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Dynamic Duel: DC vs. Marvel-logo

Dynamic Duel: DC vs. Marvel

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DC or Marvel? Twin brothers "Johnny DC" and "Marvelous Joe" debate over the superiority between the comic companies, their characters, films and other media while also dishing out current related news. A biweekly podcast. Formerly the DC Marvel Battlecast.

DC or Marvel? Twin brothers "Johnny DC" and "Marvelous Joe" debate over the superiority between the comic companies, their characters, films and other media while also dishing out current related news. A biweekly podcast. Formerly the DC Marvel Battlecast.
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Denver, CO


DC or Marvel? Twin brothers "Johnny DC" and "Marvelous Joe" debate over the superiority between the comic companies, their characters, films and other media while also dishing out current related news. A biweekly podcast. Formerly the DC Marvel Battlecast.




The Punisher Season 1 Review

Visit for SWEET Marvel & DC T-shirt designs! **SPOILER REVIEW** 0:00:00 - Introduction 0:06:49 - Trivia Question 0:08:37 - Avengers: Infinity War Trailer 1 0:27:26 - First look at Brenton Thwaites as Robin in DC's Titans series 0:31:25 - Jude Law cast as Captain Mar-Vell in Captain Marvel 0:38:20 - Justice League deleted scenes 0:50:43 - Morbius the Living Vampire movie in development at Sony 0:53:47 - The Punisher Season 1 review 1:59:48 - Sign off iTunes:...

Duration: 02:02:38

Justice League Review

Visit for SWEET Marvel & DC T-shirt designs! **SPOILER REVIEW** 0:01:10 - Introduction 0:05:03 - Trivia Question 0:07:50 - Untitled Deadpool Sequel 'Wet on Wet' Teaser 0:15:00 - Disney in talks with 20th Century Fox to acquire their film and television properties 0:19:37 - James Franco to star As Multiple Man in Fox X-Men spinoff 0:22:52 - Asher Angel to play Billy Batson in Shazam film 0:25:50 - Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam may debut in Suicide Squad 2...

Duration: 01:56:52

Thor: Ragnarok Review

**SPOILER REVIEW** 0:00:00 - Introduction 0:04:33 - Trivia Question 0:06:30 - Zachary Levi cast as Shazam, April 2019 release date set, Mark Strong in talks to play Dr. Sivana, Grace Fulton also cast 0:13:13 - Garett Evans in talks to direct Deathstroke 0:17:50 - Official behind-the-scenes look at Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock on Venom set 0:22:33 - James Gunn’s tweets about DC Marvel rivalry 0:28:37 - New Warrior’s moved off Freeform, being shopped around other networks 0:30:56 - James Mangold...

Duration: 01:50:15

Scarecrow vs. Mysterio

0:00:00 - Introduction 0:04:46 - Trivia question 0:9:10 - Black Panther Official trailer 1 discussion 0:30:26 - The New Mutants Official Trailer discussion 0:41:01 - Gambit Gets An official release date, villain announced 0:43:09 - Skrulls rumored to make their live-action debut in X-Men: Dark Phoenix 0:48:06 - Punisher Official trailer 2 discussion 0:55:20 - Ryan Potter cast as Beast Boy in live action Titans series 0:58:28 - Doctor 13/Traci 13 in development for CW 1:00:47 - Scarecrow...

Duration: 01:42:42

Doomsday vs. Hulk

0:00:00 - Introduction 0:03:48 - Trivia question 0:07:25 - Justice League official heroes trailer 0:25:00 - Geoff Johns and Dianne Nelson talk DC film in Vulture interview 0:35:52 - Gore Verbinski to direct Gambit 0:39:59 - X-Men: Dark Phoenix possibly a two-parter 0:43:47 - Teen Titans GO movie in development 0:57:51 - Runaways teaser trailer 0:54:02 - Thoughts on first episodes of The Gifted and Inhumans 1:02:51 - Doomsday vs. Hulk intro 1:06:15 - Doomsday profile and powers 1:26:27 -...

