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This is a new podcast for ESL learners. Every week, we go over new expressions and vocabulary to bring you interesting stories, articles, and interviews, and we also introduce discussion questions to keep the conversation going on Twitter and elsewhere online.




Episode 1--All About Coffee

Episode 3--Google's Sticky Idea

Episode 4--All About Sunscreen

Episode 5--Camping or 'Camping'

Outro for Edward's ESL Edge Podcast

Intro for Edward's ESL Edge Podcast

Episode 6--What Do People Do All Day? (Phil)

Episode 7--Sarcasm and the Summer Solstice

Episode 8--Everything Euro and All About Iceland

GrammarTime 1--Present Perfect and Unfinished Time

Episode 9--What Do People Do All Day? (Keiran)

Episode 10--'Staycations' and Becoming a 'Morning Person'

Episode 11--Lose Your Blues

Episode 12--Mosquito Troubles and All About Salt & Pepper

Episode 13--Lucky #13 and What Do People Do All Day? (Laura)

GrammarTime 2

Episode 14--The Clothes You Don't Wear

Episode 15--No More Hangovers!

Idiomatically Speaking 1--All Hands!

Episode 16--Colors, Homes, and the Color of Your Home

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