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Chris Reining: Forget the 9 to 5 - Retire Early!

Chris Reining has been featured on the New York Times, the Today Show, CNN, and CBS. Daniel talked with the millionaire who retired early and compiled the highlights from their interview into a thrilling episode. Whether you want financial freedom or an early retirement like Chris, dive in to learn Chris’ story of ditching the 9 to 5 and his simple changes you can implement to improve your life and achieve your goals.


Why We Are Long-Term Investors: March Madness Edition

Your bracket might burst this month, but there’s an easy way to make sure your portfolio doesn’t! It’s called long-term investing, and that doesn’t mean day trading or selling during a crash. On this episode, Daniel explains why patience is the secret to enormous investing gains and what the NCAA Tournament has to do with finance, closing with a reading of his traditional letter “Why We Are Long-Term Investors: An Open Letter for March Madness”.


Rendezvous Investing: Interview with Troy Springer

What do Army ROTC, college, blogging, and investing have in common? Troy Spencer does all of them. His first stock turned $60 into $600 in two years, and now he runs his own blog for young people, Rendezvous Investing. Troy explains how he picks companies based on emerging trends, survives Daniel’s unexpected over/under questions, and reveals the one stock he would buy with only a few hundred dollars. To see Troy’s insightful work, go to rendezvousinvesting.com.


6 Traits In Every Great Stock

What should you look for in every single stock? Most of the fancy little numbers on investment newsletters are entirely insignificant. If you can find just six simple traits in a company, you have done more than most Wall Street traders ever have. Daniel breaks down each of the six special traits and shows how making enormous gains on great stocks is not only possible, but straightforward.


Listener Appreciation Week! - Vol. 1

We love our listeners! Daniel hosts a special episode devoted to the listeners, giving a special update on the podcast and answering lots of their questions. Learn how to get an insider’s view of how a company operates, how much time investing really requires, and all the wonderful benefits you get from investing early.


February Pitch: A Stock For the Gamers

In the first-ever edition of “Pitch Week”, Daniel reveals a special entertainment stock he’s picking for the long term. Learn how to analyze the positives and negatives of a business, why this company could give shareholders huge returns, and whether you might be overlooking a big opportunity when playing…video games!


Booms, Busts, and Brokers

Why are stocks and cryptocurrencies crashing? What should you think about it? And how do you actually buy a stock? Daniel discusses looking out past the rough waters, how to set up an account with a broker and put your investment knowledge into action, and what Duke and UNC have to do with investing.


How To Double Your Money: My First Stock

Can a twelve-year-old crush professional Wall Street investors? It’s actually easier than you might think. Daniel explains how he became interested in the stock market and what convinced him to buy his first stock in mid-2015. Learn how he doubled his money with this amazing company you’re probably familiar with, and how you too can easily buy and hold great companies for the long term, reaping the rewards in future years. If you like Early Investing, please subscribe and leave a review...


The Secret of Millionaires

Albert Einstein called it the “eighth wonder of the world,” and Earth’s richest men have attributed it to their success. Yet this “secret” is actually accessible to everyone. In this special “launch week” episode, Daniel explains in simple terms a concept that is critical to understanding investing, time, and the world. Want to watch episodes like this one live? Follow @EarlyInvesting on Instagram for exclusive content!


David’s Story (Part 2 of 2)

In the second and final installment of his interview with Motley Fool investment analyst David Kretzmann, Daniel asks David about researching companies, investing in yourself, and David’s takes on a stock market crash, cryptocurrency, podcasts, and mechanical pencils. Follow David Kretzmann on Twitter @David_Kretzmann and check out the Motley Fool at fool.com. Outline: 0:00 - Intro 1:43 - Investing in Stocks or Companies? 4:09 - Researching Companies 9:07 - The Over/Under: Stock...


David’s Story (Part 1 of 2)

In the inaugural episode of Early Investing, Daniel conducts part 1 of his interview with David Kretzmann, an investment analyst for the Motley Fool. David, who just like Daniel has invested in stocks since he was 12 years old, talks about how he started investing, his first stocks, some mistakes he has made along the way, and why his nickname is “Pencils”. Follow David Kretzmann on Twitter @David_Kretzmann and check out the Motley Fool at fool.com. Outline: 0:00 - Intro 0:57 - How...


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