Duration: 02:08:56

Shazam vs. Black Blot

0:00:00 - Introduction 0:03:35 - Trivia question 0:06:36 - Justice League early screening reactions. Iris West, Lex Luthor and possibly Deathstroke cut from film 0:13:35 - New Mutants film compared to The Shining 0:18:52 - Chris McKay discusses Nightwing, TITANS Nightwing casting 0:26:30 - Power Pack film reportedly in development at Marvel 0:30:56 - Punisher Season 1 Trailer 0:44:45 - Shazam vs. Black Bolt intro 0:48:39 - Black Bolt profile and powers 1:05:11 - Shazam profile and powers...

Duration: 01:51:36

Inhumans in IMAX Review

**SPOILER REVIEW** 0:00:00 - Introduction 0:03:04 - Trivia question 0:05:27 - Gavin O'Connor announced as Suicide Squad 2 writer/director 0:07:57 - Drew Goddard announced as X-Force writer/director 0:13:40 - John Cena and Joshua Sasse rumored to be frontrunners for Shazam 0:19:04 - Simon Kinberg and Jessica Chastain comments X-Men Dark Phoenix 0:23:15 - "Etta's Mission" deleted scene from Wonder Woman 0:26:48 - First look at Misty Knight with bionic arm, Evangeline Lily as Wasp 0:29:39 -...

Duration: 01:53:02

Katana vs. Elektra

0:00:00 - Introduction 0:03:39 - Trivia question 0:07:17 - First look at Domino and Cable in Deadpool 2 0:19:13 - Cast interviews regarding Justice League's two directors 0:28:45 - New Silver & Black plot details 0:35:16 - Tegan Croft cast as Raven in Titans 0:39:29 - Disney to end contract with Netflix in 2019 0:41:57 - New trailer for FOX's The Gifted 0:52:50 - Katana vs. Elektra intro 0:57:46 - Katana profile and powers 1:07:57 - Elektra profile and powers 1:20:42 - Fight speculation...

Duration: 01:40:21

San Diego Comic Con 2017

0:00:00 - Introduction 0:03:28 - Trivia Question 0:05:52 - Justice League Comc-Con Trailer (Sneak Peek) 0:27:58 - Thor Ragnarok Official Trailer 0:42:28 - Avengers Infinity War leaked footage description 0:59:46 - Warner Bros DC movie lineup, Shazam! director announced 1:05:21 - Ben Affleck confirmed to return for The Batman 1:08:36 - Flashpoint plot speculation 1:15:03 - Wonder Woman 2 release date announced; Oscar campaign 1:16:13 - Captain Marvel concept art and 90's setting 1:22:44 -...

Duration: 01:58:08

Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

**SPOILER REVIEW** 0:00:00 - Introduction 0:04:03 - Trivia Question 0:07:33 - Samuel L. Jackson to star in Captain Marvel 0:12:39 - Matt Reeves comments on The Batman script 0:19:47 - New Warriors cast list and character descriptions 0:27:50 - Fixing the MCU timeline 0:41:12 - Dynamic Duel's review process 0:50:33 - Spider-Man: Homecoming Review 1:46:57 - Sign off iTunes: Google Play: Facebook: Twitter:

Duration: 01:49:19

Cyborg vs. Iron Man

0:00:00 - Introduction 0:05:10 - Trivia question 0:07:42 - Death of Adam West 0:12:04 - Black Panther teaser trailer 0:34:42 - Danny Elfman to score Justice League reshoots 0:39:54 - X-Men: Dark Phoenix cast and director announced 0:48:10 - Cyborg vs. Iron Man intro 0:52:03 - Iron Man profile and powers 1:07:10 - Cyborg profile and powers 1:18:02 - Fight speculation 1:36:14 - Duel results 1:41:45 - Sign off iTunes: Google Play: Facebook:...

