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Follow the latest updates as the UK prepares for a referendum on its membership of the EU. #Brexit




The EU referendum campaign begins

With Janan Ganesh, Sarah Gordon and Jim Pickard of the Financial Times, plus Labour commentator Ayesha Hazarika. Presented by Sebastian Payne.

Duration: 00:25:00

Brexit and the referendum on EU membership

The European Union grew out of the smouldering embers of WWII, based on the belief that countries locked together by trade would be less likely to go to war.

Duration: 00:27:00

A new nationalism?

Across Europe far-right nationalist populist movements are on the rise. In France, Belgium, Finland, Denmark and Sweden anti-immigration parties are gaining ground and in Poland and Hungary they have won power. In Spain, Greece and Italy far-left movements have momentum and in Britain there will be a referendum to decide whether or not they should leave the EU.

Duration: 00:13:00

Brexit: UK MP explains why he wants out of the EU

Conservative MP and the Ministry of Defence's Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Julian Brazier, explains why he's backing Brexit.

Duration: 00:07:00

British Pound Plummets As London Mayor Supports Exit From EU

Prime Minister David Cameron renegotiated Britain's terms of membership to the European Union. A referendum is set for June on whether the United Kingdom should stay or leave the EU under the new terms. London Mayor Boris Johnson came out in support of the separation.

Duration: 00:04:00

Cameron Reaches New Deal On Britain's EU Status

Britain's prime minister says he has secured a deal he hopes will keep the UK in the European Union. British voters will vote later this year on whether to remain EU members.

Duration: 00:02:00

Repercussions Will Follow If Britain Leaves E.U., Former MP Says

British officials are debating whether to leave the European Union, and will put it to a referendum. Renee Montagne talks Ed Balls, former member of Parliament, who favors the U.K. staying in the E.U.

Duration: 00:03:00

Landmark meeting to decide if UK stays in EU

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron says he'll work hard to convince Britons to vote to stay in the European Union, if he can secure a good deal at a landmark summit in Brussels. But Mr Cameron says he will walk away from the EU if he can't strike a good enough deal.

Duration: 00:03:00

Fighting over crumbs: Eurosceptics and the EU deal

With James Forsyth, Freddy Gray, Stephen Bayley, Vote Leave's Stephen Parkinson, Kate Andrews from the Republican Party Overseas and Historic England's Posy Metz. Presented by Isabel Hardman

Duration: 00:23:00

UK's Draft EU Deal Unveiled

The British Prime Minister David Cameron says his country has got the best of both worlds, after draft EU reform proposals were unveiled. Under the deal the UK could place some curbs on welfare payments to workers from other EU countries and have some veto power over new legislation.

Duration: 00:03:00

UK vs EU

Prime Minister David Cameron went to the 2015 election promising to hold an in/out referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union before then end of 2017.

Duration: 00:12:00