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DumbTalk Daily Episode 1

Today we have only one topic and that's america and cars. Today we list to you the most american cars, these cars are more american than 'Merica. As Always you can find us on itunes, stitcher, google play, tunein radio, spreaker and the blubrry podcast directory.

Duration: 00:07:31

Episode 12 Cars 3 review.

welcome to episode 12 of the dumbtalk podcast . You can find dumbtalk podcast on itunes, google play, tunein, stitcher, spreaker and the blubrry podcast directory In today's episode we talk about current events and then a movie review for cars 3.

Duration: 00:29:13

Dumbtalk Episode11 The Wonderous Return and Review.

We talk current events and throw in some free plugs for stuff we enjoy. We also announce our return and give a review on wonderwoman. You can find dumbtalk podcast on itunes, google play, stitcher,blubrry, spreaker and tunein radio. We are also located on patreon at patreon.com/dumbtalkpodcast

Duration: 00:18:21

Dumbtalk Episode 5

This week we talk briefly about NFL Free Agency Homelessness, Lacy's Weight Loss Contract and we then countdown the 10 worst movie franchises. Make sure to download, rate, and subscribe to us on Itunes, TuneIn Radio, Google Play and Stitcher radio. You can also support us on the patreon at Patreon.com/dumbtalkpodcast

Duration: 00:43:58

Episode 4 New League Year, Stolen Makeup and 10 Movies we wish to see and that 1 that’s too much.

This is episode 4 of DumbTalkPodcast, today we discuss NFL's new league year. Some makeup that was stolen and 10 movies that we wish to see, but 1 is too much. Remember to download and subscribe on iTunes, TuneinRadio, Google Play and Stitcher. Also if you like the show support us at the patreon at http://www.patreon.com/dumbtalkpodcast

Duration: 00:42:22

DumbtalkPodcast Episode 3

This week we discuss NFL Free Agency, the NFL Combine and Missing abducted and exploited children. Join Us for the longest podcast to date Feel Free to support us on the pateron at https://www.patreon.com/dumbtalkpodcast Keep the conversation going at www.facebook.com/dumbtalkpodcast or twitter.com/dumbtalkpodcast also get ready as we prepare to launch our new Youtube channel. Also you can find us on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, and Google Play.

Duration: 00:41:34

Episode 2

James and Sandy Talk about Conference championship games, the superbowl and brief honest statement about the pro bowl. James and Sandy give a bit of life advice and give out new announcements.

Duration: 00:25:38

Intro EP1

James and sandy here we talk about anything and everything and agree to disagree in some cases. We are a talk show where we discuss and give opinions on anything that happens in the world.

Duration: 00:26:01