Duration: 01:43:21

Wonder Woman vs. Thor

0:00:00 - Introduction 0:02:53 - Trivia question 0:06:09 - Tom Hardy announced as Eddie Brock in Sony's Venom spin-off movie, Ruben Fleischer to Direct 0:14:32 - Dwayne Johnson says he wants Arnie Hammer for Shazam, confirms Black Adam and Superman will fight on screen 0:22:18 - Anya Taylor-Joy cast as Magik and Maisie Williams as Wolfsbane in New Mutants 0:27:32 - First trailer for The Gifted on Fox 0:37:05 - First trailer for Black Lightning on the CW 0:42:38 - Thoughts on Agents of...

Duration: 01:47:08

Bane vs. Iron Fist

Headlines: New Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer. Joss Whedon to direct Batgirl film for DC Films. Avengers Infinity War set photos hint at presence of Cull Obsidian, including Corvus Glaive. Squirrel Girl and New Warriors television show ordered straight to series at Freeform. First look at Cress Williams as Black Lightning for possible new CW show. Season recaps of Legends of Tomorrow and Legion.

Duration: 01:54:07

Iron Fist Seson 1 Review

**SPOILERS REVIEW** Headlines: New Justice League trailer. Leaked Deadpool concept art. Aquaman release pushed back. Batman being rewritten. Warner Bros. looking to release another DC film in 2018. New Spider-Man posters. Venom gets a release date. Black Cat and Silver Sable movie is being written.

Duration: 02:01:14

Logan Review

**SPOILERS REVIEW** Headlines: We've changed our name from the DC Marvel Battlecast to the Dynamic Duel Podcast! Suicide Squad wins Oscar for hair and makeup. Guardians of the Galaxy trailer 3 and "Greatest Pilot" promo. New Wonder Woman trailer 3. First look photos from Entertainment Weekly on Thor: Ragnarok. New Aquaman underwater visual effects test footage. Casting update for the Inhumans film and television show.

Duration: 02:06:32

Battlecast: Batgirl vs. X-23

Headlines: New Logan trailers. Doctor Strange and Suicide Squad receive Oscar nominations. WB orders a page-one rewrite of The Flash. Dwayne Johnson will star in his own Black Adam spin-off film from Shazam. Marvel hires a director for the two-hour Inhumans IMAX pilot. David Ayer writes a note to fans regarding how he would have done Suicide Squad differently.

Duration: 01:27:34

Review: Watchmen – Special Guest Andrew Arkis

**SPOILERS REVIEW** Headlines: David Goyer is writing the Green Lanterns movie. New photo of the Justice League. Liv Tyler will reprise her role as Betty Ross in Avengers: Infinity War. Peter Dinklage rumored to have a role in Avengers: Infinity War. New photos and interviews with the Defenders cast. New promos for NBC's Powerless.

Duration: 02:21:26

2016 1st Annual Brothers Awards

End of the year Awards Episode! Headlines: New Wonder Woman photo. Justice League and Avengers: Infinity War casting reports. Casting Call for animated Spider-Man film confirms Miles Morales. Agents of SHIELD: Slingshot discussion.

Duration: 02:23:57

Battlecast: Ch'p vs. Rocket

Cover art by John Horsley III of Bid on the artwork in our charity auction here: Headlines: First Spider-Man: Homecoming trailers. Patrick Wilson cast as Ocean Master in the Aquaman movie. David Ayer to direct Gotham City Sirens starring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Justice League 2 possibly delayed for Ben Affleck's Batman film. NBC's Powerless series gets a release date and new premise.

Duration: 01:26:45

Review: Ant-Man – Special Guest Adam Speas

Headlines: New Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. Animatic revealed for Fox's New Mutants X-Men movie. New release dates for X-Men and Aquaman films. New Lego Batman Movie poster with Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face. Spider-Man Homecoming footage description and new logo poster. New Thor: Ragnarok promo imagery. Sebastian Stan posts a photo of himself with a Winter Soldier shield. Story breakdown of CW's DC television crossover event, "Invasion."

Duration: 02:04:08

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