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S02E10 - Blade Runner 2049 (Spoiler alert) and phone accessories

This episode we discuss Blade runner 2049, this segment is riddled with spoilers so beware! We review pop sockets and Emma's phone cleaner sticker. Like us on Facebook and send us a message!

Duration: 00:55:12

S02E09 - The one with all the words

This episode we argue a bunch. Words are discussed ad nauseam. We went to see IT and we watched Dirk Gently's holistic Detective Agency. Both very worthy of checking out. Reply to our "Don't quote me" for the chance to win a $2 equivalency prize! Like us on Facebook!

Duration: 01:01:34

S02E08- 2017 - Back to School

This episode we discuss back to school, the differences between dorks, dweebs, nerds and geeks. We go to Banff, and discuss tourists. Another edition of "What tickles your Tac?" with Emma takes place. Like us on facebook and message us to win the two dollar equivalency prize for "Don't Quote Me"

Duration: 00:54:05

S02E07 - The one with the segments

This episode we discuss PDA, Spiderman Homecoming, Tween chronicles, and as a result: break ups. We also beg you all to reach out to us and send us a message via facebook. Ask a question, make a statement, participate in contests/send us your answers, and get involved. We would love to hear from all of you! Find us on Facebook at

Duration: 00:58:22

S02E06 - It gets better as it goes

This episode we discuss Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk, Netflix's Friends From College, tween gossip, and going to a party as a socially inept person. We promise, it gets better as it goes. Like us on Facebook to get regular updates on the things we are doing!

Duration: 01:08:24

S02E05 - FUN RUN

This episode we come to you SEMI-live from 1600 World Beir Hous. Paul hosts a charity fun run in support of the neonatal nicu. We discuss Prolific Poise's mix tape: The Buck Tape, amazing first mix tape! Check it out on soundcloud! Paul, Tam, and Peter all stop by to give their two cents. Toshi does some magic. Sorry for the poor sound quality! Like us on Facebook

Duration: 00:40:04

S02E03 - Awk-uariums

LATE EPISODE! After a long four weeks the EH-Holes are back! We discuss our recent tour of the northwest's finest aquariums, road tripping, camping, and other things that happened just long ago that they are already forgotten. Our new stickers are in! Get in touch if you want one!

Duration: 00:57:48

S02E01 - Season Premier

This week we talk about coming back, summer plans, real estate and much much more! Like us on Facebook, maybe you'll get a sticker out of it!

Duration: 00:50:52

Episode 22 - SEASON 1 FINALE: Together Downs

In the season finale, we wrap everything up (not really, what was there to wrap up?), the do's and dont's of asking people out/first dates (AKA together downs), next seasons goals, and other assorted nonsense. Enjoy us on your morning commute! and like our damn facebook page!!!

Duration: 01:03:19

Episode 20 - WARNING: Do Not Listen

Sorry everyone, this episode is a mess. Would highly recommend no one listens to this episode, extremely graphic content within. Do's and dont's of break ups, pool info, our intimate personal history is revealed (You WILL be uncomfortable)

Duration: 01:51:02

Episode 19 - England. Oscars. TMI.

This week we apologize profusely for missing an episode, talk about the oscars, discuss our trip to England, and review the rest of our lives in excruciating detail. ENJOY

Duration: 00:54:50

EPISODE 18 - Lion, La La Land, Name Game

This week Harry calls out the guys of the FOFFcast and also promotes their show. Emma goes on tangent after tangent. They discuss the Oscar nominated films Lion and La La Land. Check us out on tumblr and Twitter. Facebook coming soon??

Duration: 01:09:12

Episode 17 - A Series of Unfortunate Linguistic Facts

This week we talk about getting back to school, the Netflix adaptation of "A Series of Unfortunate Events", the word man, and many other assorted tangents. Get in touch with us on tumblr, twitter, or facebook! Links in the bio!!

Duration: 00:44:14

Episode 16 - Rogue One, Holiday Season, Sing

This episode we discuss the holiday season and our favourite christmas movies. Rogue One, and starwars in general at length. Sing, by illumination. And Fences Directed by Denzel Washington. Talk to us on social media, links in the bio

Duration: 01:01:56

Episode 15 - Mostly nonsense with a side of movies

This week we discuss our tardiness, get off track, experience a multitude of technical difficulties, and discuss Disney's Moana and Warner Brothers Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them. Send us your thoughts on holiday episodes and other related questions. Subscribe on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Google Play Music.

Duration: 01:08:45

EPISODE 14 - The Lobster, The election, Halloween 2.0

This week we discuss the recent American election, why Tamala is wrong about ghosts, alternate dimensions (again), The Lobster, and Deep Water Horizon.

Duration: 00:45:59

Episode 13 - Halloween Special

Happy Halloween Everyone!! This episode we talk about all the best horror movies, candies, and halloween traditions. Enjoy lots and send us your horrifying halloween stories and costume suggestions. Follow us on twitter and tumblr, links in the bio

Duration: 00:47:55

EPISODE 12 - #spewin' #nog

This episode Emma quizzes Harry on medical terms (he does less than excellent). We review Ms. Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children, Bad Suns latest album "Disappear here", and we shout some people out! Let us know what you think and send us any questions or comments!!

Duration: 00:50:01

EPISODE 11 - Comedy Fest, Childhood Memories, and Emma's Dreams

This episode we cover our experience at the YYComedy festival gala, some of Harry's not so fond memories, and Emma's strange dreams as a kid. What words do you think are unnecessary or weird? Tweet, comment, or facebook us to let us know! Follow our social media, linked in the description!

Duration: 00:45:31

Episode 9 - West Coast and Dinner

This episode we discuss our trip to the Canadian west coast, our favourite part of the adventure, and our least favourite part of the trip. We also discuss the gong show that is making dinner at Emma's house. Dylan owes us a copy of his newest album. Check out our social media in our bio :)

Duration: 00:48:40

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