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Dumb, Gay Politics

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Join Julie Goldman (the gay) and Brandy Howard (the dumbass) as they dissect this week's political news. The podcast with lots of feelings, but no actual facts. New episodes every Tuesday!

Join Julie Goldman (the gay) and Brandy Howard (the dumbass) as they dissect this week's political news. The podcast with lots of feelings, but no actual facts. New episodes every Tuesday!
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Join Julie Goldman (the gay) and Brandy Howard (the dumbass) as they dissect this week's political news. The podcast with lots of feelings, but no actual facts. New episodes every Tuesday!




Nuthin' but Net Neutrality

This week, the girls process Al Franken's resignation before Judge Julie drops by to sentence Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to life without parole in Douche jail. Then a telecom lawyer takes the girls to scheww for a class about net neutrality. Too much coffee and TWO 'So There's Thats' later, the girls are still trying to figure out what the hell they actually talked about.

Duration: 01:09:51

Tragic Taxploitation

The news of the week has Julie & Brandy (but mostly Julie) EXTRA hostile. The anger train leaves the station with a negative iTunes review, it rolls through the sh*tstorm of the bougie new tax plan, makes a stop on Perjury Street, and then goes off the rails with the tragic news of Trump reducing one million acres of federally protected land fromNational Parks. The madness becomes literal by the end, when Julie damn-near loses her mind. Grab a xanax and some stress-balls, because this...

Duration: 01:07:03

Anniversary Episode with Heather McGhee

It's the one year anniversary of Dumb Gay Politics, and Julie and Brandy are celebrating in style. First they talk about the shitstorm of North Korea's cyber terrorism team, and then they ride their tiny bicicleta to scheew to learn about voting rights and campaign finance reform. The girls are giddy with excitement and can hardly pay attention in class, because their professor for the day is one of their all-time IDOLS and American treasure: Heather McGhee!

Duration: 01:11:04

The Thanksgiving Episode

In this very special episode, the girls put the "myth of Thanksgiving" on blast, spend some family time with Julie's brother Adam, and give their list of the biggest turkey's of 2017. There's never been an episode with so much dumb, gay thankfulness. Get ready for the gratitude parade.

Duration: 01:08:41

Revenge on the Pervs with Lauren Sivan- LIVE!

Julie and Brandy taped this podcast LIVE at the Hollywood Improv. Their special guest is Lauren Sivan and the title tells you everything you need to know. Despite being live, this podcast is a day late and a dollar short. Listen at your own risk.

Duration: 01:04:03

Anniversary Indictments & the Dossi-Hayyy!

It's been a year since Trump got elected and it's been a a year since Julie & Brandy started this podcast- and (to no one's surprise) neither Trump, nor DGP have improved. At all. In fact, they've (arguably) both gotten worse. Battling through sobriety, exhaustion and recording snafus, the girls cover the recent federal Indictments, the updates on the Steele Dossier, and reminisce on Tom Price's jetsetting douchecapades! Forget what you've heard, this podcast is DUMB AS F*CK.

Duration: 00:56:01

Halloween Evergreen with Anthony Atamanuik

The girls are out of town so they pre-recorded this rage-filled episode. They start with a spooky story about one of America's scariest creepers, Bill O'Reilly. After that, they interview the INSANELY talented Anthony Atamanuik, who's making America Great Again playing Donal Trump on "The President Show" on Comedy Central. This episode is very random and very evergreen- but the girls are kinda drunk, so you know... the usz.

Duration: 01:14:02

Muslim Skeww with Negin Farsad

Julie & Brandy break down the shitstorm in Niger and Trump's follow-up call to one of the widows, before the girls get a much anticipated lesson in Muslimism from the hilarious triple threat, Negin Farsad. Throw in a voicemail from a gay guy, who is actually a straight woman with feelings about abortion and a So There's That about Democratic fundraising and you've got one hot mess of an episode.

Duration: 00:59:15

Mr & Mrs. Harvey and Gerry Mander

This week Julie and Brandy avoid offending people by NOT talking about Harvey Weinstein and instead choosing to focus on Trump's "decertification" of the Iran deal. They get deep about Rex Tillerson and Senator Bob Corker before riding their tiny bicicleta to skeww to learn about gerrymandering! After that, they treat the 14 listeners to a very special, unprecedented So There's That! Hold on to your Pumpkin Spice Latte because this episode is random AF.

Duration: 00:52:40

Evergreen Memories

Julie and Brandy are skipping down memory lane in this pre-recorded delight. Join them as they travel back in time to episodes as far back as December 2016, when Donald Trump was still just President elect! They reminisce about many golden political memories, including Chuck Schumer crying, Neil Gorsuch landing the coveted spot on the Supreme Court, Rex Tillerson becoming Secretary of State and waaaay back when Michael Flynn was National Security Advisor for 2 weeks. Its a classic episode...

