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Science for Everyone!! Discussion and dissection of science ideas made digestible for public consumption.

Science for Everyone!! Discussion and dissection of science ideas made digestible for public consumption.
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Science for Everyone!! Discussion and dissection of science ideas made digestible for public consumption.




Einstein A Go Go - 18th March 2018

Einstein A Go Go - 18th March 2018 Dr Catherine, Dr Linden & Dr Shane News items: Biological changes in aging, global rainfall data by the hour. First Guest: Professor Wendy Erber, Dean of Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences A new and highly sensitive way of monitoring leukaemia cells in the blood. Second Guest: Adam J. Walker, PhD, School of Medicine – Faculty of Health Deakin University Third Guest: Matthew Marino RMIT University Investigating novel approaches to treating...


Einstein A Go-Go - 11th March 2018

Dr Shane, Dr Euan and Chris KP bring you the week’s hottest science! They chat about fake news, dinosaurs that dropped their tails, termites being reclassified as cockroaches, and shark populations in isolated areas of the Indian Ocean. They speak with Dr Laura Downie from the Downie Laboratory - Anterior Eye, Clinical Trials and Research Translation Unit, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences at the University of Melbourne, about her unit’s research into improving the...


Einstein A Go-Go - 4th March 2018

In the studio this week are Dr. Ray and Dr Shane. News: there is no time for news this week. Today's first guest (via Skype) Dr. Teresa Ubide from the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, The University of Queensland who talks about crystals forming inside volcanos as they erupt. Today's second guest (in the studio) Dr. Hayley Dickinson who talks about the difficulties women face in research and nutrition during pregnancy. Today's third guest (in the studio) Dr. Kate Fox from...


Einstein A Go-Go - 25th February 2018

In the studio this week Dr Shane is joined by EAGG colleagues Dr Ray & Dr Krystal. The team kick things off with some Science News: The team discuss the use of Sentinel hives in Australia to protect our biodiversity, an upcoming experiment involving a mega sized black hole to better prove Einstein's theory of general relativity and archaeogenetics; specifically comparing domesticated and wild horses. First Guest: Andrew Katsis - Behavioural Ecologist at Deakin University. Andrew joins...


Einstein a Go Go - 18 February 2018

Dr Shane, Dr Catherine. Dr Linden and Dr Elaina discuss Facebook usage, lightning, new exoplanets, Bornean orangutan population decline and the two guests team up later in the show to discuss the science meets parliament event. First guest: Dr Clare Fedele, Senior Postdoctoral Fellow and Communications Coordinator, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre tells us about her cancer research which is focused on improving our fundamental understanding of cancers to enable precision medicine and more...


Einstein a Go Go - 11 February 2018

Chris KP, Dr Jenny and Dr Euan join Doctor Shane in the studio. Woodpeckers, Cheddar Man and carnivorous plants round out the news. First guest on the phone is Mel Cosentino, a conservation biologist with a special interest in the impact of human activities on marine mammals from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. Second guest in the studio is Dr Erin McAllum, NHMRC Dementia Research Development Fellow. Her current research is focussed on dementia with Lewy bodies – a common form...


Einstein A Go Go - 4th Feburary 2018

Einstein A Go Go - 4th February 2017 Dr Laura, Dr Ray & Dr Shane First Guest: Dr. Kylie Soanes, Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Hub, Threatened Species Research Hub, National Environmental Science Programme, School of Ecosystem and Forest Science, University of Melbourne. Identifying threatened species, generating and evaluating supportive strategies. More here Second Guests: Professor Peter F.M. Choong, Sir Hugh Devine Chair of Surgery Head, University of Melbourne Department of...


Einstein A Go Go - 17 December 2017

Dr Shane, Dr Jeff, Dr Jen, Dr Euan, Dr Linden and Dr Laura bring you the last Einstein A Go Go for the year, with the year in review: lots of new species, animal intelligence, giant penguin fossils, the end of the Cassini-Huygens mission, how birds warn each other, and physics of pouring wine without drips. Remember, “Science is everywhere”, including: Program page: Einstein A Go Go Facebook page: Einstein A Go Go Twitter: Einstein A Go Go


Einstein A Go Go - 10th December 2017

In the studio this week are Dr Shane, ChrisKP and Dr Euan. News: cockroaches and their gate, kayaking and the environment, Boeing want to get to Mars first and Gay Marriage. First guest (in the studio) - Jacinta Humphrey PhD candidate at La Trobe University and member of the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria talks about Swamp Skinks. Second Guest (in the studio) - Kim Johnson from ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Cell Walls in the School of BioSciences, University of Melbourne...


Einstein A Go Go - 2 December 2017

In the studio this week Dr Shane is joined by EAGG colleagues Dr Ray & Dr Jen. The team kick the show off with some Science news. Answering some of the age old questions; How do Scallops see? Historically is there any proof to the roles men and women have played in home life? And what is gravitational wave detection? First Guest: Professor Russell Boyce - Space Director at UNSW. Professor Boyce shares with the team the latest on the University of New South Wales involvement in launching...


