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Episode 21 – The End While the End is Night

In this episode, Renee and Mike have a great last on-air discussion about society and politics and the film industry and doing the podcast. With Mike moving, this will be Eat the Rich's final episode for at least a bit. But that's not including the Live Show, of course, which will be released next week! Thank you all so much for listening, and stay following us for any updates in the future (Live Show notwithstanding.) Eat the Rich stuff: Website: Twitter:...


Episode 20 – We Told You They're Klansmen

Wow. The president said unequivocally that some Neo-Nazis are very fine people. We all knew they were Klansmen, but to just come right out and say it. Wow. We talk about it. And a some other stuff. But mostly that. Click "LEARN MORE" on our Facebook page to RSVP for our live event on Wednesday, August 23 in Chicago so you don't miss it! Eat the Rich stuff: Website: Twitter: @EattheRich6 Facebook: /eattherichpodcast Call and leave us a message here: (815) 661-6168!...


Episode 19 – We Need to Stay Vigilant

Thank god John McCain was well enough to get out of his taxpayer funded hospital bed to his taxpayer funded jet to vote to take taxpayer healthcare away while on a taxpayer funded salary! What a hero! Eat the Rich stuff: Website: Twitter: @EattheRich6 Facebook: /eattherichpodcast Call and leave us a message here: (815) 661-6168! To rate, search the podcast on iTunes/the Podcast app, click reviews (and click five stars)! Thank you for listening, and please reach...


Episode 18 - Follow. The. Money.

We're feeling more optimistic by the day! With Mueller following the money, the healthcare vote failing, and new HBO for the foreseeable future, some of us actually have headspace for more than Trump's babytown tweets. Eat the Rich stuff: Website: Twitter: @EattheRich6 Facebook: /eattherichpodcast Call and leave us a message here: (815) 661-6168! To rate, search the podcast on iTunes/the Podcast app, click reviews (and click five stars)! Thank you for listening,...


Episode 17 – The Fight of Your Lifecare

Liberals going moderate in response to the far right. The importance of not negotiating on universal healthcare. Mark Zuckerberg’s trip around the country proves that robot-doing-an-elementary-school-paper ass MF is running for president someday. Trump claims he doesn’t have time to watch a lot of TV. Eat the Rich stuff: Website: Twitter: @EattheRich6 Facebook: /eattherichpodcast Call and leave us a message here: (815) 661-6168! To rate, search the podcast on...


Episode 14 – Season Finale (Music & Conspiracies)

Nick Harris, AKA Ricky Mirage, came on to talk about the local music scene, being an independent musician, and playing DIY and bar venues. Then, we talk about conspiracy theories and the validity of some versus the absolute absurdity of others. This is the season finale. We'll be back in June! Rick Mirage's Music: Eat the Rich stuff: Website: Twitter: @EattheRich6 Facebook: /eattherichpodcast...


Episode 13 - The Dunning-Kruger Effect and Other Cognitive Animals

We had author of ANIMALS ON BUSES Adam Lawson on for conversations that ranged from creative boldness, self publishing, and freedom from censorship to cognitive bias, children, and staying true to your sense of voice no matter what profession, side job, or hobby you're passionate about. Buy Adam's book! or here: Website: Twitter: @EattheRich6 Facebook:...


Episode 12 - It's All Connected, Including US Support of the Israeli Occupation

Mike and Renee interview Clare Jordan (activist, IfNotNow, Center for Jewish Nonviolence), who spoke about efforts to end US support of Israel; what the occupation looks like; her first person experiences domestically, in Israel, and in Palestine; and how it all connects to imperialism, white supremacy, and a host of other global conflicts both historically and currently. Mike's ignorance really shines through on this one. Website: Twitter: @EattheRich6 Facebook:...


