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Dumb-Dumbs & Dragons: A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

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A podcast where comedians who've never role-played journey into the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

A podcast where comedians who've never role-played journey into the world of Dungeons & Dragons.
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A podcast where comedians who've never role-played journey into the world of Dungeons & Dragons.






2.15 - Bartholomew Kent

After battling the leader of the Moonites in a courtroom, our heroes are forced to flee on the high seas! Alyn experiments with teleporting during battle, Quinny risks it all for their Captain, Butthole starts a fight club, and our heroes befriend the Tiefling Bartholomew Kent (Alex Pinto)!

Duration: 00:53:43

2.14 - Cleric Fight!

Butthole’s trial is over but the real battle is about to begin! Alyn tries to master witch bolt, Not Petyr Baelish (Kat Letwin) unleashes a devastating thunderwave, Quinny protects his friends from Paladin Von Stross, and Butthole duels Fiddlesworth to decide who's the real priest of Moonhammer!

Duration: 00:46:54

2.13 - Neverwinter V. Butthole Fartch

Butthole’s trial begins! Alyn manages to not barf during her opening statement, Quinny hunts for the elusive Fiddlesworth around town, Butthole promises to kill all the Moonites to a mixed judicial response, and Not Petyr Baelish (Kat Letwin) wins over the courtroom with her sick burns!

Duration: 00:43:48

2.12 - A Hammer-Smudge Waiting For A Hammer

The morning of Butthole’s trial is at hand! Quinny is desperate to find a judge to impersonate, Alyn searches for the witnesses she needs for the case, Not Petyr Baelish (Kat Letwin) wins over an ally with song, and Butthole plots to capture or kill Fiddlesworth!

Duration: 00:47:46

2.11 - I'm Wearing Your Butler's Clothes!

Our heroes have one day left to save Butthole from being executed for accidentally creating the Moonites! Alyn turns into a bat, Quinny adopts an unlikely disguise, Not Petyr Baelish (Kat Letwin) blackmails a judge and the real leader of the Moonites reveals himself with a heinous act!

Duration: 00:51:08

2.10 - Nice Door, Stupids!

Our heroes have two days left to save Butthole from being executed as the leader of the Moonites! Alyn finds a fortune in gold while Quinny masters lock-picking, Butthole creates a new version of prison chess with a Svart, and Not Petyr Baelish (Kat Lewin) won’t stop interrogating a dead foe!

Duration: 00:50:06

2.09 - Stankfleur

Our heroes have three days to save Butthole from execution as he’s been charged with leading the evil Moonites! Quinny finds a judge while wearing his sexiest outfit, Alyn discovers the gang’s old friend Carmine Falstaff, and Butthole refuses to believe the mounting evidence that Fiddlesworth might be the villainous Stankfleur!

Duration: 00:49:36

2.08 - F*** Harn***

Butthole is facing a death sentence, and his legal team consists of Alyn, Quinny and Not Petyr Baelish (Kat Letwin)! Quinny goes on an erotic adventure, Alyn drinks some ale in the bathroom, and we learn that the Moonites have the most confusing gang policy ever: FREE DRINKS OR DEATH!

Duration: 00:49:20

2.07 - I Am Not Petyr Baelish

Butthole gets arrested while Quinny continues his search to find Not Petyr Baelish (Kat Letwin). Butthole prays and finds out he’s going to die, Alyn gets stuck with the task of becoming Butthole’s lawyer, and Quinny gets reminded several times that his friend is, in fact, Not Petyr Baelish!

Duration: 00:47:36

2.06 - Old One-Eyed Stink

Quinny receives a message about a debt owed and leads our heroes to the city of Neverwinter in search of his mysterious friend Not Petyr Baelish (Kat Letwin). Alyn experiments with her new Vampiric Touch, Quinny reaches out to one of his old criminal contacts, and Butthole is really worried about Fiddlesworth!

Duration: 00:47:49

2.05 - The Last King Of Winchester

Having saved Prince Mud Butt (Adam McNamara) and barricaded themselves inside Uncle Jim-Jim’s Rum Shack, it’s time for our heroes to withstand the assault of a zombie army, an evil demon and Mud Butt’s Giant Undead Father! Alyn finally masters Witch Bolt, Butthole learns the “fastball special”, and our party experiences its first true death.

Duration: 00:52:15

2.04 - We Need To Designate A Poo Corner

Locked in desperate combat with their friend King Mud Butt’s (Adam McNamara) undead father, a demon, and an army of zombies, our heroes have to escape and find a way to defeat their foes! Mud Butt and Butthole try running while being steered, Quinny reluctantly asks Butthole to create holy water, and Alyn comes up with her first crude nickname for a villain!

Duration: 00:48:13

2.03 - Let’s Go Say Hi to the Dead Guy

Going undercover to save King Mud Butt (Adam McNamara), our heroes infiltrate his coronation! No matter how hard he tries Butthole can’t convince the king-to-be that he’s in danger, our heroes discover the fate of Richard, and the gang have to stop Mud Butt from doing a “dead body” shot before all hell breaks loose!

Duration: 00:46:32

2.02 - An Outside Heist Caper

Continuing their quest to save King Mud Butt (Adam McNamara), our heroes finally arrive in Winchester! The gang hideout in Uncle Jim-Jim’s Rum Shack, Butthole covers up his failed ideas by telling everyone he’s pooping, and Alyn and Quinny go undercover as possessed townspeople!

Duration: 00:50:30

2.01 - The Long Con

In the first episode of our second season our heroes are settling up their accounts and exiting Phandelver to save their friend King Mud Butt! The gang plan to deal in forged land claims, Alyn and Butthole attempt to build the first weapon of Moonhammer, and Quinny reveals his ultimate goal - to steal a Thieves Guild Lifetime Achievement Award!

Duration: 00:55:49

Previously On DD&D - Season 1

We're starting our 2nd season, featuring original adventures by our DM, so we're including this recap for people who want to join our adventures at this point (as well as for those who can't remember all the insanity from the last 21 episodes)!

Duration: 00:04:27

20 - The Real Black Spider

Venturing even deeper into the Wave Echo Cavern alongside Ranger (Guy Bradford), our heroes finally discover the evil Black Spider! Butthole sits out on an interrogation - which he comes to regret, Quinny leaps into battle to save his nemesis Ranger, and Alyn shape shifts for the first time!

Duration: 00:47:37

19 - Carl Blart: Forge Cop

Battling further into the Wave Echo Cavern alongside Ranger (Guy Bradford), our heroes close in upon the villainous Black Spider. Ranger is blinded by a magical amulet, Alyn and Quinny finally get some scouting done, and Butthole teaches Ranger how to read!

Duration: 00:46:33

18 - Life Is Like A Dick

Continuing their quest into the Wave Echo Cavern alongside Ranger (Guy Bradford), our heroes have been sent to slay a powerful Spectator by the evil Ghost-Wizard Mormesk. Quinny and Butthole finally have it out about Quinny’s thieving ways, Alyn gets stuck in the middle of the argument, and Ranger loses something anatomically important!

Duration: 00:48:20

17 - Alyn Tudyks

Fighting into the heart of the Wave Echo Cavern alongside Ranger (Guy Bradford), our heroes discover even more evil factions vying for control of the spell forge. Alyn is forced to try her hand at negotiation, Quinny is caught red-handed, and Ranger reveals an anatomical surprise that has Butthole amazed!

Duration: 00:47:55

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