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EFT Radio Online featuring shows on self-healing and peak performance using Transformational techniques and EFT Meridian Tapping. Call in to talk to our team of EFT Experts and get your questions answered about how to use EFT Tapping in your life.




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Maybe You're Not Procrastinating! Find Out What It Could Be Instead!

We can be so quick to chastise ourselves for not taking actions we think we should be taking. But what if there was another way of looking at the 'procrastination problem'? -And what would happen if we could frame it in a different way - one that allowed you to enjoy the process of bringing an idea to life? Join Dr. Mary Ayers as she challenges you to be open to a new way of looking at taking action. Dr. Mary Ayers brings with her over 30 years as an accomplished Licensed Therapist, Action...

Duration: 00:22:12

How to Handle High Stress Effectively - The One Thing You Need to Do

Join Host Marti Murphy as she discusses the one thing you need to do when high stress hit. Think "Keep It Simple" (Tapping included) When high stress hits it’s really easy to lose your footing. High stress throws you into fight or flight. When you’re in fight or flight you virtually lose the ability to think clearly, because you’re in reaction mode. When you’re in reaction mode…..guess what? You don’t make the best decisions, because when you’re in reaction mode you’re really focused on...

Duration: 00:13:37

Clearing Childhood Mealtime & Food Patterns That Sabotage Weight Loss

Are childhood food patterns and mealtime routines messing you up when it comes to food choices as an adult? Join me as I discuss the huge role that our families of origin can play when it comes to our food beliefs and patterns and how our relationship with food becomes complicated because we end up using food for many reasons other than physical hunger. We’re going to do some healing reflection and meditation followed by powerful affirmations that will help shift any beliefs that may be...

Duration: 00:18:04

5 Steps to Becoming Your Own Health Hero: Interview With Dr. Partha Nandi M.D.

Join host Stephenie Farrell as she interviews special guest Partha Nandi M.D., F.A.C.P about his new book: ASK DR. NANDI: 5 STEPS TO BECOMING YOUR OWN #HEALTHHERO FOR LONGEVITY, WELL-BEING AND A JOYFUL LIFE Dr. Nandi is the creator and host of the internationally syndicated medical lifestyle television show, Ask Dr. Nandi, he's the Chief Health Editor at WXYZ ABC Detroit, a practicing physician and a renowned international speaker, his appearances include TedX, college commencements,...

Duration: 00:35:39

Why You Really Do Need A Niche And How To Find It

Hi, It’s Judy Wolvington here. I’m excited to be presenting one of my favorite subjects when I’m working with my business success coaching clients, which is helping them come up with their Niche. When I was a Therapist and a general EFT Practitioner, I wanted to work with everyone. I was afraid it would be too limiting to specialize. What I have since realized, is that by having a specific group of people identified who you love to work with, you attract far more clients who you are...

Duration: 00:46:23

The Cabaret of Consciousness - Do What You Love - Make a Difference in the World

When we share our unique gifts with the world, we can have a profound impact! Listen and tap along as host Helen McConnell talks with guest Gina Citoli about The Cabaret of Consciousness and other transformative musical experiences. Helen McConnell is a Personal Coach and Certified EFT Practitioner, specializing in helping you unleash the greatest version of yourself! She has helped over a thousand people learn to use tapping to relieve stress, eliminate pain, resolve trauma, improve...

Duration: 00:48:47

How To Make Sure You Aren't "Re-Traumatizing" Yourself

You procrastinate, binge, get 'emotionally hijacked'....it happens! But it's what you do to yourselves after it that causes more trauma and you may not even know what you're doing to yourself! On this show Dr. Mary Ayers is going to show you how you could be “re-traumatizing” yourself. Get ready because help is on the way! Dr. Mary Ayers brings with her over 30 years as an accomplished Licensed Therapist, Action Coach, Author and top EFT/Tapping expert. All of her coaching programs are...

Duration: 00:20:07

Relief from Acute Trauma of Current Natural Disasters: Hurricanes, Fires, Flood

Dr. Anne Merkel offers here some natural health tips and a tapping and holding template to use as a guide for healthy survival from the acute or latent trauma of recent hurricanes, fires, floods, high winds, and more natural disasters. This show will help you get through the worst times so you don't have to carry these energetics for years to come. Included in the call are specific points that you can hold or tap for specific emotions. You may use these as a short cut in the moment or go...

Duration: 00:54:52

Can Success In Life Really Be Easy?

Do you really have to work hard to succeed in life? Does success in any area of your life really require a lot of effort? What if it can be easier? What if you don't have to struggle and work hard to have better relationships, more money, more career success, better health? Could this be true or even possible? Let find out. Join host Marti Murphy as she shares her own wake-up call to the possibility of life being easier. Marti Murphy’s greatest passion is to awaken people to their hidden...

Duration: 00:18:19

Using EFT for Reprograming Your Core Beliefs and Building Self Esteem

It's so possible to reprogram your limiting beliefs such as: "I'm not good enough", "I don't deserve to be loved", or "I'm not worthy of success", EFT is such a great tool to reprogram all of this. Are you ready to take back your power, to reconnect to life with a sense of purpose, and craft your life to be a reflection of what you truly care about? When you truly learn to love and accept yourself, believe in your abilities, and feel worthy of achieving greatness, your life will change...

