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Chef, Writer, Sports Fan & Podcast host Brian Child Chats with fellow food fanatic Danielle Edwards. They'll discuss what is going on in the food world, give recommendations for recipes, cocktails and talk about what ever else that pops into their heads that day.




151: Back to Basics with Whole Grains and Beans

This week on The Mad Chef Podcast, Chef Brian gets back to the basics with cooking with Whole Grains and Beans with guests Bruce and Carla Crane. Bruce and Carla have been cooking with Whole Grains and Beans and are recognized as experts in their field with over 40 years of experience on how to get the most out of Whole Grains and Beans in your cooking.

Duration: 00:58:43

150: The Art of Making Homemade Pies Easy

This week on The Mad Chef Podcast, Chef Brian sits down with Pie Making expert JeriDee Burnett. We discovery JeriDee's passion for making pies and she answers your questions on how to make a great pie.

Duration: 01:12:06

149: Five Steps to Making Great Bread

This week on The Mad Chef Podcast, Chef Brian sits down with brother and sister team and local business owners Gina and Alan Crane. We discuss their life in the bread making and teaching business and how eating whole wheat bread was just what they knew, and didn’t know any better. Gina and Alan recount their family’s life lessons and how they help prepare them for life as an adult. Each shares their insights on their upcoming class and how they will assist the attendees to make better bread.

Duration: 00:48:59

148: The Tastes of Easter

The Mad Chef sits down with local artisan Candy makers Carla Crane and Tenill Foote. Carla shares her story of building her Business with her husband and the struggles they endured getting started. Carla and Tenill recount the good memories their family had making Easter Treats together. Each share their thoughts on International Women's Day and more.

Duration: 00:34:20

147: Learning To Make Cheese

This week on The Mad Chef Podcast, we visit with Emily Rawlings a local artisan who makes cheeses. Emily says that you can make cheese at one half the amount that you can purchase cheeses in the store and there is a world of better flavor as well. Emily shares her passion and why she became a self-taught artisan of cheese. We get a good rapid fire session in.

Duration: 00:35:36

146: The Joy of A Family Baking Business

This week on The Mad Chef Podcast, we visit with Brett Borg co-owner of The Schmidt’s Pastry Cottage in Salt Lake City, Utah. Brett says that there is a lot to producing a quality product consistently than what the average customer might think. Brett shares the values and life skills he has learned growing up in the bakery and how family and supporting local business has been a passion of his. We get a few rapid fire questions in as well. Originally aired 02/23/2017 - 03/02/2017

Duration: 00:53:48

Episode 45 | Home Chef Vini Joseph's Indian Kitchen

Chef Brian sits down with Salt Lake City resident and Home Chef Vini Joseph. Vini shares her immigration story to the United States. Vini shares her personal sacrifices and her hopes and dreams of opening her own restaurant and writing her own American dream for herself one day. Check out this episode, won't you?

Duration: 00:32:39

Episode 44 | Kitchen Tips That Will Save Your World

Chef Brian sits down and talks through listener comments and questions. Brian provides quick and easy steps to solving some common questions from how to store cheese, using honey in cooking, what to do with leftover wine and how to make a fancy balsamic glaze. Of course we share our featured recipe of a New Orleans classic BraBant Potatoes. We welcome your thoughts, tweets and comments on Twitter and Instagram @MarinateMeBaby **** Please leave a review on iTunes and Stitcher ****

Duration: 00:17:00

Episode 43 | Becoming a Grandpa, Texas and Life's Changes

Chef Brian became a grandfather while on his trip to Texas. Brian shares his experiences, the joys of technology and how being 1,000 miles away how it brought the family together. Brian shares his food experience in Texas, How to Find and Fix your Grill’s Hot Spots, and of course he talks about Great Skirt Steak that is marinated in an Asian Style and Elote (Mexican Grilled Corn). We welcome your thoughts, tweets and comments on Twitter and Instagram @MarinateMeBaby **** Please leave a...

Duration: 00:39:12

Episode 42 | Dallas Texas

Brian is going to Texas again next week and the great city of Dallas. We celebrate the beauty of our childhood memories of where we eat food, what hamburgers we like and how regionality play in our food preferences. Dani shares her love of Whisky & Jameson. We talk about a beautiful mediterranean classic, a grilled Bronzini and the the live remote on College Football game day. We welcome your thoughts, tweets and comments: @MarinateMeBaby, @BYUSportsCave, and @pitchedhalo13 **** Please...

Duration: 00:10:06

Episode 41 | Endless Summer BBQ

As the sun sets on the horizon, we recognize that the days are getting shorter and the opportunity for grilling outdoors will soon come to a hasty close. In tonight’s episode we share some of the greatest tips and tricks on getting the most out of your grill, summer grilling tips and of course we share a Zesty Jicama, Cilantro Lime Slaw Recipe, #PDR’s and great cocktails from our resident mixologist! Download us for your commute or a relaxing siesta on the patio! We welcome your thoughts,...

