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Ep 32: Quenching Edina's Thirst for Amazing Craft Beer, Pete Rifakes Brings 20 Years of Experience to Town Hall Station

Pete Rifakes quickly learned that sitting in a cubicle at Northwest Airlines was not where he wanted to be, so he took his expertise in finance, and his love for craft beer, and created a chain of bars and restaurants known as Town Hall. There is Town Hall Brewery, Town Hall Tap, Town Hall Lanes, and his latest creation, Town Hall Station. It's a Town Hall housed inside the old Walley's Service Station on Valley View Road, and it's a restaurant and bar just for Edina. Rifakes has poured...

Duration: 00:28:44

Ep 31: Your Pet is Family So When Illness Strikes, Westgate Pet Clinic Provides the Answers and Care You Need

Tim Murphy is inside Westgate Pet Clinic for a chat with Dr. Teresa Hershey. She'll walk through the fascinating history of Westgate, history that goes back to the Civil War! Plus, you'll learn about the most important qualities in a good veterinarian, how to take care of older pets, and the effectiveness of acupuncture on pets. It's pet that dates back to the late 1800's. There's a passion for animals that is deep and caring, and you'll hear why in episode 31 of Advice Givers (r). To...

Duration: 00:18:34

Ep 30: From Pain Relief to Clearer Vision, the Pindoctor Uses Treatments Dating Back Thousand of Years to Help Reclaim Your Freedom

Open your eyes to a new kind of treatment. Tim Murphy sits down with mountain climber, comedy producer, author, and accupuncturist Mats Sexton. He's the Pindoctor giving those suffering from pain much needed relief, and those with Macular Degeneration a clearer view of life. Mats is one of the few acupuncturist that treats Macular Degeneration, giving people that have lost all hope a chance to reclaim their freedom. He has some amazing success stories, and a plea for any ophthalmologist...

Duration: 00:23:50

Ep 29: When Lice Take Over, the MN Lice Lady Takes Over to Give Your Kids Instant Relief and You Peace of Mind

Tim Murphy sits down with the famous Minnesota Lice Lady, Gonne Asser to talk about head lice and the unnecessary stress it brings to the family. In this episode you'll learn how Lice is actually transmitted, how to deal with it at home, when you need a professional, and why lice does NOT mean your life is out of control. Not only will you walk away from this interview an instant expert on lice, but you'll also hear how a woman, who never considered herself an entreprenuer, now runs two...

Duration: 00:25:16

Ep 28: Gear Running Store - Dedicated To Finding the Perfect Fit. Allowing You to Achieve More Than You Thought Possible.

Gear Running Store is the oldest running store in the Twin Cities. Owner Paul Horan has continued Gear's great tradition of helping runners of all skill levels achieve their goals with quality shoes and running accessories. Gear Running Store has continued to build an avid following of devoted runners which has allowed them to stay open for more than 30 years. What's the secret? Trust and friendship. Learn more in today's episode of Advice Givers (R). Subscribe to the Advice Givers (R)...

Duration: 00:30:28

Ep 27: Jimmie's Old Southern BBQ Smokehouse - Famous Dave Anderson Guarantees it's Fresh & Fast (Not to Mention the Best Darn BBQ You Will Ever Have)

With the smell of a wood burning oven mixed with award-winning barbecue sauce in the air, Tim Murphy sits down with Edina resident and entrepreneur Dave Anderson to talk about his newest creation: Jimmie's Old Southern BBQ Smokehouse on 44th & France. Anderson became (literally) famous through his Famous Dave's restaurants across the nation. Now he he's gone back into his personal kitchen to create a whole new experience for BBQ lovers in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Jimmie's Old Southern BBQ...

Duration: 00:26:07

Ep 26: We Share Special Memories From the First 25 Episodes Plus a Special Announcement

Host Tim Murphy and producer Dave Lawson record episode 26 on a bench along 50th & France to reflect on the first 25 episodes of Advice Givers (r). The laughs, the inspiration, and the struggles that are common to all of the entrepreneurs and problem solvers that have appeared on the show. From Kimberly Senn's Whales and Mary Younggren's dedication to service, to the truly inspiring story of Dmitry Ivanovs, a man who moved to Edina knowing only few words of English, and worked his way...

Duration: 00:26:06

Ep 25: The Place Of Legends - Lou Nanne's American Grill.

Lou Nanne is a Minnesota legend -- not only in hockey, but business. Today he shares the secrets to his entrepreneurial spirit, from the incredible hockey contract (he negotiated) for its day with the North Stars, to how he moved from hockey into the business world. Plus, the future of Lou Nanne's American Grill is exciting, too! He is funny, endearing, and inspiring. Welcome to Ep 25. Listen here: Subscribe to the Advice Givers (R) podcast here: Stitcher:...

Duration: 00:33:56

Ep 24: 3 Generations of Refined Customer Focus. Driven By a Passionate France 44 Family Who Value Excellence in Wine, Spirits & Food

Today Tim Murphy is at 44th and France in Edina to Chat with Rick Anderson of France 44 a family business 60 years in the making... Rick, who started working in his father's store as a child (funny story you don't want to miss about the store's first conveyer belt!) ventured out of the family business and into consulting. His entrepreneurial spirit was calling, though, which brought him back to France 44. He's a really sharp man with great advice for business owners. Today you'll...

Duration: 00:27:58

Ep 23: Edina's 50th & France - European Charm with Quaint Shops, Unparalleled Personal Service and Remarkable Events to Create a World of Experiences

Today we bring the podcast outdoors to take advantage of the final weeks of summer in Edina, Minnesota, and hear the history and future of Edina's 50th and France from the woman who knows it best -- Rachel Thelemann. Rachel is the Executive Director of the 50th & France Business Association and in today's episode, you will learn about this unique community's past, how Art Fair has become world renowned, and the exciting new project that add another layer of charm to this area. Subscribe...

