom Prigg on for an awesome interview where we cover the gerrymandering in PA, and some other topics. Check out Tom Priggs campaign for the 12th District of PA here:...


A Little Ugly on the Side [2/5/18]

Here is our live segment where we answer your twitter questions! This one is a little late, sorry about that, work has been getting in the way. But here it is, from the last week of January!


The Real State of the Union (feat. Habeas Humor) [Episode 054]

This week we find that Pennsylvania may have actually done something right, and it has to do with gerrymandering. We also go over some Trump nonsense in advance of the State of the Union address. We also have Steven on for our Not America Report, where we talk about Brexit, the Philippines, and other not America topics! Also, it was our pleasure to have Charone from the Habeas Humor Podcast on to talk about her show, the #MeToo movement, and she makes a very cool announcement about her...


Last Week Today [Episode 053]

The Federal Government has managed to shut down and re-open this past week, they finally have CHIP funded, but no DACA yet. We discuss the upcoming (at the time) Bernie town hall about Medicare for All, and we discuss another school shooting. We also have to segments that we recorded last week when Joe was in the studio. Kevin from the Nerdy Things Podcast stops by to update us on the Not Politics Report, and we listen to Dave Daubenmire complain about Oprah. Our Beers this week: Tröegs...


Proceed With Caution (Feat. The Wayward Willis Podcast) [Episode 052]

Yes, here we are...at St. Alphonso's pancake breakfast....just kidding, it's actually our year anniversary show! We decided to celebrate this milestone by having our good friend Joe come on the show, and we have a hilarious and insightful interview with Jon and Logan of the Wayward Willis Podcast! We also cover certain shitty news, some updates about troops in Afghanistan, and we debate a little political theory. We want to send a heartfelt thank you to all of you who listen to our show....


Trump, Twitter, and a Nuclear Winter [Episode 051]

It's not even 3 weeks into the new year and Trump has already...once again...threatened nuclear war with North Korea, and is threatening DACA kids by holding them hostage for his stupid fucking wall. We also discuss a story about an immigrant who was basically enslaved by a couple in Texas, and we listen to Alex Jones have the most hilarious melt down we've ever heard. We also have a little discussion about unpaid internships and we thank our two new patrons. No beer this week, so we hit...


Guests All Over: The Spectacular! [Episode 050]

Well, we made it! We made it to the 50th episode. Tom and I are really grateful to everyone who listens and we thought this week we'd have some of our friends and fans on to talk a little about the show, their lives and projects, or whatever they wanted to talk about. Thank you so much to everyone who came on the show, it was a great experience and we are extremely humbled to be able to speak to so many awesome people. Beware though, this is a very long episode, but all of the guests were...


A Little Ugly on the Side [12/27/17]

Here is the recording from our live show from 12/2/17 where we answer your twitter questions!


2017: A Dumb All Over Year in Review...ish [Episode 049]

For out last show of 2017 we talk about what our thoughts are on this past year. It's been quite a crazy year, but despite many of the horrible things that have happened, we are very happy to have found a great community with our podcast, and we really appreciate everyone who has been a part of it. We also invite some old "guests" back on the show and we take a listen to what Pastor Manning has to say about the end of the Obama administration. Our beer this week is Troegs Mad Elf: The...


A Little Ugly on the Side [12/19/17]

A Little Ugly on the Side [12/19/17], we answer your Twitter questions from 12/19/17.


Happy Xmas! (War isn't Over, But Net Neutrality Is) [Episode 048]

Happy Holidays! It's a Dumb All Over Xmas special...which contains nothing about Xmas! We cover the Tax Bill, the end of Net Neutrality, Ajit Pai, and an interesting update on the Trump Russia investigation. We also talk about #CorkerKickback. We also listen to Alex Jones ask for your prayers to help defeat the globalists! It's a shorter episode this week so you can spend an hour(ish) with us and then have some extra time to argue with your family! It's a Festivus Miracle! No Beer this...


A Little Ugly on the Side 12/13/17

Here is our live segment from 12/13/17! We answer your twitter questions and go off on a couple of tangents. We also reveal the results from the poll of the week!


Thanks Alabama! You Had Us A Little Worried. [Episode 047]

Doug Jones WON!!!! He won!!! We talk about it and a couple other Trump stories. We look into how primary candidates challenging establishment candidates are being treated. We also check in with Steven (@Properganda4) our Not America Correspondent. We then take a moment to listen to the concerns of Jim Bakker, who has decided to make a desperate plea to stop people from making fun of him...so we made fun of him anyway. Our Beer this week: Weyerbacher Quad, Founders Breakfast Stout, Saranac...


A Little Ugly on the Side [12/05/17]

We answer your twitter questions from the week of 12/05/17


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