Duration: 00:58:57

Crystalline Awakening - The journey of self-empowerment, self-realization

Join Host Marti Murphy for an eye-opening interview with Courtney Blaine as she provides support and guidance with the journey of self-empowerment, self-realization and the journey to embodying Crystalline consciousness. Courtney helps light workers and way showers unpack the religious dogma that they’ve been raised with, heal and release the abuse both spiritual and physical, and free themselves from the programming and conditioning they’ve been carrying with them. I help women and men to...

Duration: 00:45:03

Guest: "Girls Rock! Empowerment" founder Kim Davies

Are your ready to become the Master of Your Own Life? Are you ready for Personal Transformation? Do you want to help Humanity transform? Listen and tap along as host Helen McConnell chats with the founder of Girls Rock! Empowerment classes and camps, Kim Davies kimdavies.org. And tap along as Kim heals from a childhood experience of her own. From fear to compassion! Helen McConnell shows visionary entrepreneurs and practitioners who struggle with not earning enough money and don't like to...

Duration: 00:56:58

Adverse Childhood Experiences: Interview with guest Jane Buchan

On this show, Stephenie interviews guest Jane Buchan who has been practicing EFT for over a decade on her own personal Adverse Childhood Experiences. Jane’s practice has focused on helping clients work through early childhood experiences whose after-shocks prevent them from creating the lives they yearn to live. In her work as a college instructor, she’s pioneered informal EFT workshops to support student success by resolving procrastination, time management, negative self-talk, and fear...

Duration: 00:39:42

Tapping the Mindset of Autoimmune: The Client, Caregiver, Practitioner Issues

Whether you are the person suffering from autoimmune / chronic health conditions or are a caretaker / practitioner, tapping is required in approaching each role, and it will be different for each player. In this show Dr. Anne Merkel discusses the specific needs of each person involved in an autoimmune care case and the appropriate tapping points to utilize. For more information about specific tapping points to use for each emotion you may wish to visit: http://annemerkel.com/free-eft-stuff...

Duration: 00:52:26

EFT for Vibrational Balance and Spiritual Recovery

Welcome to today’s show ... today we are going to …talk about the difference between taking action from a disciplined place and taking action from a vibrationally inspired place… …look at the pros and cons of being ego-driven versus spirit-infused. We will first …discuss the concepts, their origins … the motivation behind these actions, …tap our way into a place of choice and empowerment! To get more information on Cathryn's work, please visit her web site which...

Duration: 00:31:40

The Top 6 Secrets to Unleashing Your Life

This program will dive deep into ways you can Unleash Your Life. Ask yourself if: You are ready to make BIG changes in your lifeYou'd like to put an end to Self-Sabotage, Stagnation and feelings of low Self-WorthIt's time to Put Yourself First, instead of always being there for everyone else but YOUYou have a myriad of unfulfilled DREAMS and you get it that NOW IS THE TIME to fulfill them If you are saying "YES" to these statements, you will gain insight during this program. The 6 Secrets...

Duration: 00:58:38

How To Get Over Worrying About What Other People Will Think

If you find that your worry about what other people will say getting in the way of how you live your life, then you will not want to miss this show! Join Dr. Mary Ayers for some tapping as she shows you how to get past this fear and allow yourself the bigger, brighter life you deserve to live! Dr. Mary Ayers brings with her over 30 years as an accomplished Licensed Therapist, Action Coach, Author and top EFT/Tapping expert. All of her coaching programs are filled with ‘unconventional’,...

Duration: 00:22:08

Subtle Trauma and Its Not-So-Subtle Symptoms

Subtle Trauma is the single greatest problem facing Humanity at this time. Trauma is so prevalent, the symptoms have become "normalized." What constitutes a trauma? Way more than you probably realize. In this third episode in a series on Trauma, host Helen McConnell shares about many types of "subtle trauma," and how the symptoms are not-so-subtle. Listen and tap along as host Helen McConnell shares new insights and new perceptions about the causes, effects and the resolution of trauma....

Duration: 00:38:59

The Upside of A Downside - You Can Empower Yourself to Create What You Want

Whenever you experience a downside, whether major or not so major, there is always an upside if we learn to look for it. Often we can't see it when where in the midst of the storm, but you can learn to Empower yourself to create what you truly want for your life, in any area. We'll set the intention together that you want to create what you want before the shows over. Join host Marti Murphy and set a powerful intention and see what happens. Marti Murphy’s greatest passion is to awaken...

Duration: 00:14:29

You Can't Hate Yourself Thin, Healthy and Happy with Taryn Brumfitt

“You're a big, fat pig.” "If you just lost weight, people would like you." Sadly, this is the negative self-talk many hear. But it doesn’t work. It’s not motivating. It doesn’t help you lose weight. It backfires! How would you feel if I shamed you for your weight or food choices. What if I said that there was no way you should love yourself until you reached your goal weight? Of course health is important, and weight is one aspect of health, but we’ve lost our perspective. The number on...

Duration: 00:33:52

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