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Stefanie Flaxman delivers the slow and steady tips that will actually help you become a better writer. If you want to reach your audience, they first need to understand your message. This show delivers the art of writing, updated for the digital age.






A Quick Way to Fix Writing Errors You ve Made Multiple Times

Edit of the Week: A time-saving technique that helps you find and correct mistakes. The Show Notes 5 Keyboard Shortcuts for Writers and Editors How to Decide Whether to Use It s or Its (Once and for All) Copyblogger blog Copyblogger FM Stefanie s articles on Copyblogger Revision Fairy – You re the Master Storyteller: On Writing &... Listen to episode

Duration: 00:14:31

4 Digital Proofreading Tips that Give You an Unfair Advantage

Edit of the Week: discover four classic proofreading techniques updated for digital publishing. The Show Notes Stefanie on Twitter How to Review Your Writing Like the Editor of Copyblogger.com Copyblogger blog

Duration: 00:18:20

How to Decide Whether to Use It s or Its (Once and for All)

Edit of the Week: a dissection of the possessive pronoun its. The Show Notes How to Make Singular and Plural Nouns Possessive

Duration: 00:10:32

3 Ways to Sharpen Your Editing Skills and Strengthen Your Writing

Edit of the Week: tips for assuming the mindset of an editor in honor of Editor-in-Chief s one-year anniversary. The Show Notes Editor-in-Chief Season One Rewind: 3 Lessons to Revisit Become the Editor-in-Chief of Your Own Digital Media Platform Stefanie s articles on Copyblogger 3 Sources of Fuel for Sophisticated Content Marketers The Showrunner podcast The Digital... Listen to episode

Duration: 00:24:11

A Seemingly Minor Fact-Checking Tip that Yields Top-Notch Customer Service

Edit of the Week: perform day/date checks as part of your standard editing practice to avoid confusing your audience. The Show Notes Why Haters Are the Petri Dish of Great Content Marketing by Jay Baer

Duration: 00:11:42

How to Make Singular and Plural Nouns Possessive

Edit of the Week: dissecting possessive, plural, and plural possessive (plus how to stop overcomplicating words that end with the letter s ) The Show Notes The Mainframe

Duration: 00:12:47

Do You Use Single Quotation Marks Incorrectly?

Edit of the Week: an easy way to remember when to use double quotation marks and when to use single quotation marks.

Duration: 00:10:04

Hyphens, En Dashes, and Em Dashes: Do You Know the Difference?

Edit of the Week: use precise punctuation to keep your reader in the world you ve created for him with your words.

Duration: 00:14:58

5 Keyboard Shortcuts for Writers and Editors

Edit of the Week: learn five handy keyboard commands, plus a not-to-miss bonus tip to help you publish like a pro. The Show Notes The Secret Weapon Behind Great Websites: The Role of the Content Editor

Duration: 00:14:31

How to Review Your Writing Like the Editor of Copyblogger.com

Edit of the Week: an underutilized proofreading technique that helps you spot and correct errors you ve previously overlooked. The Show Notes Copyblogger blog Catch More Writing Mistakes with This Underutilized Proofreading Trick The Professional Way to Proofread Your Writing When You Don t Have Time

Duration: 00:13:08

How a Confident Editor Overcomes Perfectionism

Edit of the Week: a stress-free process for producing your best work. The Show Notes Lauren Mancke – Head of StudioPress at Rainmaker Digital Rafal Tomal – Lead Designer at Rainmaker Digital Why Content Marketers Need Editors A Simple Plan for Writing One Powerful Piece of Online Content per Week

Duration: 00:12:44

Editor-in-Chief Season One Rewind: 3 Lessons to Revisit

Should I get a tattoo of Editor-in-Chief s cover art? Listen in for the answer and other highlights from Season One of Editor-in-Chief … In this 12-minute episode, I discuss: 7 types of content that help build your audience 5 key roles of a contemporary Editor-in-Chief 8 signs of weak writing that turn off readers The... Listen to episode

Duration: 00:12:28

The Difference Between Making Choices and Attempting to Control

“Get behind the wheel; stay in front of the storm …” How can you optimize your chances of a more positive outcome in any situation? In this 18-minute episode, I discuss: Why decisions shape your identity What a woman jogging on the sidewalk with a stroller has to do with the choices you make that... Listen to episode

Duration: 00:18:16

Talking Versus Doing: Which Business Stage Are You In?

You only have so much energy; where are you choosing to spend it? Take a fun self-assessment. Plus, you ll learn why physical notebooks with lined paper are the best tools for keeping you grounded and productive. In this 21-minute episode, I discuss: The benefits of self-assessment What talking and doing look like in your life... Listen to episode

Duration: 00:21:31

The Difference Between Responsibility and Control

Why an Editor-in-Chief doesn t have to be (and shouldn t be) controlling in order to be responsible. When you recognize the difference between being responsible and being controlling, you can aim to embody the qualities that will help you work with ease and become more productive. In this 9-minute episode, I discuss: Why responsibility is satisfying... Listen to episode

Duration: 00:09:11

Does an Editor-in-Chief Have to Be a Control Freak?

If an Editor-in-Chief takes responsibility for all aspects of her content creation, can she ever relinquish control? People want control when they’re emotionally attached to outcomes; they want a final result to align with their preferences and therefore (desperately) attempt to shape a situation in their favor. However, do strict preferences create the most productivePlay Episode

Duration: 00:16:14

How to Draft 7 Pieces of Content that Help Build Your Audience

Learn about the types of content to produce when you need to grow your audience. Whether you’re just getting started or have been producing content for a while (and feel burned out), these seven types of content will help push your content creation forward so you can attract an audience to your digital business. InPlay Episode

Duration: 01:45:42

This Type of Content Wont Grow Your Audience

Why a certain type of content is like showing your vacation photos to strangers. Avoid this common content mistake with your content and discover what to do instead … In this 10-minute episode, I discuss: The difference between building your audience and serving your existing audience How to evaluate your content ideas Where to startPlay Episode

Duration: 00:12:55

3 Editorial Lessons from Chief Content Writer Demian Farnworth

Demian Farnworth returns to Editor-in-Chief to share three lessons he learned from recording 100 episodes of his podcast, Rough Draft. Unknowingly, Demian assumed the role of Editor-in-Chief of Rough Draft and had to make decisions that served both his audience and his own production capabilities. In this 20-minute episode, Demian Farnworth and I discuss: FindingPlay Episode

Duration: 02:01:48

This Tiny Editorial Habit Can Make a Big Difference in Your Content

Here’s a quick tip that helps you build trust with your audience. Discover how to produce clean, professional writing in a way that also maximizes your chances of creating unique content. In this 14-minute episode, I discuss: A simple, but often ignored, editorial standard When I broke this editorial standard during an episode of Editor-in-ChiefPlay Episode

Duration: 01:26:47

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