Duration: 00:15:11

Episode 39 | Eat and Drink Seasonally

August and September means your garden is starting to show signs of life! A whole host of tasty goodies are springing forth for you to enjoy! Join us as we discuss and share our favorites recipes, #PDR’s and Cocktails that feature these garden treasures! So join us for the discussion on how to eat and drink seasonally on Eat & Drink It” We welcome your thoughts, tweets and comments: @MarinateMeBaby, @BYUSportsCave, and @tokenchick13 **** Please leave a review on iTunes and Stitcher ****

Duration: 00:35:39

Episode 38 | Beef, From Texas and Beyond

Beef is king in Texas. Brian was in Texas this last week and we discuss BBQ, Southern Hospitality and the influence of Sweet Tea to your bloodstream. We also share tasty recipes that pair well with beef and beef products, and of course get some Cocktail recommendations that can quench a Texas sized Thirst from Danielle Edwards. Join us as we explore “Beef, From Texas and Beyond!” We welcome your thoughts, tweets and comments: @MarinateMeBaby, @BYUSportsCave, and @tokenchick13 **** Please...

Duration: 00:22:37

Episode 37 | Watermelon Gold

Watermelon’s are reaching maturity in our gardens. In this episode we elaborate on the tasty, and thirst quenching ways you can utilize Watermelon’s Gold! From Fruit Leather to Watermelon themed Cocktails, and #PDR's we have a taste treat ready for your Summer’s treat! We welcome your thoughts, tweets and comments: @MarinateMeBaby, @BYUSportsCave, and @tokenchick13 **** Please leave a review on iTunes and Stitcher ****

Duration: 00:20:57

Episode 36 | Summer Screams for Ice Cream

We sit down to chat about cooling off during Summer's Blistering Heat. One of our most vivid memories is Ice Cream. We discuss the kitchn.com's article on delectible Ice Creams and tasty trends. We also talk some fantastic non-dairy versions - be sure to visit our website, so you don't miss out! Brian joins Dani and Scott in recomending his own tasty beverage the "Watermelon Cucumber Sparkler". Dani shares two cocktails of her own involving #Utah's Own #AppleBeer and features a #HiveWinery...

Duration: 00:35:40

Episode 35 | Our Sweet and Sour Side

We sit down and talk how America is changing changing from a Sugars to Sours and what food trends are shifting our perceptions about Sugar. We also discuss snacks and how Millennials are shifting the trend on frequency and choice of snack. We share our Bourbon Bacon Jam recipe, and the versatility of such a condiment and of course we get two fantastic cocktails mixers. We welcome your thoughts, tweets and comments: @MarinateMeBaby, @BYUSportsCave, and@TokenChick13 **** Please leave a...

Duration: 00:13:01

Episode 34 | Huli Huli Hawaii

Countless families seek a temporary reprieve from Summer's Heat. It may be a trip to an amusement park, or a trip to the coast, or even catching a baseball game and eating a favorite, regional hot dog from their childhood. We discuss the regional nature of hot dogs and walk through a few of the regional favorites from New York to Hawaii. We discuss a regional Hawaiian roadside treat Huli Huli Chicken and the various uses for our featured recipe. #PDR joins us to share a Hawaiian taste...

Duration: 00:16:02

Episode 33 | Craft Brewing with Jason Stock, North Carolina BBQ Sauce and S

Squatters Brewmaster Jason Stock is know for his love of brewing beer, however in this interview he shares more than just what he does for Squatters. He shares his journey on how he came to love beer and how his family then and now played a part in his journey. Danielle Edwards spotlights Squatters family of beers. Brian shares his recipe for North Carolina BBQ Sauce for the 4th of July!

Duration: 00:25:07

Episode 32 |The Almost Lost Episode: 100 years of Pyrex and Craft Beer Scen

This week, we speak about the Craft Beer scene in Los Angeles and Salt Lake City! We feature LA’s Beer Week and we discuss what local brewers are doing to help break down the barriers between brewer and patron. We discuss Pyrex’s birthday at 100! Danielle Edwards shares with us some additional activities going on in Salt Lake City. Scott Duehlmeier shares with us his recommendations for this week and of course Danielle shares her review of a local brewery doing things right in Salt Lake!...

Duration: 00:13:39

Episode 31 | Refreshing Punch Cocktails and Recipes

This week the theme is Punch. Not the one you throw in a fight, but the one that you drink on summer vacation. We discuss the great Utah Famous Fruit way, Great Shakes in a Small Town and local berries and Brian shares a great recipes for blackberry jam. We demystify where punches came from, what makes a great punch and Dani shares a few new cocktail recipes. Plus, we get to talk to Scott from @ProperDrinkRun on his great punch based soda’s.
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