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Kellie Hill teaches us how easy eating well, and living well can be. Join Kellie as she pulls back the curtain on the mystery of how our foods affect our body.




Holiday Gifts for Free

The holidays are a time when we have to give, give, give. Sometimes it feels overwhelming and we want to scream

Duration: 00:56:47

Heal Allergies Naturally

One of the things that can really drain your energy and leave you in a constant state of brain fog is allergies and the medications

Duration: 00:57:06

More Listeners Questions Answered

You had LOTS of questions, Kellie has answers. Questions include: are plastic water bottles safe and can you reuse them; all about grass fed beef

Duration: 00:57:06

Thank You Gifts for Everyone

The holidays are a time when we try and stop and say “thanks” for all we have in our lives. But, I know sometimes it feels like it's just a bunch

Duration: 00:56:59

Fermentation for Health and Fun

Christopher and Kirsten Shockey, authors of the new book “Fermented Vegetables” join Kellie to discuss, of course, fermentation. Learn how fermented foods are a traditional staple across the world

Duration: 00:57:53

Flatter Tummy Today

Kathleen Pagnini joins Kellie to talk about the two “cores” in the body. She walks you through the exercises you can do anywhere so you have a flat tummy today.

Duration: 00:58:59

Freedom from Back Pain in Seven Easy Steps

Chronic back pain is defined as pain for a couple of months or more. Lisa Marie Keller offers her new book, “Free My Back – 7 Steps to Freedom from Chronic Back Pain”.

Duration: 00:57:49

Get Motivated by Eating Chocolate

Positive affirmations can change your life. Some people say chocolate can too. You can find your inspiration this month with free, gourmet chocolates

Duration: 00:56:27

Speed up Your Time in the Kitchen with Quick Cooking Tips from Celebrity Ch

From feeding celebrities Jay Z, Paul McCartney and Gwyneth Paltrow - from gourmet meals to all types of specialty diets - Celebrity Chef Ariane Resnick as done it all.

Duration: 00:57:28

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Learn the health benefits of coconut oil and the many uses for coconut oil as one of leading experts in all things coconut, Dr. Bruce Fife of the Coconut Research Center joins Kellie.

Duration: 00:55:49

Dr. Loren Cordain Explains The Paleo Diet

What is the Paleo Diet? Is it a caveman diet? Dr. Loren Cordain, the world’s leading expert on Paleolithic diets and founder of the Paleo movement joins Kellie to help explain what eating “paleo” really means and if it’s right for you. Get to the real truth behind some of the major questions – Is dairy okay?, Do grains fit into paleo recipes?, What about beans and legumes? With over 70% of our food from processed sources, Dr. Cordain explains that the Paleo Diet is more than a current fad,...

Duration: 00:57:41

Gluten Free, Allergy Free Chocolate for EVERYONE

A gluten free, nut free sunflower seed butter cup that tastes just like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup but is safe for everyone - that's what Sun Cups is offering listeners with this month's giveaway. This amazing company has a not only a fascinating story to tell but is giving listeners that ability to try the product for FREE this month. Winners drawn every single day during the month of October.

Duration: 00:57:15

How to Lose Weight Fast

Are you ready to lose weight without weird cardboard-like bars, nasty tasting shakes, or expensive supplements? Are you ready to have unlimited energy? Are you ready to shop at your own grocery store and know what your best food choices are in order to lose weight AND how to put them together in an amazing kid-tested (and approved) healthy recipes?

Duration: 00:57:14

Food Allergies and Inflammation

Many people easily recognize when they have a food allergies and especially if it causes inflammation. Others may have allergies without seeing any traditional, noticeable signs and symptoms. Dr. Stefan Hagopian joins Kellie to discuss the issue.

Duration: 00:57:00

Becoming an Incredimom - The New Super Heroine

The Incredimom herself, Michelle Davidson joins Kellie to talk about the 7 Steps you can take to A.W.E.S.O.M.E. a choice for every mom. Michelle shares her spiritual, holistic approach to health which focuses on diet and exercise and how they affect personal and professional relationships. As a co-author of the book Rapid Change for busy heart-centered women who want to be the best version of themselves, she discusses how to stop letting others define us as well as how to use healthy foods...

Duration: 00:57:27

Solutions for a Greener, Simpler Life PLUS FREE GIVEAWAY each week

Plastic bags represent the #2 most commonly found items in beach clean-ups worldwide. We consume more than 100 billion plastic bags

Duration: 00:57:57

Beating Inflammation with Real Food

There may be no known cure for arthritis and inflammation, but for many, preventative approaches

Duration: 00:57:00

Reduce Inflammation, Improve Sleep, and Muscle Recovery with Tart Cherry Ju

Called “Nature’s Ibuprofen”, tart cherry juice is a natural anti inflammatory food that works similar to over-the-counter pain killers

Duration: 00:58:07

Listener Questions Answered

You had questions, Kellie has answers. Questions include: Is it safe to cook or reheat leftovers in the microwave; are “raw” almonds really raw

Duration: 00:59:03

Healthy Diets to Lose Weight and A FREE GIVEAWAYS worth over $76,000.00

Ready to lose weight without a radical diet, nasty shakes, weird bars, or supplements? Ready to have unlimited energy?

Duration: 00:57:23

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