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Preaching from the Word of God by DJ Vick and all the Pastors at Eastside Foursquare Church in Bothell, Washington.

Preaching from the Word of God by DJ Vick and all the Pastors at Eastside Foursquare Church in Bothell, Washington.
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Bothell, WA


Preaching from the Word of God by DJ Vick and all the Pastors at Eastside Foursquare Church in Bothell, Washington.




12.10.2017 | A Genealogy of Hope

Mathew starts the his Gospel with a genealogy, the family history of Jesus. We find some crazy and unexpected characters in that list. What are they doing there? And what hope does it give us that such broken people in the lineage of Christ? Audio only:

Duration: 00:29:40

12.05.2017 | God With Us

John Wesley, the great founder of the Methodist Church, as he was dying, uttered these last words, “The best of all is, God is with us.” Emmanuel. Pastor Russ explores the three key questions: Is Jesus God? What does “with us” mean? And who is “us” in this context? Audio only:

Duration: 00:37:35

11.26.2017 | The Power of Perspective

Perspective has power: To build up or to tear down. Knowing who you are in God the Father changes everything. It takes you from a place of brokenness, putting down yourself and others, to a place of thankfulness and gratitude. Audio only:

Duration: 00:33:48

11.19.2017 | Help! My leader is broken!

This week Pastor Russ discusses how certain people in our lives may bother us or push us to want to fight but that really we need to submit and let the Lord handle it. An encouraging perspective showing that we all deal with this and that we are not alone. Even Jesus went through this and set an example ofRead More ...

Duration: 00:29:48

11.12.2017 | Living in the Meantime

Pastor Stan Simmons shares lessons from the the story of Joseph. He examines the gap between the dreams that God gave this young man and the time when those dreams came true. We live much of our own lives in these in-between times, in these “meantimes”. God’s promises are true even in these times. Audio only:

Duration: 00:33:15

11.05.2017 | Sacrifice

Romans 12 calls us to become a living sacrifice – Pastor Russ helps us understand what this means and how we can entrust our very lives to an infinitely wise and infinitely loving God. Audio only:

Duration: 00:38:55

10.29.2017 | Forgiveness

Pastor Russ walks us through what it means to be a community of forgiveness and the grace we receive when we are forgiven. Audio only:

Duration: 00:33:06

10.22.2017 | Teammates

This week Pastor Russ talks about the value of small groups and the dangers of isolation. Come with us as we walk through the challenges of building healthy community and admitting that we need teammates! Audio only:

Duration: 00:35:14

10.15.2017 | “But if not”

Pastor Russ teaches from Daniel 3:14-18, the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. In that story these faithful followers declare that God is able to save them, “But if not,” even if God does not deliver them from the furnace, they will still remain faithful. We can trust God and our relationship with him always – whether things are goingRead More ...

Duration: 00:26:50

10.08.2017 | The Power of Perspective

Glenn Burris, President of the Foursquare Church, reminds us that God’s perspective and timing can be very different than our own. Audio only:

Duration: 00:37:52

10.01.2017 | Building Bridges

Pastor Russ reminds us that we are called to be a church that builds bridges to the lost. What kind of bridge will we be? Audio only:

Duration: 00:26:04

09.24.2017 | Grace and Truth

In John 8, Jesus models both grace and truth to the woman caught in adultery – He saves his condemnation for the graceless religious people. Church is inherently messy because we are a messy people, often broken, sometimes lost, ourselves in need of grace and truth. We are not just a gathering for people who have their life in order.Read More ...

Duration: 00:39:31

09.17.2017 | Jonah: The Heart Divided

In the Bible whenever you see the word pure (give me a pure heart), we’re not talking about a perfect heart but about a single heart. The opposite of a pure heart in the Bible is not an impure heart; it’s a divided heart. In the story of Jonah we see the story of our own divided hearts – butRead More ...

Duration: 00:39:30

09.03.2017 | Jonah: Surrender

“Pick me up and throw me into the sea.” Having run from God, Jonah realizes he can run no more. He expects the sea will be the death of him. But in the waters God does His saving work. Like Jonah we are called to surrender as well, called to surrender to Grace. Audio only:

Duration: 00:37:31

09.03.2017 | Jonah: Watched

In the Story of Jonah, his relationship with the sailors might seem like a subplot. But sometimes the subplot of our lives is where God is doing unexpected work. In this 3rd part of our series on Jonah, Pastor Russ challenges us to be faithful witnesses where we are and trust that God will use us for His Kingdom. AudioRead More ...

Duration: 00:38:44

08.27.2017 | Jonah: Repentance

Jonah’s first instinct is to run from God. His sin imperils his fellow sailors as a great storm arises around them. What kind of God would send a killer storm to get Jonah? The kind of God that needs Jonah to know grace. Audio only:

Duration: 00:30:56

08.20.2017 | Jonah: Sin and Grace

Jonah is called to go to the biggest, baddest, meanest, most powerful city in the world and go in the center of it and tell everybody to repent and turn to God. Jonah runs from this call, a decision rooted in self-righteousness. Nevertheless, God pursues Jonah, even in the midst of a storm. We like Jonah are called to anRead More ...

Duration: 00:34:14

08.13.2017 | Authentic Vulnerability

Pastor Bob reminds us that God has set us free from guilt and shame, allowing us to be authentically vulnerable. In our vulnerability we find courage, connection, and communion. Video coming soon! Audio only:

Duration: 00:41:09

08.06.2017 | Family

We all struggle to find balance in our lives, forever juggling the demands of our careers, our family lives, our commitments at church and in the community. Pastor Russ helps us find grace in Scripture and relief in submitting ourselves to God’s design for our relationships. Audio only:

Duration: 00:41:03

07.30.2017 | Where Our Treasure Is…

Pastor Russ helps us find freedom from the mastery that money can demand of us. We were created to give, and in that giving money becomes a tool of grace. Audio only:

Duration: 00:30:31

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