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ESN Bonus Episode : Black Panther Spoiler Review & Analysis

In this bonus episode of the Eloquently Saying Nothing podcast, the guys get together to give an in depth break down, top to bottom, of Ryan Coogler's Black Panther movie. Connect with us at & send your questions & comments to: #ESNpod so we can find your comments @esnpodcast on all other social media It's important to subscribe, rate and review us on your apple...


ESN #2.060 : The Wakanda Forever Episode

In this episode we discuss: • The healing properties of Rubb & Abenaki • Beyonce v Michael Jackson (again) • Men crying • Drake's "God's Plan" video & the negative comments around it • Taking hand outs from other men • If taking out the trash a mans job even if the woman is a housewife? • If good sex stops a partner complaining • If men get pussy whipped like women get dickmatised? • The Black Panther movie • Blac Chyna's leaked sex vid • Fergie's atrocious national anthem • Examples of...


ESN #2.059 : The G.O.A.T Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Elon Musk, his businesses and if he's the real life Tony Stark • Nike's 'Nothing Beats A Londoner' Advert & the North's issues with London always being the focus in England • Asian's complaints about being underrepresented in adverts • Irene Major skin bleaching & whipping off her hair on live TV • Mathew Knowles' comment that his daughter's light skin plays some part in her massive success • Beyonce v Michael Jackson v Prince v ? ? ? • Quincy Jones' explosive...


ESN #2.058 : The Correct Attire Episode

In this episode we discuss: • The last time we got angry and switched • Stav and Wahala getting beaten by their sister • Should a wife always leave her husband in every • If women have forgiven Chris Brown for the Rihanna beating • Wearing native regalia to the Black Panther movie • If David Oyelowo's Black Panther premier attire a disgrace • Stefflon Don's Shadeism tweet controversary • Why people are shadeist • If dark skinned men have the same issues in society as dark skinned women •...


ESN #2.057 : The Ambitious Potential Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Smut peddling sagas • What dress size we are attracted to • Disliking Soca • What songs we'd like played at our funeral • What our personal theme song is • West African elocution etiquette • Dating advice • The pros & cons of dating 'potential' • Blind dates and running out on a potential because they're ugly • What we'd do if our friend's mother continuously asked for money • Why Caribbean men can cook and male WAFs (West Africans) can't • The exchange of...


ESN #2.056 : The BDESN Episode (Feat. Lady Andromeda)

In this episode we welcome guest Lady Andromeda & discuss: • Cyrille Regis' passing and his legacy • Ronaldinho's retirement • The BDSM / Dominatrix industry • How the UK laws have affected the UK porn industry and Women especially • How we'd react if our friend had a sex doll • If we'd do an infomercial praising a sex doll for 150K • Tracey Ellis Ross' equal pay battle with Anthony Anderson of Black-ish • L'Oréal's hair product promotion featuring a Hijab wearing model • Synthetic...


ESN #2.055 : The Price Is Right Episode

In this episode we discuss • Liverpool's win over Man City • Football's VAR technology • Ginuwine's refusing to kiss Trans India Willoughby • If John Barnes is Cooning on CBB or just being real • Oprah Winfrey's 'Time's Up' speech and possible 2020 Presidential run • ANOTHER celebrity, Aziz Ansari, being accused of sexual misconduct • If you kick someone out if they refuse your advances • Goddamn Trump, his shithole comments & all the over foolishness he did this week • Dave Chappelle's...


ESN #2.054 : The Thoroughbred Episode

In this episode we discuss: • How many episodes have we done • Oyinbosity in 2018 • Invitation etiquette • Authentic African parties • Nudity around young children • When is bathing a child inappropriate • Menstral cycle awareness • White middleclass male struggles • Jesse 'Messi' Lingard affair • Gender based sexual appetites • How Nigeria made Instagram • Wedding photographer beef • Essence Magazine • The rise and fall of page 3 • Gentrification of Tottenham • #StavrosSays Recommendation...


ESN #2.053 : The New Year, Same Ego Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Festive illnesses • Seeing an ex girlfriend with a new girlfriend & vice versa • Stavros telling his Ex's they will never get a better man than him • How to help men having issues with their confidence • Stavros' ego v Stavros' self doubt • How we can do better and be better as individuals and as a group • In what aspects we're flopping individually and the issues we as ESN have as a podcast • Lewis Hamilton telling his nephew that "Boys don't wear princess...


ESN #2.052 (The B Side) : The Drunk & Tired Episode

This is The B Side of our two part Christmas special In this episode we discuss: • Drunk stories • Rio Stories • Falling for strippers • Mr Wolf's views on The Lottery Situation • Charles Barkley's $1 million pledge to Black women with a caveat • Straight men getting married to each other for tax break • Inheritance talk • Apple iPhone slow down • UFOs • Disney acquiring Fox • Best superhero films • #StavrosSays Recommendation : The music of RnB artist 'PJ' Connect with us at & send your...