Episode 10 - The Trump/Russia Collusion Is Good for Your Health Care

The beauty of the GOP failure, the resounding sigh of relief from tens of millions of people, and the significance of it all. Then, Renee walks us through the Trump campaign and administration's collusion with Russia. IMPEACHMENT NIGH! Website: Twitter: @EattheRich6 Facebook: /eattherichpodcast To rate, search the podcast on iTunes, click on reviews, and click five stars! Thank you for listening. Please reach out for feedback and we'll discuss on the air:...


Episode 9 - We're Gentrifying Neighborhoods with a Settler Colonialist Mentality

We need to take on a different attitude when it comes to "urban revival." Deep discussion on the rural voter. Tech disruption changes the world, which means most of us benefit, but thousands of us get hurt. Musings about the Trump budget. There is a white culture: it's benefiting from the oppression of other ethnicities, religions, and races. The issues of VR and automation in regards to the workforce and the environment. Some progressive celebrities to follow. Closing with a discussion on...


Episode 8 - Let's Go Through All the Catastrophes

Renee and Mike discuss some of the sinister ass people we're dealing with. Discussion summary, in order: Referring to Trump as 45 might be a Voldemort "he who must not be named" thing. #45Fatigue Obama versus Trump. Radioactive boars in Fukushima and the lack of incentive for environment protection safeguards. Voucher funding and public education. "Climate change isn't caused by CO2." Disagreeing with scientists. Rahm Emanuel, the POS. The incredible power of local government. Renee tells...


Episode 7 - Ian Cox Knows Too Much About the Oscars, but That's Why We Had Him On

Certified Oscar expert Ian Cox comes on to talk about the 2017 Academy Awards ceremony, where "La La Land" had their award literally snatched away by the deserving "Moonlight," and sexual assaulter Casey Affleck figuratively snatched his award from the more deserving Denzel Washington. From the origins of the Oscars to the night before's La La Gate, we have you covered and more. Subscribe on iTunes! Search us in the Podcast app/app store and give us a rating! Email in at...


Episode 6 - The ABCs of Anarchy

Mike and Renee invite a special guest (William Brent Wright) to the podcast to give us a little primer on what anarchism actually is, and how it's different from the way anarchist protestors are portrayed in the media. Subscribe on iTunes, give us a rating, and follow us on Twitter at @eattherich6!


Episode 5 - White Liberals Want to Be Matthew Broderick in the 1989 Film "Glory."

Towards the end, Renee schools Mike on how to engage in protest effectively as a cisgender white person, and it gets fiery as the conversation turns to how white people can be involved in stopping the subjugation of minorities. But before then, we talk about Bannon versus Baghdadi according to Fox News. Current events according to Fox News. "How you feel" versus what's true. Intellectuals on the left versus intellectuals on the right. And Trent stops by with some beers. #TheResistance


Episode 4 - One of These Days We're Going to Talk About Prison Abolition

Topics, in order: Post-election mood. Violent protest can be effective. Conservatives care more about flag burning than they do about black lives. White nationalism and police racism. Dave Matthews vs. Steve Bannon. Longfully looking back on the Republican Primaries. Ted Cruz, his creepiness, and his screenwriter roommate. Beyoncé is birthing two messiahs destined to save us. Racism and feminism in the music industry (and Nickelback.) Blue collar contempt for doctors and lawyers and not...


Episode Two - Hammered on Inauguration Day

Mike and Renee discuss their preference for pre-9/11 country music. Around minute 42, the wine bottle empties and the hosts go in on Trumpism and the Inauguration.


Episode 3 - Blue Collar Workers in Space

Given the current political climate, was Michael Bay's Armageddon ahead of its time? Also, Elon Musk's Mission to Mars and Renee defines neoliberalism.


Inaugural Episode

In the first episode of "Eat the Rich", Chicago-based writers Mike Epifani and Renee Kuhl discuss why rich people are basically glorified hoarders, Golden Showers, the price of condoms, historical white privilege, and America's love/hate (but mostly love) relationship with the ultra-wealthy.