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What Even is The Wayward Willis? [Episode 035]

What happens when a certain Orange Jackass goes to the UN and calls the leader of another country "Rocket Man"? Find out as we discuss the disaster that was the Trump UN meeting. We also take a bunch of Twitter questions that may or may not get a little too personal, and we talk to the great Jon and Logan from the Wayward Willis podcast. They are really great guys and they put out a really interesting and insightful podcast. We also talk about a terrible Healthcare bill and a wonderful...

Duration: 02:01:51

2 + 2 Skeptical Chaps = Whatever This Is... [Episode 034]

While Texas is dealing with the clean-up from Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma tore through Florida. Hurricane Trump is still doing his best to ruin the country, but has also decided to work with the Democrats in an unexpected move. This week we invited Dan and Spike from the 2 Skeptical Chaps Podcast, who were kind (or insane) enough to stay for the entire show! We answer some Twitter questions, and read a couple of articles that make us lose our humanity just a little bit... This weeks...

Duration: 01:53:25

Don't End DACA You Idiot! [Episode 033]

Trump has decided that it's time to punish children and young adults because his heart is six sizes too small, and his ego is a couple thousand times too big. He also spent some of the week antagonizing North Korea, who recently had some successful nuclear weapons tests... We also take your Twitter questions and listen to Jesse Lee Peterson say...something. We also discuss a certain book by a certain former presidential candidate, and Tom goes on a rant about Labor Day. Its been a crazy...

Duration: 01:49:12

Stay Safe Texas [Episode 032]

A Giant Hurricane has hit Texas this week and taken several lives, we offer our thoughts and hope anyone affected by the storm is now safe. We also talk about how the president with a small p handled his first major non self inflicted disaster *SPOILER ALERT* it didn't go well. We answer your twitter questions, address a trolling problem we dealt with, and listen to Jim Bakker and his guest Bob Boxbody discuss Trump, the Constitution, the Supreme Court, and other things they don't...

Duration: 01:48:40

#MAGAet Infestation [Episode 031]

The president (with a small p) came out and gave a speech about his new policy plans for Afghanistan...which featured no new policy or plan what-so-ever... He also stoked the flames of hate by blaming the non-existent "Alt-Left" for this that the white nationalists actually did. We answer your Twitter questions and discuss a poll we ran which introduced us to some of the most annoying twitter profiles. We also listen to another religious nutjob blather on about gay adoption, and we find...

Duration: 01:30:39

Trump and White Supremacy: A Love Story. [Episode 030]

White Supremacists gather to support treasonous leaders of the losers of the Civil War....and the Treasonous president. It does not go well. We discuss this and other stories in what may have been the most depressing week of news ever. We also answer some of your Twitter questions and do our best to keep the tone light. We also listen to some interesting thoughts from one of our favorite religious personalities in the world, Pastor Manning. Thanks again to all our Patrons, who make the...

Duration: 01:36:16

Please Don't Nuke North Korea... [Episode 029]

Will we make it to the next episode? Only one of the craziest dictators in the world...and Kim Jung Un know. Corey Booker offers up a Marijuana decriminalization bill, and Rhode Island makes Community College tuition free. We also listen to Pat Robertson talk about some crazy conspiracy theories about Fox News, and we answer your Twitter questions. We talk some more Pop Culture, and also address some of the things we've said during our time in between this show and recording last week's...

Duration: 01:37:30

Affirmative Assessment | Complaining About Things [Episode 004]

The title says it all. This week is a bit of a different type of podcast. After a rough work week it is time to unleash hell on some of the many things that irritate and/or piss Tom off. Get ready for a lot of complaing, rambling, drinking, and swearing in this weeks rant filled episode! Work, driving, and words are a few of the things that will be discussed. Don't worry, if you are tuning in for an educational/informative episode, next week will be that for sure! However, for now, enjoy...

Duration: 00:39:22

Mooch, 10 days and Out [Episode 028]

What happens when a communication director outlasts his welcome? Find out what Trump has done to shake up his staff and other dumb decisions. We talk about the President's dumb and bigoted tweets and we answer your twitter question! We also take a break from Politics and talk about some Pop Culture...We promise we make some good suggestions. Its another week of Dumb jokes, Dumb fun, I guess...Just Dumb All Over! Ah yes, that was our lame attempt at a tagline...working on our core brand....

Duration: 01:25:54

Single Shot! The State of LGBTQ Rights in 2017 [Episode 002]

The US has made great progress when it comes to LGBTQ rights, but how much progress have we actually made? This week I take a look at some of the Laws that impact the LGBTQ community here in the US, and around the world. Some of it is very encouraging, some of it really isn't. I do my best to find the most recent information, as well as talk about some stories in the news relating to the LGBTQ community. I feel it's an issue of great importance and I hope I was able to give a decent...

