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ESN #2.046: The Sin of 10 Jaffa Cakes

In this episode we discuss: • Wahala being a spoils sport & control freak • Pritti Patel Dodgy Holiday • Tory Back Benchers looking to snake Teresa May • Why the rich want Brexit • Continued Discussion on conspiracy theories • How South Africa has changed since the end of Apartheid • What’s the worst thing would you do for a million pounds. • Would Successful artists who have had tragic beginnings change their past if it affected their music? • How would music be if none of the artists took...

Duration: 02:18:18

ESN #2.045: The Windowsill Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Crack Heads • Best way to get robbed • Vicious dogs • Kevin Spacey being a sexual predator • #Windowsillgate • The one time in band camp when Stav got drunk • If responsibilities ruin lives • Dogging & sex in public places • Tyrese and his family/mental issues • Losing touch with close friends and how that happens • Conspiracy theories Connect with us at & send your questions & comments to: #ESNpod so we can find your comments

Duration: 02:11:55

ESN #2.044: The Romantic Bushmen Episode

In this episode we discuss: • String vest appreciation • The Armenians stealing prosperous blacks • Stress management • African hospitality • The many personalities of Stavros • Dj Envy's shenanigans • What are Gay tendencies • The proliferation of sliders • How do you define a Cougar • Outrageously romantic mandem • Work husbands & wives • Who actually runs the household • Way of the woo • Women asking men for dates • Is there ever a time you can't approach him/her Connect with us at &...

Duration: 01:51:10

ESN #2.043: The Vindication Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Disappearing Suya spots • Can you be pro black and not want to eat African food • The fine art of Haggling (pricing market) • Being mistaken for a Jamaican • The criteria of 'preference' • Harvey Weinstein's sexual assault scandal (recent update) • Who is looking after the sisters • Men holding men responsible when appropriate • Displays of uncle behaviour • Stav's inability to admit defeat • Who is the better rapper turned actor Connect with us at & send your...

Duration: 01:55:07

ESN #2.042 : The As A Farda Episode

In this episode we discuss: • what is your favourite Micheal jackson song • Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal • Is the casting couch culture real in the industry • Does all sexual assault come from people in a position of power • Should men stop mentioning their daughters when you want to say you understand women issues • Are UK rappers taking it to another level • Eminem vs black thought • The rock vs Tyresse • Holiday stories from the ESN guys • BET Cypher Emeniem freestyle Connect...

Duration: 02:01:52

ESN #2.041 : The "That's My Sister" Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Stavros and Wahala arguing constantly • Nigerian Independence • Does Nigeria have a culture of corruption • Nigerians that are doing well throughout diaspora • Would you want a virgin as a wife • Do you want your women to be desirable to other men • Would you date a close family friend who you would refer to them as a cousin • Would you allow one of them man dem to date your sister • Are you a servant to your partner • woman forges ex husband signature to take...

Duration: 02:21:21

ESN #2.040 : The 7 Year Itch Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Our 7 year anniversary in the podcast game • Using feminine terms to describe men in a bad light • The difference between alpha and beta men • Wizkid's concert & Redux video • Akon's Africanness • If our podcast is too Black • Obama & the rise of the Right Wing • Las Vegas Shooting • Gun control • Dizzee Rascal v Wiley • Stormzy's new mini movie and him becoming the voice of young Britain • Hugh Hefner's death, his prenup and his pimpin' • Wendy Williams'...

Duration: 01:59:23

ESN #2.039: The Society & Culture Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Famalam, the new all Black comedy show on the BBC • Trump vs Kim Jun-un and their childish back & forth • Emmys' so white • Issa Rae Supporting Blacks, just because they Blacks • Our favourite opening scene in a film • Kevin Hart supposedly cheating actually being a victim of rape • Piers Morgan's questioning of White people singing the N word • What we'd do if a man dick slapped us • Why men cheat • Which type of cheating bites the most • The Caucasian...

Duration: 02:03:35

ESN #2.038 : The Shut Out Network Episode

in this episode we discuss: • Is Micheal Jackson Disrespectful • How much sex should you have when in a relationship • Can you say No to sex when your partner asks • What would you do when your partner destroys something dear to you • Fenty Make up and how Rihanna is changing the make up industry • What is going on at the Shout Out Network • Would making money affect our Friendship • Do black people support one another in business Connect with us at & send your questions & comments to:...

Duration: 01:49:53

ESN #2.037 : The Prosperous Progeny Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Songs that sound better at live events than on the radio • Top 5 crackhead music artists • Celebs we think are good looking that the masses won't • Celebs that used to look good that are busted now • Why Shabba Ranx & Whoopie Goldberg classed as ugly • J Hus' Ex getting dragged over the internet • How people get famous from social media • If beauty is a talent or a gift • If a man is insecure if he can't recognise another man's beauty • How hard it is to name...