Duration: 00:16:27

Episode 22: CareerPrep Helping Students Save Time, Stress and Money by Instilling Self-Awareness to Find the Perfect Career

Finding a narrow path to a career goal takes a well thought out strategy, and with the cost of college soaring, having a career strategy is more important than ever. Today Tim Murphy sits down with Audra Emerson from CareerPrep, a company that helps students find their passion, and then crafts a plan to turn that passion into a career. In this podcast you will learn how Audra, and her business partner Sara Wegmann, help students find clarity along and the their best advice as college...

Duration: 00:25:12

Ep 21: Melanie Richards has "Outsmarted the Sun" with Airbrush Tanning that Gives You a Healthy, Luxurious, and Confident Glow

Melanie Richards never knew she had the entrepreneurial spirit until it just...happened. She grew up learning from the best. Raised by a single mother who worked her way from an entry level data entry position to president of the company, and a grandfather who vowed to serve and protect in the Minnesota Patrol. She followed in her grandfather's steps by protecting and serving as a corrections officer. She tried with all her power to protect women who were victims of violence, and children...

Duration: 00:21:50

Ep 20: Growing Up In Poverty, Shannon Foreman, has come full circle with Urban Ventures: Empowering Urban Families toward a better tomorrow.

Inspiration to help those in need comes in many forms. Some do it because of their fortunate circumstances, and others do it because they've been there. Shannon Foreman has been there. Shannon grew up in South Minneapolis, daughter of a mother working three jobs. She never went to the park alone and was always in before dark. She knew the streets were dangerous, but she also knew that the residents of South Minneapolis looked out for her. They "had my back." Shannon has since gone to...

Duration: 00:29:21

Ep 19: Red Cow Restaurant, Where It's More Than a Burger, It's Family

Michael Giacomini's family incorporated the idea for Red Cow restaurant from the popularity of fine burgers and beer on the West coast. And with their emphasis on great service first, the popularity of Red Cow quickly grew from one to three locations within 3 years. Add Red Rabbit to the mix, and this local family has uncovered the secret to restaurant success in the Twin Cities. Learn how they did it, from their early mistakes, to their big plans for the future. Listen here:...

Duration: 00:22:05

Ep 18: Your Child's Art Helps Children with Nothing

Susan Robinson's dream of helping kids in the foster care system reaches back more than 10 years, but the dream was put on hold after becoming a single mother following the death of her husband. The dream never faded, and after the death of her second husband, she put it into action. Foster Art sells art created by kids to help support the foster care system that Susan says needs major support. Listen to Susan's amazing journey. A journey that tested her resolve twice, and never broke her...

Duration: 00:20:08

Ep 17: The Biggest Challenges When Shopping for a Bridal Gown, and How Annika Bridal Solves Them

When Annie Corbin and Kate Applebaum met in gymnastics as 6th graders, there wasn't much talk of owning a bridal boutique on 50th and France. But that's all they could talk about after reconnecting years later. After a decade of experience in marketing and bridal fashion, the two combined their strengths and opened Annika Bridal in Edina. Annika Bridal is a boutique that turns the necessity of finding a wedding dress into an experience that will be one of the highlights of her wedding....

Duration: 00:19:14

Ep 16: The Art of Staging a Home to Sell Fast

Recently divorced with no money and no credit. Perfect time to start a business, right? Yes...if you're as talented and determined as Jill O'Gorman. Jill has an ability to sell homes fast by staging them to look irresistible So irresistible that many of her customers regret putting their home up for sale in the first place! So how did it all start? Bare bones. Listen to the story of how this single mom went from the idea of Ravishing Rooms to a successful business that has helped Edina and...

Duration: 00:21:01

Ep 15: Nani Nalu Makes Swimsuit Anxiety a thing of the Past

Surveys have shown that women hate shopping for swimsuits. Hate it! Many rank it right up there with a root canal. Jennifer Cermak agrees. She discovered Nani Nalu on 50th and France after a frustrating search for the perfect bathing suit for her honeymoon. So for Jennifer, Nani Nalu is personal. She wants to allow women to feel as beautiful as they look on the beach. How successful has she been? Huge. Listen to the podcast and learn about Edina's Nani Nalu. Listen here:...

Duration: 00:34:51

Ep 14: Victoria Dance Productions where Kids Can be Unique, Quirky, and Geeky in a Judgement Free Zone

Victoria McNamara, owner of Victoria Dance Productions, came to Edina 24 years ago with some fire in her belly! She had one goal: To be the best dance instructor in Edina. Period. She wanted to win dance competitions both locally and beyond. She wanted to be known as the best. But along the way she learned some valuable lessons about dance, kids and life. Hear how her focus has changed, when it changed, and what brings her the most joy in life today. Victoria Dance Productions is not your...

Duration: 00:28:17

Ep 13: College Nannies + Tutors + Sitters = Role models, coaches and friends... Giving you time to get it done.

For over a decade Laura Davis has taken what used to be a time consuming and stressful process for parents and turned it into an enjoyable experience. College Nannies + Sitters + Tutors doesn't just provide quality childcare and educational help, but mentors, role-models, and friendship for children giving parents the peace of mind they need to maintain a busy life. College Nannies + Sitters + Tutors is an idea born out of the needs of its owner, Laura Davis. Her personal touch as a mom...

Duration: 00:33:15

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