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Electric Shadow Network (ESN) podcasts are about storytelling: whether in cinema, comic books, or customer service. This is one feed to rule them all: Electric Shadow, Screen Time, Thank You For Calling!, Giant Size, Artist Edition, and all Test Patterns.




Spawn On Me 190: N-Word of a Rotten Racist Pie

This week, we go hard in the paint on not friend of the show PewDiePie and his latest racist episode. We give our PAX recap, talk about some new Xbox features, and dig into some of what we've been playing.

Duration: 01:44:10

Systematic 201: Not the Man I Thought He Was with Allison Sheridan

This week's guest is Allison Sheridan, a technology geek podcaster with an "ever so slight" Apple bias. We talk about her plethora of podcasts, musical anhedonia, and mastering new skills. Sponsored by We've partnered up with SaneBox to bring you an exclusive $20 credit for new users. Clean up your inbox today (and keep it that way forever). Visit sanebox.com/systematic and sign up for free (no credit card required). Show notes @podfeetPodfeet PodcastsTaming the TerminalProgramming By...

Duration: 01:17:37

Spawn On Me 189: Woke South Park

Cicero and Shareef are back to talk about their early impressions of Destiny 2. Is it the cultural phenomenon we all thought it would be? Reef gives us his report from DragonCon. Later we find out that South Park decided that they can make a statement with their game before you even play it. Plus, what tricks do game developers employ to make the games you play fun?

Duration: 01:29:17

Overtired 71: Hey Bear With Us, We'll Get to Taylor

A special 2-hour extravaganza after a few months of downtime. Let's get nerdy! Microsoft, Seattle, Comic-Con, Movies, TV, and yes, Taylor Swift... eventually.

Duration: 01:54:29

Systematic 200: Delight in Desolation with Kristofer Schofield

Kristofer Schofield is a letter carrier with Canada Post. He takes a break from his 22,000 step day to join Brett for a conversation about ADHD, photography, passionate music, and rally cars.

Duration: 01:00:54

Spawn On Me 188: Destiny Isn't the Only Game I Play

Reef and Cee hold down the fort and find that everyone is playing Destiny 2 . Shareef has had a chance to play the PC beta. Was it good enough to make him wait until the PC release? Destiny doesn't have an eSports scene so it won't be in the Olympics but what games will be on display in 2024? Also, Shareef gives his impressions of Mario + Rabbids!

Duration: 01:22:45

Systematic 199: Making It as an Indie Publisher with Shawn Blanc

Shawn Blanc, writer, blogger, podcaster, and Tae Kwon Do black belt, joins Brett to talk about his new video series, Learn Ulysses, subscription software models, and indie publishing. Sponsored by This episode of Systematic is brought to you by TextExpander for Teams, a productivity multiplier and shared knowledge base for efficient, consistent, and accurate communication from your team. Visit textexpander.com/systematic to start your free trial.

Duration: 01:04:05

Fire Talk With Me 46: The Return, Part 16

Allie and Jeremy celebrate one of the most satisfying episodes yet for longtime fans. There’s so much ground to cover, and just so much to luve. Will there be credits on Part 17? Who is who?

Duration: 01:08:46

Spawn On Me 187: MDK - Munich Delays & Kahlief

It's Kahlief's birthday! Tanya and Cicero are here to help him celebrate! Together they discussed the goings on of Gamescom: what do we think of Ubisoft's holiday lineup and did Microsoft screwed the pooch? Tanya talks about the the golden anniversary of GenCon! After the break, Shareef makes an appearance with reviews for Ironcast and Slime-San!

Duration: 01:32:47

Fire Talk With Me 45: The Return, Part 15

With just three episodes remaining, Allie and Jeremy cheer happy moments and anticipate everything not wrapping up neatly, nor cleanly, nor happily. Death is a change, not an end.

Duration: 01:05:28

Spawn On Me 186: Waypoints Are Everywhere

Waypoint Editor in Chief Austin Walker returns to Brookago this week to talk about all the happenings since his first appearance. Austin shares his love of PlayerUnknown Battlegroundsand shares some thoughts on Charlottesville.

Duration: 02:06:34

Fire Talk With Me 44: The Return, Part 14

Allie and Jeremy lament the fact that we're only getting four more hours of Twin Peaks as various threads begin connecting (while at once, new mysteries open up).

Duration: 01:04:47

Spawn On Me 185: Agents Of Mayhem

This week, we bring on Jason Blair (Lead Writer on Deep Silver's newest game, Agents of Mayhem). We also share some thoughts on the Nick Robinson harassment issue, Fullbright's Tacoma, and much more!

Duration: 01:25:47

Fire Talk With Me 43: The Return, Part 13

Allie and Jeremy sift through the mixed emotions they and the rest of the Internet felt about different aspects of this episode. Sudden "hey look who's back" returns, more violence, and perhaps they have discovered the true endpoint of Twin Peaks. We'll find out in the coming weeks if they're right.

Duration: 01:16:11

Spawn On Me 184: Ready To Play A Game?

The crew jumps into the show this week with lots to talk about. NBA Live brings in the WNBA, Pyre is a must buy, Kah talks about what he did last week (OUCH!), and we share that our show is going to be live on Twitch!

Duration: 01:31:59

Spawn On Me 183: DADloadable Content

Tanya Depass joins Cee and Reef to discuss how we feel about a Call of Duty shoutcaster getting kink-shamed, and if that's really a thing. We discuss the success (or lack thereof) for the most recent Pokemon Go event. After the break, we give our impressions of Splatoon 2 and Dream Daddy. Dad jokes and blue jokes abound on this episode of Spawn On Me!

Duration: 01:34:27

Fire Talk With Me 42: The Return, Part 12

Allie and Jeremy discuss an episode that Showtime and the cast have been hyping as one in which "big stuff happens" (as if that weren't every episode). Find out whether Allie hated this divisive episode at all...or as much as many friends texted that they assumed she would. Covered here: Episode 41 (42 including The Pilot, or S03E12)

Duration: 01:05:32

Spawn On Me 182: Destiny 2, EVO, and Ninten-doh!

It's a fountain of information this week thanks to the Destiny 2 Beta dropping. We give some impressions on what we've played and what we're hopeful for. EVO also wrapped up this past weekend, and we got displays of Black love that we didn't expect. We wrap up the show discussing why Nintendo is making chat so hard for its players.

Duration: 01:33:39

Fire Talk With Me 41: The Return, Part 11

Jeremy returns from the Black Lodge to phone it in from Utah and rejoin Allie for an episode that swung them from creeped-out and scared to happy and hopeful and back again. Covered here: Episode 40 (41 including The Pilot, or S03E11)

Duration: 01:14:20

Systematic 198: Automation for the People with Sal Soghoian

Sal Soghoian was known as the "AppleScript and Automator guy" at Apple for 20 years, and is now heading up the upcoming CMD-D conference. He joins Brett to talk about his history, his future, and throw in a couple of amazing Steve Jobs stories. Sponsored by ReclaiMe, data recovery software for all occasions. RecaliMe is capable of extracting data from Windows, Linux, and MacOS filesystems. ReclaiMe is unique because there are no settings at all. Find more information about ReclaiMe on the...

Duration: 01:04:16

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