Duration: 01:20:33

Kardashians, Taxes, & Puerto Ricans

Julie & Brandy break down (and by breakdown, we mean: gloss over) the 9 page packet filled with jargon and pathological lies knows as the Tax Reform Framework. If this doesn't get them emotionally unstable enough, they talk to original Puerto Rican and podcaster extraordinaire, MeMe Cherry about the horrific disaster in Puerto Rico. The girls go from the drug den, to the Standard Hotel in West Hollywood, and then back to the drug den- so, hold on to your vape pens, because this episode is...

Duration: 01:13:35

Real Young Hypocritical Hoes

While most of America is concerned with which football players participated in the national anthem, the girls decide to skip it, instead focusing on our apparent, impending war with North Korea. After that, they visit Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump on Hypocrisy Street, before spending a special (and hypocritical!) moment with Melania! You'll probably be bored, but don't shut it off too early, because the hypocrisy theme stays strong through the bitter end and you won't want to miss a thing.

Duration: 00:47:45

Dream a Little Dream with Brad Loekle

Julie and Brandy are back in the country after 2 weeks abroad and are making a huge effort to try and sound coherent. They rehabbed their livers as fast as humanly possible in order to bring you their C game, but thankfully they had the foresight to pre-record an interview with Brad Loekle while they were still happily floating off the coast of Spain. The Brad interview paired nicely with the shitstorm of the mild, verbal, Dreamer riot on Nancy Pelosi and the news that California has...

Duration: 01:12:12

Girls Interrupted

What do you get when you take Julie and Brandy and put them in a conference room, on board a cruise ship, sailing around the coast of Spain? A jam-packed casserole of interrupted chatter! The girls have never been more interrupted than in the making of this podcast, but they still managed to discuss Hurricane Harvey, the debt ceiling extension bill, Facebook douchecapades, plus they introduce a brand new segment! Hopefully most of the interruptions will be removed with the magic of...

Duration: 00:52:33

Drunk & High in Amsterdam

Julie and Brandy recorded this podcast from a hotel room in Amsterdam after a night of extreme partying. The lethal combination of jet lag and hang overs could only be cured with one thing: more drinking. So the girls drunkenly stumble thru North Korea's nuclear testing and spend a very drunk Moment with Melania, but then (thank f*ck) they do a sober interview with Molly McAleer that they prerecorded when they were still in LA,This is definitely the dumbest episode yet, so listen at your...

Duration: 01:04:44

Racist Sheriffs, Chia Cats & Throwing Shade

In between shoving their new Patreon podcast down everyone's throats, Julie & Brandy go through some listener gifts and comments, and then discuss Trump's 984th bad decision: Pardoning convicted racist, Sheriff Joe Arpaio. After that, they settle in to talk to Erin Gibson & Bryan Safi, the stars of the late night talk show Throwing Shade on TV Land. Then, Julie rushes through a lackluster 'So There's That,' just in time for the girls to hawk their Patreon podcast one last time.

Duration: 01:20:37

"Steve Bannon's middle name is Kevin"

The racist press parade continues this week with Trump's "infrastructure" press conference on Tuesday. By Friday, scabby Steve Bannon is tagged as the official white supremacist scapegoat, and subsequently fired. Julie and Brandy celebrate (?) the ousting of Bannon while mourning any semblance of hope they had left. Toss one back with the girls for all the (non)homies that are gone, along with all of their dignity!

Duration: 01:03:43

Champagne & CrunchWrap Supremacists

All roads lead to Trump on this week's episode. With no guest to kill time, Julie & Brandy are stuck dissecting every Trump press conference and (spoiler alert!) they were all terrible. There was the crappy, middle of the road, damn-near racist speech about Virginia. There was the nuclear threats to and from North Korea. And don't forget the one where he THANKED Putin for kicking over 700 diplomats out of Russia. The girls are high on champagne and Bonnie Raitt, so Julie is gayer and...

Duration: 00:53:35

Feminist School with Meghan Murphy

Julie & Brandy have finally gotten their official Patreon account up and running! After they finish begging for money at the top of the episode, they roll right into discussing the leaked transcripts from Trump's January phone conversations with the president of Mexico and the prime minister of Australia. After that, Canada's premiere feminism expert Meghan Murphy takes the girls to scheww on her tiny bicicleta of women's equality, and what she has to say about feminism may shock you. But,...

Duration: 00:58:24

The Seven Day Sh*t Storm with Bob Cesca

It's been one hell of a week for the Trump administration, and Julie and Brandy are here to break it all down. After recapping the sh*t storm that keeps on sh*tting, the girls go "Off Limits" with podcaster and political expert, Bob Cesca. Bob explains everything from the skinny girl health care bill to the Trump supporters brainwashed by Fox News. All that, plus the girls are dancing for dollars with their new Patreon account.

Duration: 01:07:56

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