Duration: 00:35:46

Affirmative Assessment | Music [Episode 003]

This week Tom chats with Austin about a few different topics; all relating to the winning topic from the Affirmative Assessment Poll of the week; Music! Tom and Austin discuss their inspirations, some favorite bands, some not so favorite bands and much more. Of course the normal array of bad jokes and inside jokes are applied! The audio is much improved but that is about all that is improved from the past week! Enjoy!...

Duration: 00:50:51

Repeal and Replace: A Series of Unfortunate Events [Episode 027]

John McCain musters up all his strength, and flies in to the Senate to help take away your healthcare. Trump goes on yet another Tweet storm, while to world cries...with laughter...then sorrow. We discuss some important issues, like what kinds of wine are our favorites. This episode is actually craft beer free...we pull out the wine bottles and throw our pinkies in the air! We also talk to PA Congressional Candidate Paul Perry, who gives a very thoughtful interview. Tom was a guest this...

Duration: 01:44:46

Affirmative Assessment | GMO's [Episode 002]

In the second Episode of Affirmative Assessment, Tom tackles the never ending debate on GMO's. Are they as healthy as many believe or are they potentially dangerous? Why is there such a discrepency? Is there something behind this relitively unknown topic? Find out what Tom's assessment on the issue, as well as the evil empire behind GMO's Monsanto, in this episode. This weeks drink, Apothic Red. If the audio seems a bit weak we are sorry in advance. There was an issue with the recording...

Duration: 00:41:04

The Many Legislative Failures of the GOP [Episode 026]

Trumpcare....dead once again! The GOP spent 8 years whining about Obamacare, yet they still can't come up with a plan that will pass the GOP congress... This week we talk to Sarah Smith, who is running for the 9th District Congressional Seat in Washington State! We check in on the public opinion of Universal Healthcare, and we listen to a crazy person talk about God and North Korea... We also answer your Twitter questions. Keep an eye out for our guest appearance on the 2 Skeptical Chaps...

Duration: 01:52:26

Affirmative Assessment | Political Parties [Episode 001]

This is Tom's first episode of his own solo show! This show is a topical podcast literally about anything and everything! This weeks episode is about the current state of US Politics and Political Parties. The focus is on the many issues facing America and it's people as well as a focus on the 2 party political system and Americans call for a new party, or more! All this will be discussed with the drink of the week: Jack Daniels done neat!

Duration: 00:33:14

Donald Trump Jr. and the Emails of Doom! [Episode 025]

Russian collusion with a clear email trial...yes please! Donnie Trump Jr. accidently wades into a river of shit and doesn't even realize it! Donald Trump Sr. made his way to the G20 summit and roundly embarrassed the US with his opinions, actions, and behavior. We talk to a Progressive candidate from Texas (29th District) named Hector Morales, who has some amazing ideas about how to help move the country forward. We also take a listen to Gordy Klingenschmitt's thoughts on Disney. If you...

Duration: 01:43:48

Impli-ma-cations of Trump's America [Episode 024]

Trump does not seem to be happy with the Morning Joe hosts and loses it on Twitter even more than usual... We also talk about what Missouri is doing to the minimum wage law in St. Louis. We take your Twitter questions and welcome Kurt Riebel of U:Resist back on the show. We also talk about what Dave Daubenmire has to say about we atheists...it's as absurd as it is hilarious. Check out Kurt's work at: http://www.uresist.org Help keep the show going by becoming a Patron on Patreon at:...

Duration: 01:23:16

Trumpcare: An American Tragedy [Episode 023]

This week we talk about Trumpcare and how terrifying it is, we talk about Single Payer in California, and we chat with Dan from 2 Skeptical Chaps Podcast. We also listen to Jim Bakker tell us about angels and we answer your Twitter questions! Our Beers this week are Weyerbacher's Sexy Motherpucker and 22nd Anniversary. Help support the show by becoming a patron! http://www.patreon.com/dumballover Check out 2 Skeptical Chaps Podcast http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/2-skeptical-chaps Check...

Duration: 01:41:49

The Long & Winding Road ft. Ergo Show and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez [Episode 022]

What happens when you have 5 progressives on one podcast? Listen to this episode and find out! We discuss the new Wealthcare bill the GOP wrote in secret, we talk about the shooting in Virginia, and we take your twitter questions. We also have two very special guests on the show! Brandon of the Ergo Show and Progressive candidate for the House of Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! We also make a big announcement about an upcoming project! Help support the show by becoming a Patron...

Duration: 01:58:39

Jeremy Corbyn FTW! [Episode 021]

We were told that the Labour Party was going to be trounced in the U.K. Election, SPOILER ALERT: The Media was wrong....again! We talk with our UK Correspondent @Properganda4 about the election and U.K. politics in general. We also cover the fallout from the Comey Hearings and other Trump nonsense. Alt-Right Jesus also stops by to watch a Pastor Manning video about semen demons... Our Beer this week: Wild Blue Blueberry Lager, Left Hand Milk Stout, and Sea Dog Raspberry Ale. Help support...

Duration: 01:43:36

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