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Episode 98: Improving Our Food System, One Shipping Container At A Time

Building and sustaining regional food systems has been a much discussed topic this season, and in this episode, host Jenna Liut speaks with Tobias Peggs, Co-Founder and CEO of Square Roots - a company doing just that. Square Roots is an urban farming and entrepreneurship platform that strengthens communities through real food. They discuss how and why Square Roots was launched, what the company hopes to achieve, and the immense impact it can have on how we produce and consume food in this...


Episode 97: The Farm Bill: A Primer

How much do you know about the Farm Bill? If the answer is "not enough," then this is the episode for you. Paul Wolfe, Senior Policy Specialist at the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition gives us a primer on this behemoth legislation that arguably has the biggest impact on our national food and agriculture policies and system. It is not the easiest bill to navigate to say the least, and as it is up for reauthorization in 2018, we wanted to go back to basics to better understand what...


Episode 95: Rethinking NAFTA

Let's get wonky and talk about how international trade policy effects on our food system. (Best teaser ever.) The re-negotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between the U.S., Mexico and Canada began on August 16, and can have huge repercussions on our food supply, farmers and the land. Ben Lilliston joins Host Jenna Liut to unpack the effects NAFTA has had on our food system over the past twenty years – and the potential effects that renegotiating the agreement could...