Einstein A Go Go - 26th November 2017

In the studio this week post radiothon are Dr Laura, Dr Krystal, Dr Ray and Dr Shane. News: Mosquito smartphone app.s from Oxford (humbug) and Standford Universities (abuzz); bacteriophages; the changes in light pollution and how climate change will change volcanic activity. The First guest (in the studio) is Romy Zyngier from The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning who talks about soil, biochar, soil libraries and The Homeward Bound program. The Second Guests...


Einstein A Go Go - 19 November 2017

Chris KP, Dr Ray and Tall Poppy Dr Catherine, joins Dr Shane in the studio. In news, stromatolites, microfibre sensors and more data from New Horizon’s Pluto flyby. First guest is Rebecca Delconte, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute PHD student and winner of the 2017 Picchi Award for Excellence in Cancer Research. Rebecca’s work has helped to advance our understanding of basic natural killer (NK) cell biology and identified NK cells as an important immune cell target in cancer...


Einstein A Go GO - 12th November 2017

Einstein A Go Go - 12th November 2017 Dr Lyndon & Dr Shane Get your 2018 Bureau Of Meteorology calendar here First Guest: Anthony Rea Chief data Officer BOM. Data governance and policy, acquisition strategy (planning our observation networks), partners (including satellite operators) and data quality. Second Guest: Professor Jenny Graves – Winner of the PM’s prize for Science 2017 La Trobe University. La Trobe University geneticist and Distinguished Professor Jenny Graves AO has been...


Einstein A Go Go - 5 November 2017

Dr Shane and Dr Linden talk statistics, before a feature interview with Cara Santa Maria from the podcast, Talk Nerdy. Tickets for her show are available from Think, Inc. Program page: http://www.rrr.org.au/program/einstein-a-go-go/ Facebook page: Einstein A Go Go Twitter: https://twitter.com/einstein_agogo


Einstein A Go Go - 22 October 2017

In the studio this week Dr Shane is joined by EAGG colleagues Dr Ray. This week the team are alone in the studio, but fear not, they have an extensive interview recorded earlier with a very special guest. First Guest: Ben Goldacre - Physician / Academic & science writer. Ben Goldacre is best known to us all as the author of 'Bad Science' as well as his work for the Guardian under the same name. Ben and Dr. Shane kick things off talking about Epidemiology, what is it? and how did Ben...


Einstein A Go Go - 15 October 2017

Dr Shane, Dr Ailie, Dr Linden and Andrea from the BoM are in the studio on this weather and climate special show to discuss cyclones, tornados, severe weather outlook, heatwaves, bush fire and more. Program page: http://www.rrr.org.au/program/einstein-a-go-go/ Facebook page: Einstein A Go Go Twitter: https://twitter.com/einstein_agogo


Einstein A Go Go - 8 October 2017

Dr Jen, Dr Euan and Kris KP join Dr Shane in the studio to discuss spring, sleeping (in MRI machines) and bees. The studio guest is Associate Professor Kate Hoy from Monash Alfred Psychiatric Research Centre at Monash University. She is trialling the use of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) in Alzheimer’s patients. This involves stimulating the brain daily using TMS for a number of weeks to get the brain cells ‘firing’ which increases their activity. Eventually, this leads to...


Einstein A Go Go - 1st October 2017

Einstein A Go Go - 1st October 2017 Dr Krystal, Dr Lyndon, Dr Liv & Dr Shane News items: Australian giant mega-fauna, Evaporation as a renewal energy source, getting humans to Mars, Australian space agency. First Guest: Dr Alex Held, Group Leader Landscape Intensification, CSIRO Earth observation, Radar imaging of crops and deforestation. Dr Lyndon: Public holiday science Dr Chrystal: Application of artificial intelligence to science and medicine. Remember, “Science is everywhere”,...


Einstein A Go Go - 24 September 2017

This week, Dr Shane and Dr Jen welcome Dr Jen’s science communication students into the studio to present the show! Over to Richard, Rosie, Nancy and Molly… They discuss the science of sleep, shark aging, Victoria’s volcanos, artificial structures interfering with bats’ navigation, urban beekeeping, global seismology via satellite, treating depression with sleep deprivation, and increased mutations in older men’s sperm. Program page:...


Einstein A Go-Go - 17th September 2017

In the studio this week are Dr. Jeff, Dr. Catherine, Dr. Jen and Dr Shane. News: Bacteria on teeth is environmental not genetic, smoking outside health facilities, tattoo ink and its movement through the body's transport systems and zero and the Bakhshali manuscript. First guests: (in the studio) are Cassie Nolan and Charlie Medic science students from Monash University who are investigating the spread of Rainbow Lorikeets across Victoria. 'Where's Lori?' is a 'pop up' citizen...


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