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LIVE on YouTube every Monday at 6pm EST or 23:00 UTC - podcast of the show posted within 12 hours. Go EOS!

LIVE on YouTube every Monday at 6pm EST or 23:00 UTC - podcast of the show posted within 12 hours. Go EOS!
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LIVE on YouTube every Monday at 6pm EST or 23:00 UTC - podcast of the show posted within 12 hours. Go EOS!








EOS Go / EOSRad.io Episode 4 - Welcome EOSphere, Everipedia Co-Founder Mahbod, and Thomas Cox!

Three interviews in one! First, EOSPHERE from Australia talk to us about their previous experience as witnesses for both Bitshares and Steem, their 12,000km meetup tour through 5 cities in Australia, the time Dan Larimer personally funded a Bitshares community project spearheaded by Ken, and more! Around 35 minutes in, Everipedia co-founder Mahbod Moghadam takes over. Mahbod talks about the latest information on the Everipedia airdrop, his thoughts on the future of information sharing, and...


EOS Go Live - EOSRad.io Episode 3 - Interviews with Iryo CEO, EOS Gravity in China, and Erik Hoel!

Three interviews in one show! First, ERIK HOEL - Forbes 30 Under 30 scientist from New York City comes on to discuss EOS speculation, news, and future potential with Kev and Bluejays. Next, EOS project Iryo from Slovenia takes over. CEO Vasja Bočko and two team members describe their vision for redefining global healthcare, their token airdrop details, and further information. Finally EOS GRAVITY, a block producer candidate in Shanghai, China - come on to discuss their 14 member company,...


EOS Go / EOSRad.io 03/05/18 - Nathan "nsjames" of Scatter + Part 2 of Thomas Cox Q&A

Interview with Nathan James of SCATTER - first secure wallet with ID and reputation built in for EOS! Nathan describes the security in Scatter and offers a simple analogy to describe its features, plus he offers a special announcement about the token airdrop for all EOS holders on the final distribution list. Kev & Bluejays also review part 2 of the sit-down video interview with Thomas Cox, VP of Product, when they visited block.one Blacksburg, VA. Thomas talks about forming the...


EOS Go / EOSRad.io 02/26/18 - Interview w/ Dan Calinescu, CEO & Co-Founder Carmel + Thomas Cox Q&A

This week we're speaking with DAN CALINESCU - CEO & Co-Founder of Fluid Trends - about EOS project Carmel, a new education dapp to provide incentive-based learning. Check out their website http://www.carmel.io/ and read their beginner-friendly whitepaper to learn more! We are also introducing our Thomas Cox Q&A video, shot live in Blacksburg Virginia the same day we did the Dan Sit-Down Q&A. Thomas goes in depth about Elinor Ostrom's book Governing the Commons and how the EOS constitution...


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