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Episode 73- How you Can Make More Money Today as a Personal Trainer

Want to know how to transition from being a personal trainer to an online fitness trainer? Want to learn how you can make more money today? In this episode we talk about how we discovered and became online fitness coaches, our failures, why online fitness training has a huge demand, our vision going forward, and how we can show you how to start your online fitness training business, take it to the next level, and make more money. We also talk about our free training we are giving here at...

Duration: 00:29:32

Episode 72- From Orphan to CEO with Manny Lopez

Manny Lopez the CEO of Promo Charity and Learn with Manny talks about being an Orphan and how he overcame this adversity and turned it into a blessing in disguise. Manny also talks about the importance of having an APP for your business, marketing tactics, and his next steps with giving back to orphans and his vision with philanthropy work.

Duration: 00:57:06

Episode 71-How to Uplift your Life and Fitness with Lacey Dunn

Lacey Dunn, a future RD, Body Building.com athlete, and coach talks about how to uplift your life through fitness, why many people overlook the mental and spiritual side of fitness, why she enjoys coaching so much, and much more.

Duration: 01:39:13

Episode 70- How to Take Your Videos to the Next Level Using Edu-Tainment with Billy Gene

Ever wonder how to stand out and take your videos to the next level? In this episode Billy Gene, the CEO of Billy Gene is Marketing talks about how you can use "Edu-Tainment" (education + entertainment) to take your videos to the next level and really stand out from others. Billy also talks about his daily rituals, where he sees video going in the future, and some game changing tips you don't want to miss.

Duration: 01:20:00

Episode 69-Creating Over 500,000 Jobs in 60 Countries with John Spencer Ellis

John Spencer Ellis the Founder and CEO of NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association) talks about why and how he built this empire creating over 500,000 jobs in 60 countries, the importance of quality over quantity as a fitness coach, his new business "The Entrepreneur Coach", and much much more.

Duration: 02:03:42

Episode 68- How To empower your Life and Get Out of your Own Head

Dr. Jen Esquer delivers some amazing wisdom on how to empower your life and get out of your own head with your fears. Jen also talks about the importance of moving daily, self-love, and how she got inspired to become a Physical Therapist to help others.

Duration: 01:06:46

Episode 67- 3 Steps to Discovering your Why and Purpose when Dieting

Have you ever considered having a "WHY and PURPOSE" before starting a dieting phase? In this episode we cover 3 Game Changing Steps on how to Discover your Why and Purpose before starting a Dieting Phase and how this can make you more successful.

Duration: 00:52:12

Episode 66- Mastering Networking, Social Skills, and Confidence with Jordan Harbinger

Jordan Harbinger is an entrepreneur, talk show host and world-renowned social dynamics expert. In this episode Jordan talks about how to Master Networking, Social Skills, and Confidence. Jordan also shares some "SECRET" ninja tips when you go to conferences and workshops.

Duration: 01:36:37

Episode 65- Overcoming Self-Doubt, Depression, a Bipolar Disorder, and Following his Passion

Dominic Chambrone aka "The Show Surgeon" shares his amazing story battling and overcoming Self-Doubt, Depression, Alcohol, Bipolarism, and how he turned it all into a blessing in disguise. Dominic also talks about how he became a famous shoe creator for celebrities and how building things without following directions has made him so successful and how each show he makes, is made with passion.

Duration: 01:30:11

Episode 64- Being a "Fit Girl" and Becoming your Own Inspiration with Chady Dunmore

Have you ever wondered what it means to be a "Fit Girl"? Chady Dunmore a 12x Fitness Cover Model, 2x Bikini Pro, a Mom, and a Business owner talks about what it means to be a "Fit Girl" and why it's so important in today's society. Chady also talks about how she weighed over 200 pounds at one point and had many health issues and much more.

Duration: 01:34:38

Episode 63- Live the Life you Want to Live with Dr. Joe Klemczewski

Ever wonder how to Live the Life you want to Live or Imagined? In this episode Dr. Joe Klemczewski, owner of The Diet Doc talks about why it's so important to live the life you want to live, why he started the Diet Doc, where he sees fitness going, and what he has next on his to-do list of goals.

Duration: 01:44:31

Episode 62- Building Relationships Through Podcasting with John Lee Dumas

John Lee Dumas, the founder and host of the award winning podcast show Entrepreneur on Fire talks about how to create an award winning podcast, why knowing your avatar is so important when starting a podcast, why having a sales funnel is key, and how every master was once a disaster.

Duration: 01:18:27

Episode 61- 5 Steps to Practicing Patience as an Entrepreneur

Have you ever wondered how to Practice Patience as an Entrepreneur? In this solo round episode we discuss our 5 Steps on Practicing Patience as an Entrepreneur. We also talk about the Entrepreneur Roller Coaster, Playing the long game in business, and why some people are just not meant to be Entrepreneurs.

Duration: 00:58:49

Episode 60-How Learning to Become an Adapter in Life Can Enhance Your Overall Lifestyle

Ryan Doris the Founder of Fortis EQ talks about why learning to become an adapter in life can enhance your overall lifestyle and Mindset. Ryan also talks about coaching, his philosophies in life, why not getting married to certain passions can help you as an entrepreneur, and much more.

Duration: 02:11:07

Episode 59- Being Honest with yourself to Unlock your True Potential with Jorge Rosado

In this episode Jorge Rosado talks about the importance of being honest with yourself to unlock your true potential in life and how patience, consistency, and self belief has made him successful. Jorge also explains why doubling down on your strengths is so important and to constantly test different things on social media.

Duration: 01:42:02

Episode 58- Never Giving Up On Your Purpose and Dreams with Margaret Chin

Margaret Chin the founder of Toxic Angelz Bikinis talks about never giving up on her purpose and dreams. How she built an empire with her bikini business from scratch, why you need your "ME" time as an Entrepreneur, and much more.

Duration: 01:14:55

Episode 57- How to be Mentally and Emotionally Fit as a FitPreneur

Simon Lovell the host of The FitPreneurs Podcast talks about how to be emotionally and Mentally Fit in today's society, why it is important to invest in yourself, how our belief system can shift our Identity, and how he overcame being bullied as a kid.

Duration: 01:17:35

Episode 56- How To Live Life Aggressively

In Episode 56 we talk about How to Live Life Aggressively by understanding the difference between a positive and negative mindset and why we feel human one to one communication can be a game changer for you.

Duration: 00:52:11

Episode 55- How To Mentally View Business as a Competition with Justin Cener

Justin Cener an E-Commerce expert talks about viewing business as a competition, how to sell online, why Facebook Ads are such a powerful skill to learn, and much more.

Duration: 01:56:35

Episode 54 - How a Life Coach Can Impact Your Life with Josh Phelan

Our former Life Coach Josh Phelan talks about the importance of investing in a life coach, mindset, his struggles, and why personal development is so important.

Duration: 01:34:06

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