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The Netflix of Education and Personal Development with Alex Mehr

Do you like to binge watch Netflix shows? We have always been fascinated by the business model Netflix has. Only $10.99, tons of shows, movies, documentaries... It's hard to beat. What's cool is we had a conversation with Alex Mehr, the CEO of Mentor Box. Mentor Box is using the Netflix model, but instead of receiving access to tons of movies, shows, and documentaries, they are giving you access to videos and workshops taught by top authors, speakers, CEO's, investors, and more. The...


Two Inches From Dying Leads To Being An Impactful Online Fitness Coach with Will Grazione

Would you agree that life lessons could really make or break us? What if we told you we had a conversation with someone that was two inches from dying when he was randomly attacked with a switch blade? This guy that was attacked went through depression and had a lot of mental barriers to get through from the trauma. He then went on to meet his wife, become a father and provider, and that all lead him to be an impactful and caring online fitness coach. Our guest on episode 97 is Will...


The Power Behind Creating Magical Experiences for your Clients and Deepening the Relationship

How do you get your clients to spread the word about you and your services? You treat them right with the most amazing customer service, create an experience for them, and then some! In this episode we talked with the one and only Steve Sims, a concierge for A-List celebrities such as Tim Ferris, Richard Branson, Elon Musk and high level business owners about The Power Behind Creating Magical Experiences for your Clients and Deepening the Relationship. We go extremely deep in this...


From Rags to Social Media Entrepreneur with Jaiden Gross

In episode 95 we interviewed the talented Jaiden Gross where he tells his entire story, how he overcame adversity, self-doubt, became Tai Lopez's number one social media marketing student, and how he is now helping tons of entrepreneurs and businesses, and much more.


How To Make Fitness Part of Your Lifestyle

Fitness should be looked at as part of your lifestyle, plain and simple! Too many people look at fitness as rigid, black and white, or something that is just temporary. In this episode we were interviewed by the guys at Shredded By Science and we talked about how to start looking at fitness as part of your lifestyle rather than just something temporary. We also give a ton of actionable steps, explain why it's important, why finding a fitness program that is realistic, enjoyable, and flexible...


The Psychology Behind Coaching Professional Athletes with Dr. Susan Kleiner

Have you ever wondered how it is coaching professional athletes? In this episode we interviewed Dr. Susan Kleiner, a High Performance Nutritionist for professional sports teams such as: The Seattle Storm, Seattle Mariners, Cleveland Cavs, and the Miami Heat along with many more. Susan goes deep on the psychology of coaching professional athletes, how she got into coaching them, the pro's and con's, entrepreneurism, and the 8 books she has written plus much more.


How To Find a Great Fitness Coach

Have you ever had a bad experience with your fitness coach? We know we have. In this Episode we were interviewed by Lacey Dunn of UpLiftFit Nutrition Podcast and we covered the following: How to find a great fitness coach, red flags to be aware of when searching for a coach, the importance of having flexibility in your fitness programs, traveling tips to stay fit, what the new era of fitness is all about, and much more.


6 Keys To Winning in Life and Business

Get your pen and paper ready for this one folks! In this Solo Round Episode we share our 6 Keys To Winning in Life and in Business. We go deep on each Key and explain why we feel each is the best to put you in a position to succeed in Life and in Business now and the long haul.


How To Create a Better Coaching Experience for your Clients

Being coaches the last decade we have learned the ins and outs on how to create a better experience for clients. In this episode we talk about what you should and should not do as a coach, the importance of developing relationships with your clients, and why you should have clients seek personal development outside of fitness to become more emotionally and mentally fit.


How To Create a No Judgment Zone in Your Life with the Flex It Pink Ladies

Have you ever been judged and not had a solution for it? In this episode we talked with Elisha and Anna of Flex It Pink who specialize in empowering women through fitness, lifestyle, and how to create a "No Judgment Zone" in life. We go deep in this conversation about how to create a Judgment Free Zone in life and much more.


How To Crush Your Dreams By Having Mentors

Having mentors is key to success and expediting the learning curve in all areas of life. If you ask any great leaders that have left a legacy, we promise they will tell you they had mentors. In this episode, we were interviewed by Rob Nunnery on the Fail On Podcast Show. We talked about the importance of having mentors, how mentors have been key to our success and changed our mindset, why we feel too many people are playing small, and much more.


Why Humor, Comedy, and Laughing Everyday Are a Necessary Daily Ingredient with Jack Vale

You could be having the worst day and all you need to do is get a good laugh in to change your mood. In this episode we interviewed the one and only Jack Vale, an iconic Youtube prankster, comedian, and family man. In this interview Jack talks about why humor, comedy, and laughing everyday are a necessary daily ingredient, why it's important to stand out, how he got into pranking people, and much more.


Deep Love, Rocking Relationships, and Soulful Sex with Melissa Ambrosini

Have you ever wanted to be Deeply in Love, in a Rocking Relationship, and have Soulful Sex? In this episode we brought back the talented and beautiful Melissa Ambrosini to our show to talk about her new book "Open Wide" where she discusses how to acquire deep love, how to improve your relationships with your significant other, why sex is so important in a relationship, and much much more.


Our Wins and Losses From 2017 and Our Vision for 2018

In this solo round episode we go DEEP and talk about our wins and losses from the past year, what we learned from those losses, and why failing is ok. We also talk about our vision for 2018 and goals and why it's so important to stick to your Vision.


How To Grow Your Online Personal Training Business

In today's episode we are sharing an interview we did with Mike Arce on his show GSD where he asked us How To Grow an Online Personal Training Business. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: -How we went from charging clients $150-$1,000 -Our #1 Focus in our online training business -What sets the Dynamic Duo apart from other trainers -The exact questions we ask during a sales process -Our ninja marketing tips to get more clients -And a TON more


How To Build a 100-Year Plan with John Leslie Brown

In today's society many business owners are looking for instant gratification, nobody wants to play the long game to success. In this episode we talk with John Leslie Brown, the son of the Legendary Motivational Speaker Les Brown about How To Build a 100-Year Plan and why it's so important for business owners to have a long term vision.


Developing More Confidence and Curing Fear with Sanja Hatter

Sanja Hatter, a Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur, and the Co-Founder of Thrive Make Money Matter talks about how she Developed More Confidence in herself by taking action on her fears. Sanja also goes more in depth on her first time speaking at her own conference to over 1k people, her first bikini contest and how that gave her more confidence, and how she balances out all that she does while being a wife and super mom.


3 Strategies To Grow Your Online Fitness Business

In this 10 minute solo episode we discuss 3 very practical strategies to Grow Your Online Fitness Business. These Tips are so practical you can implement them right away after listening ;)


The Biggest Issues in Fitness and Why Coaches are Failing Today

In Episode 85 we discuss The Biggest Issues in Fitness and Why Coaches are failing Today. This original interview was done by our friend Juma Iraki of Iraki Nutrition Podcast where he interviewed us. We also discuss in this episode how to get away from black and white thinking in fitness, how to develop relationships with clients, and how to level up using The New Era of Fitness.


How To Set-Up Your Business For Under One Thousand Dollars with Dan Fleyshman

Dan Fleyshman, an Investor, Philanthropist, Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur discusses how to set-up your business today for under $1,000 dollars and why getting started is half the battle. Dan also shares his amazing story, why having humility as a business owner is key, why saying "NO" more often is a good thing, his mission to give back to his charities, and much more.


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