ESN #2.052 (The A Side) : The Money Changes Everything Episode

This is Side A of our two part Christmas special. Look out for Side B later on this week. In this episode we discuss: • Star Wars : The Force Awakens review • Work Christmas partying while Black • The fallacy of the term 'I don't judge' • The Spac Nation Church & the balaclava sermon/grime session • R.I.P Combat Jack • Joe Budden leaving Everyday Struggle and joining Revolt? • Do men want to watch their child being born • Buying Christmas gifts • The Lottery Dilemma • Whose money is whose...


ESN #2.051 : The Insecure Gossip Episode

In this episode we discuss: • How well Ghanaians are doing in entertainment • Black Thought's 10 minutes Funk Flex freestyle • Eminem's 'Revival' and N.E.R.D's 'No_One Ever Really Dies' albums • Wu-Tang's rapping order • If Method Man puts more effort into rap or acting • Nigerian restaurant sagas • KFC shop sagas • Sickle Cell and giving blood • Car incidents and not going through insurance • TV show Insecure breakdown : MAJOR SPOILERS • Single women and the men they should be going out...


ESN #2.050 : The Agony Uncle Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Taking on the bad traits of those one hangs around • Being the 'good friend' that a girlfriend is happy her partner go out with • Partying like we're in our 20s • Chance meeting with fellow UK podcasters from The Not Everyday Podcast • Black Women going gym • What we're too old to do now • Stereotypical Black footballer uniforms • Which is the one drug we'd take if we had to do it once • #ListenerDilemma : "Should I re-date my Ex who is friends with my other...


ESN #2.049 : The Bad Singers & Absent Fathers Episode (Feat. MadCat)

In this episode we discuss: • Gay hating Bashment music • Dancehall / Bashment / Ragga artists banned from the UK • What people slow dance and grind to in clubs these days • Listening to old school lyrics with adult ears • Michael Jackson owning The Beatles, Destiny's Child & Eminem's publishing • Dancehall Battle • DSTKRT venue closing down • Putting a partner or a parent first • Denzel Washington's comments on absent Black Fathers being blamed for numbers of Black in Jail • Smacking...


ESN #2.048 : The Patriarchal Fairy Tales Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Harassment from airport immigration officers • Nigerian v British Passports • 15 year old Terrell Decosta Jones-Burton's servere injuries by police during being detained for suspected mobile phone theft • Corrupt police in general • Which children's stories have underlying aspect of sexism and racism • Black women fighting battles for other fractions/communities before themselves and their own • Ignorance from other communities to the plights of Black women •...


ESN #2.047 : The Goddamn 47th Episode (Feat. MadCat of Occasion Angel)

In this episode we discuss: • What it's like for MadCat to live with Stav • Stav finally fixing the shower! • The What The Health documentary • Wahala reducing his meat intake due to watching the film • The Coup of Mugabe in Zimbabwe • African leaders staying in power for too long • If a woman should leave her husband if there was a coup and he had been taken hostage? • If Serena or Venus looked better at her Serena's wedding? • What Black women have to think about regarding their hair in...


ESN #2.046: The Sin of 10 Jaffa Cakes

In this episode we discuss: • Wahala being a spoils sport & control freak • Pritti Patel Dodgy Holiday • Tory Back Benchers looking to snake Teresa May • Why the rich want Brexit • Continued Discussion on conspiracy theories • How South Africa has changed since the end of Apartheid • What’s the worst thing would you do for a million pounds. • Would Successful artists who have had tragic beginnings change their past if it affected their music? • How would music be if none of the artists...


ESN #2.045: The Windowsill Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Crack Heads • Best way to get robbed • Vicious dogs • Kevin Spacey being a sexual predator • #Windowsillgate • The one time in band camp when Stav got drunk • If responsibilities ruin lives • Dogging & sex in public places • Tyrese and his family/mental issues • Losing touch with close friends and how that happens • Conspiracy theories Connect with us at & send your questions & comments to: #ESNpod so we can find your comments


ESN #2.044: The Romantic Bushmen Episode

In this episode we discuss: • String vest appreciation • The Armenians stealing prosperous blacks • Stress management • African hospitality • The many personalities of Stavros • Dj Envy's shenanigans • What are Gay tendencies • The proliferation of sliders • How do you define a Cougar • Outrageously romantic mandem • Work husbands & wives • Who actually runs the household • Way of the woo • Women asking men for dates • Is there ever a time you can't approach him/her Connect with us at &...


ESN #2.043: The Vindication Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Disappearing Suya spots • Can you be pro black and not want to eat African food • The fine art of Haggling (pricing market) • Being mistaken for a Jamaican • The criteria of 'preference' • Harvey Weinstein's sexual assault scandal (recent update) • Who is looking after the sisters • Men holding men responsible when appropriate • Displays of uncle behaviour • Stav's inability to admit defeat • Who is the better rapper turned actor Connect with us at & send your...


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