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EP07: How Google's Algorithm Updates Affect Search Results For Your Website

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Change occurs on the internet at a very fast rate. Every now and then, Google does major upgrades without a fixed schedule, no announcement or even a warning. As a business that aims good online presence, it is advisable to always keep an eye on the changes made by Google in its algorithm as it greatly affects your page ranking. Watch video interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjAjwkzb1K0 Visit website here: http://seo-bites.com/






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EP 17: Interview with Kris Reid - The Coolest Guy in SEO

Kris Reid, known as the “Coolest Guy in SEO”, joins this episode to talk about Ardor SEO, a backlink provider company he built that offers high-end services for clients across the globe. Kris also shares his insights on how powerful backlinks are and the role it plays in getting your website to the right spot in Google.

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EP16 - Google's Advice to Create high quality and original content

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EP 15: SEO Updates 2017

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EP13: Original Online Content Distribution Using The Hub and Spoke Model

The first part of Content Marketing is to create your story, to not just announce the product and let it be freestanding but to tell a story around the product, create the content about the product, and then publish the content through various websites in many different forms. This is the Hub-and-Spoke Model. Learn more from: http://www.seo-bites.com/

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EP12: How Quality Backlinks Affect Your Website's Pagerank

To be an authoritative site, your page rank must be good enough to be recognized by Google. One of the factors that improve your website ranking is the so-called “Backlinks.” Discover the logic behind backlinks and its role in improving your page rank with Episode 12 of SEO Bites. Visit our website: http://seo-bites.com/

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EP09: How Important Is It To Have A Search Engine Friendly Website

SEO Bites records a question and answer video via webcam with the business owner or manager, talking about their business without a script. The goal is to capture the essence of the business based from personal experiences of the interviewee. With this method, we produce original content taken from the horse’s mouth and be converted into valuable online content that follows Google’s requirements and important guidelines. Visit our website: www.seo-bites.com

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EP03: The Importance Of Having Good Google Page Ranking To Your Business

With our previous podcast episodes, CEO Wayne Bucklar explains what SEO Bites is and what it does. In this 3rd episode, Wayne explains how good Google page ranking will help your business grow and how important it is to be seen on Google’s front page. For more information, visit our website: http://seo-bites.com

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EP02: How Online Videos Help Businesses Get On The First Page On Google

SEO Bites is about educating Google that you are publishing original content frequently. By consistently publishing content, you teach the Google robot to figure out where and how to find your business. SEO Bites is not an SEO company, it’s a content creator to help your business website’s SEO. It’s a media company that publishes different forms of content to support your SEO efforts. For more information, visit our website: http://seo-bites.com

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