Duration: 02:02:21

ESN #2.036 : The Party Hard Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Michael Jackson's birthday and his child abuse allegations • If we'd be happy letting a Kardashian look after our children • Dating a Kardashian versus going to jail • Amber v Kim • Kanye v Beanie Sigel • Every man being able to relate to Kanye West's 808 & Heartbreak • Premier league transfer deadline day • Learning new things just to have better luck with the opposite sex • Women not pursuing men • Being nervous meeting in-laws • If simply letting someone...

Duration: 01:57:49

ESN #2.035 : The Angelic Nastiness Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Trick questions and trick question TV shows • Which other member of the pod we'd prefer deliver our baby • The effect an older sibling has on their youngers • Dr Sebi • Johnson & Johnson's legal problem involving Ovarian Cancer • 400 million for cancer or 1.1 million for herpes? • People in the States purposely catching HIV • Standing by your partner after they've commented a crime • Using 'the force' during sexy time. • How Superman maneuvered adult...

Duration: 01:49:02

ESN #2.034 : The Alt-Right Pussy Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Getting the lyrics to songs wrong • Hip-Hop Karaoke • Terroll Lewis and Nakita Johnson's relationship drama • If relationships should be displayed on social media • Exposing problems in relationships online when the relationship is over • Kim Kardashian defending Jeffree Star • Defending your woman online • The Charlottesville protests and violence and Trump's response to it • The C.E.O exodus from the government CEO Business Advisory council and Trump's...

Duration: 02:06:46

ESN #2.033 : The Watch The Throne Episode

In this episode we discuss: • TV & Sport spoilers • Game Of Thrones • How much time it takes to watch all the programmes we like these days • If our women would have a problem with us going through Instagram pictures of buff women • How much we feel our women watch their mouths to protect our ego • If women should stroke their man's ego • Whose ego is more important, men or women • If our woman was being attacked by 5 women, what would we do • Men not being real men anymore • Not being...

Duration: 01:44:34

ESN #2.032: The Amir Khan-Dashian Episode

In this episode we discuss: • The rise of acid attacks in London • The Shout Out Live podcast festival • Amir Khan's online domestic with his 'soon to be Ex Wife' Faryal Makhdoom & his accusations Anthony Joshua slept with her • Usher's increasing herpes body-count including a man • Bobby Valentino running from a transgender prostitute without paying • If Transgenders should tell prospective sexual partners about their birth identity before they have sex • If Hermaphrodites that have...

Duration: 01:55:23

ESN #2.031: The Afro Division Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Using the film The Champ as punishment for children • Our dislike of surprise Parties • Having a fivesome offered by your partner • Self made sex tapes • Wale spraying money on his one year old daughter • The subtle and subversive split between African American's & Africans in America • What Americans expect of Africa • The problems with the movie Coming To America • Gilbert Arenas' negative comments about Lupita Nyong'os dark skin • The branding of USA v...

Duration: 02:05:19

ESN #2.030: The Cult Of STDs Episode

In this episode we discuss: • Usher paying off his herpes victim • STDs / STIs • If there should be paid punishment for knowingly passing on STDs • 90 Day Fiancé • Prenups: To sign or not to sign • Parents making their child demand prenup from their partner to be • R. Kelly's issues with women, young, naive & trapped • OJ getting parole • GoT Producers new programme set in a world the Confederates won the Civil war • Looking after parents in old age • A recap on how to treat 'links' from...

Duration: 01:47:41

ESN #2.029: The Ex Side Chick Episode

In this episode we discuss: • If it's right to call a woman you've only had sexual relations with, an 'Ex' • If a female Co-D is essentially a Side Chick • How we'd react if our girlfriend told us we were not the best she ever had • If we'd be ok with our girlfriend still being good friends with someone they had slept with in the past. • Mayweather v McGregor Press conferences • If there needs to be a 'spark' in a relationship or not Connect with us at & send your questions & comments to:...

Duration: 01:41:35

ESN #2.028 : The Sex, Drugs & 4:44 Episode (Feat. Darran Griffiths)

In this episode we discuss: • Comedians dating each other • Sarcasm • Gambling • The first time having sex without a condom • Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's recent online issues • How it's 'once a stripper, always a stripper' • If we could be happy with someone that was with us primarily for the finance • Jay-Z's 4:44 album and transitioning as an artist • Beyonce & JAY-Z's private business on record • Are more promiscuous women more attentive in relationships • If we'd have rather have...

Duration: 02:09:27

ESN #2.027 : The Viral Apology Episode

In this episode we discuss: • If, going by Sister Souljah's definition, there are any good White people • If public apologies for racial remarks can be genuine and if they could/should be accepted • If one can you make racist remark and not be a racist • How you'd react if your girlfriend's phone was hacked and she had recent sexy naked photo's she hadn't sent you • If an old sex tape of your girlfriend was released somehow, would you rather she performed excellently or was rubbish like a...

Duration: 01:43:48

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