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Mary Brushe

Early Learning Review speaks to Language in Little Ones study coordinator Mary Brushe

Duration: 00:05:35

Clare MacFarlane

ELR discuss paediatric therapies with Clare MacFarlane from the Napa Centre.

Duration: 00:09:05

Paul Mondo

ELR interviews Australian Childcare Alliance chairman Paul Mondo about proposed introduction of an au pair visa for Australia.

Duration: 00:06:28

Gwynn Bridge

Order of Australia recipient Gwynn Bridge discusses her passion for early learning and how the industry has changed in her 30 years in the business.

Duration: 00:09:51

ELR Stephanie Gotlib

Stephanie Gotlib is the chief executive officer of Children and Young People with Disability Australia (CYDA). Following Senator Pauline Hanson’s comments in parliament questioning the efficacy of mainstreaming kids with autism in preschool and school, Gotlib joined Early Learning Review to explicate her views.

Duration: 00:31:44

Susan Edwards

Professor Susan Edwards discusses her grant to conduct research into the importance of play in learning with a focus on playgroups located in schools.

Duration: 00:12:03

Ken Harvey

Ken Harvey by EarlyLearningReview

Duration: 00:13:00

Talking Eds: Episode 20

It’s time for episode 20 of Talking Eds! in this week’s bumber edition the team behind Campus Review, Education Review and Early Learning Review look at labeling’s adverse effect on children, whether mindfulness triggers past traumas and spar over Bond University’s new pathways program.

Duration: 00:18:03

ELR Daniel Skorich On ASD.MP3

Dr Daniel Skorich is a psychology researcher at the University of Queensland. He has been researching autism spectrum disorders and has published a paper that shows the relationship between clusters of social interaction characteristics that were previously thought to be unconnected.

Duration: 00:32:30

ELR Steve Clarke Objection

Professor Steve Clarke from Charles Sturt University’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences is a philosopher specialising in issues related to conscientious objection. He recently co-authored a paper on the obligations of parents who object on religious, moral or philosophical reasons to vaccinating their children. Early Learning Review spoke with professor Clarke about those obligations and other issues relating to conscientious objection.

Duration: 00:39:29

Andrew Whitehouse

Researchers have determined that the so-called autism epidemic is driven by more children with less severe behavioural symptoms being diagnosed, not because more children are born with the condition.

Duration: 00:00:44

Talking Eds: Episode 18

In this week’s episode of Talking Eds, the team behind Campus Review, Education Review and Early Learning Review look at the history and effect of White Ribbon Day, discuss the University of Sydney’s expansion in China and explore Torrens University’s new grad certificate, specifically for educators working with children with autism.

Duration: 00:12:52

ELR Ralph Jorissen From Tarkett

Tarkett is a French company that manufactures and markets commercial flooring products, with a specific focus on education and healthcare environments. Ralph Jorissen is the managing director of Tarkett’s Australian subsidiary, which is currently rolling out its new iQ One range.

Duration: 00:18:35

Talking Eds: Episode 17

In this week’s episode of Talking Eds, the team behind Campus Review, Education Review and Early Learning Review look at why parental leave double dipping seems destined to say, hear from several youngsters on the importance of listening to abuse claims, explore issues of independence when industry starts funding academia and look forward to the US Presidential Election.

Duration: 00:17:02

Louise Keown

Childhood ADHD: to medicate, or not to medicate? This debate has been raging for decades, with staunch advocates on each side. Now, there’s more positive news for those in the anti-medication camp.

Duration: 00:01:06

Talking Eds: Episode 14

In this week’s episode of Talking Eds, the team behind Campus Review, Education Review and Early Learning Review dive deep into why intensive parenting is making mums and dads miserable, investigate the crowdsourcing phenomenon shaking up Big Pharma and revel in the protesting Sydney College of the Arts students’ victory against powers that be at the University of Sydney.

Duration: 00:18:04

Talking Eds: Episode 13

In this week's episode of Talking Eds, the team behind Campus Review, Education Review and Early Learning Review unpack body image issues in the preschool playground, look into the USQ ecologist who was forced to withdraw from a conservation conference due to his dingo meat ideas and chat about the importance of uni rankings after yet another list was released.

Duration: 00:10:59

Iain McGregor

With nearly one-third of people with epilepsy having forms resistant to current medication, some people turn to medical cannabis, driven by hope – and anecdotal evidence claiming – that it will work. Now, researchers at the University of Sydney’s Lambert Initiative, in partnership with Epilepsy Action Australia, are seeking out parents who use cannabis-based medicines to treat their child’s epilepsy.

Duration: 00:20:52

Talking Eds: Episode 10

In episode 10 of Talking Eds, the team behind Campus Review, Education Review and Early Learning Review look back on a week when New York said ‘no’ to Pokémon Go, we discovered what the most optimistic and engaging school year is, and referencing errors and plagiarism made news. Listen in to hear Early Learning Review editor Loren Smith and Campus Review and Education Review editor James Wells join me, news editor Patrick Avenell discuss the week that was in education.

Duration: 00:16:09

ELR Talking Eds Innovation AICC

The Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce today curated a fascinating roundtable discussion on the future of innovation in Australia, with specific reference to the role the education sectors, in particular universities, are playing in this brave new world. On the panel was technologist and entrepreneur Paul Shetler, who is currently the CEO of Digital Transformation Office. Also on stage was social scientist Anne Moore, founder and CEO of PlanDo; and former telco whizz and now the founder...

Duration: 01:31:17

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