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Knowledge History D&D - Episode 4: The Making of Dungeons & Dragons (1972-1974)

This episode is all about the first edition of D&D. How it was written and the struggles of publishing a innovative game without any money. Resources for this episode included the following: * Chainmail: * TRS: * Gary Gygax:...

Duration: 00:15:21

Episode 31: At The Movies (part 1)

A Cartoon in 1983, A live action Feature in 2000, An Animated Feature in 2008, There have been a lot of attempts to take D&D into the world movies and TV, but many have fallen far short of fan expectations. In late 2017, a new D&D movie was announced and is set for release in October of 2021. we'll discuss that and more, this week on Dungeons & Tangents

Duration: 00:27:25

Episode 30: Party Dynamics

What would the A-Team be without Hannibal? The Fellowship of the Rings be without Gandalf? Buffy the Vampire Slayer without Giles? Are there character archetypes that are necessary for a party to gel? Are there character pairings that make parties fall apart? We'll ask these questions and discuss general party dynamics today on Dungeons & Tangents.

Duration: 00:31:05

Episode 29: Alignment (the inevitable episode)

Most of you have seen your favorite fictional characters pigeon holed into a chart of the 9 Alignments. Obiwan is "Lawful Good", Treebeard is True Neutral, The Joker is "Chaotic Evil". Obviously that grid was popularized by D&D, but you may not know that it was not originally part of D&D. We'll discuss that as well as how it fits into game play today on "Dungeons & Tangents"

Duration: 00:33:52

Episode 28: Sports vs eSports vs Tabletop Streams

Sports is a Trillion Dollar industry in the United States alone. And while Sports has been a part of our cultural landscape for more than a hundred years, eSports and tabletop streaming are very new industries that are vying for a very different audience. Can these new forms of entertainment satisfy the Nerd world's need for an alternative to Football, Basketball, and Baseball? We'll discuss that and more, today on Dungeons & Tangents.

Duration: 00:29:23

Episode 27: Running a "Theater of the Mind" Game

We're planning on running an Actually Play in the future, but that means changing the way we play D&D. The main change is the removal of all visual aids from the game. Making the game purely audible. This episode we discuss how to run a "Theater of the Mind" style game and how it's different than running a game with Maps, miniatures, and other physical props.

Duration: 00:38:01

Episode 26: DM for Hire & the Untapped Potential of D&D

This episode we discuss a man named John Dempsey from Toronto Canada who has started making a living as a professional Dungeon Master. He charges clients for his time and efforts in prepping and running games of D&D. We also talk about the untapped potential of D&D as a form of entertainment and a viable platform for businesses like John Dempsey's

Duration: 00:22:22

Knowledge History D&D - Episode 3: Birth of the Fantasy Game (1967 to 1972)

This episode covers the events that lead Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax to meet and have the inspiration they needed to create the first drafts of D&D. Resources for this episode included the following: Bodenburg: Early Works of Gary Gygax: Don't Give up the Ship:

Duration: 00:16:50

Knowledge History D&D - Episode 2: Setting up the Pieces (1953 - 1967)

This episode, we continue the new series "Knowledge - History - D&D". A chronological review of the creation of Dungeons & Dragons. We'll intro you to the people who created D&D and how they first got interested in table top gaming. We talk through the early days of Gary Gygax, Don Kaye, and Dave Arneson. Again, a lot of research went into this episode, so I'm sharing my bibliography. I also highly recommend the following books: Empire of Imagination by Michael Witwer Of Dice And Men by...

Duration: 00:14:29

Episode 24: Criticals and Fumbles

This Episode we're talking about, perhaps the most overused phrase in D&D; "Critical Hit". It's the moment in every D&D game where people scream and jump up and down. But Critical Hits haven't always been part of the game. We discuss the history, the mechanics, the narrative, and the different variations of critical hits and misses.

Duration: 00:30:53

Knowledge History D&D - Episode 1: The Prehistory to D&D (500 - 1950)

This episode, Erik starts a new series called "Knowledge - History - D&D". A chronological review of how Dungeons & Dragons came into being. We'll start by releasing episodes every other week. This first episode starts with the prehistory of D&D from 500 AD to 1950. Since this episode involved a lot of research, I wanted to share all my sources and give credit where credit is due. So, here is my big thick bibliography. It wouldn't pass muster in a college level class, but you trust my...

Duration: 00:14:45

Episode 21: Psionics & Dinosaurs

Psionics suck. So do Dinosaurs. We really don't want that shit in our D&D. The two of us get into a heated debate about Telepathy and T-Rexes in our worlds of Swords of Sorcery. Psionics have been a semi-regular part of D&D for decades. As have Dinosaurs. But we're not fans of either. The recent release of Tomb of Annihilation includes Dinosaur races, which has opens a few old wounds for us.

Duration: 00:26:34

Episode 18: Death of a Character

This episode we discuss the most unfortunate thing that can happen in a game of D&D. Running out of snacks. I mean... A player's character dying. We ask the question: "Can a game of D&D still be fun when a character dies?" And then we answer that question.

Duration: 00:27:12

Episode 15: Anatomy of an Encounter

Erik and Robert take a close look at what the basic parts of Encounters in D&D. We dissect them down to their key elements, then get into how Bruce Willis doesn't like water. Erik's big take away is: the players should always believe they can fail any encounter.

Duration: 00:32:06