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Former Pro Athlete, Dayne Gingrich, and Entrepreneur, Mark Minard, co-host, & kick off the series premiere of their podcast! They dive right into their own true stories of hitting their rock bottom: Jail, drugs, suicide...and how they overcame the adversity! This is live, raw, in the trenches. You will laugh, cry, and be inspired... Elevating Beyond!!!!






#150 The Blue Ocean Strategy - Nate Nale

"I not comfortable with being comfortable, because being comfortable is uncomfortable to me." -Nate Nale- Listen as Mark sits down, live in studio, with Founder & CEO of Easy Peasy Ticketing, Nate Nale, as Nate talks about how The Blue Ocean Strategy is the key to Massive Success, along with his unbelievable story behind the story of changing the game, and creating his company, Easy Peasy Ticketing. Check Out Nate and all the incredible things they are doing at Easy Peasy Ticketing here...

Duration: 00:46:47

#149 Smile Through The Adversity-Holywood Director Rajeev N.

From funny stories with Danny Devito in Dreamworks Studio, to how you discover your super powers amongst the times of your greatest adversity, meet Holywood Director of The Odd Way Home, Rajeev Nirmalakhandan. Listen as Mark sits down with Rajeev aka Raj, as he shares his unbelievable story behind the story of being an immigrant in the US schools, not being fluent in English, having a disability, and how he discovered his super powers through using creativity, art, and helping others to...

Duration: 00:51:49

#148 Rising Above Your Fears - Coach Frank Sagasta

"They pay me $50-$100,000 to speak, but I didn't ask for a dime to come here-I'm not here to get nothing, I'm here to give you something!" #1 Motivational Speaker, Dr Eric Thomas opens the show with a powerful speech, and connected me with today's incredible guest, Coach Frank Sagasta. "I was killing my self in my thoughts for many years." Author/Speaker/Coach/Entrepreneur Frank Sagasta, sits down with Mark and shares the story behind the story of how he was stuck in his own head: crippled...

Duration: 00:43:03

#147 Elevating Beyond Live Event Interactive Q&A Session

From Elevating Beyond's Live Event, Minutes with Millionaires... 4 Best Selling Authors, but more importantly, EXPERIENCED business owners who've all built their companies from the ground up, sit down together for this interactive, live Q&A session, answering questions like when do I know if I should fire someone, what does it take to get investors, and so much more! Get ready to be rained on by massive truth bombs from Best Selling Authors, World-Wide Speakers, and Business Owners: DAN...

Duration: 00:19:59

#146 - Motivational Remix - F' Bomb Doubt

They Said He Was Crazy & Even Annoying. The Experts Told Him He was Out of His Realm. $3 BILLION DOLLARS Later, They Called Him a GENIUS. Listen To This Motivational Remix While You Jog, Drive, Lift Weights, Do Chores, or Anytime You Want To Drop an F' Bomb On Doubt, Elevating Beyond Style! Elevating Beyond Podcast #146 - Motivational Remix - F' Bomb Doubt Get ready as host, Mark Minard, makes it rain massive truth bombs on this episode, sharing the recents doubt went through, how to...

Duration: 00:16:00

#145 - F' BOMB DOUBT!!

To anyone going after big dreams and facing massive doubt, this episode is for YOU! Get ready as host, Mark Minard, makes it rain massive truth bombs on this episode, sharing the recents doubt went through, how to persist to the next level, & the story behind the story of the 3 Billion Dollars Dr Dre & Jimmy Lovine made from Apple through selling and creating Beats By Dre Headphones. Check out the movie to watch the full documentary of Dr Dre & Jimmy Lovine on HBO, The Defiant Ones....

Duration: 00:16:06

#144 - 18 Yr Old Boy Wonder - Jeremy Miller

He started his first company at age 14, has been featured in INC magazine, Huffington Post, and now just at age 18, Jeremy Miller shares how he has become a massively successful entrepreneur. Join us as Mark sits down with Jeremy Miller as he shares the story behind then story from when he was suicidal, lost in a life a drugs, how he discovered his passion at age 14, which turned his life around, and why his company Inspired Blue Media is literally crushing it on every level! Check out...

Duration: 00:58:41

#143 The Blind Alchemist - Erik Weihenmayer

After Erik Weihenmayer become the only BLIND PERSON to summit Mt Everest: He was on the cover of Time Magazine, won the ESPY, was on Oprah, spent time with Tom Brady, shook hands with Mohammad Ali-he literally was Elevating Beyond... But the words kept rattling around in his brain that his expedition leader told him: "Don't make Everest the greatest thing you ever do." On this episode of Elevating Beyond, Mark sits down with Erik as he shares the story behind the story of what it felt like...

Duration: 00:51:09

#142 - Minutes With Millionaires

4 Speakers. 7 Big Ideas. 13 Mistakes You Need to Stop Making if You Want to Be a Millionaire. Join Us For Our Interactive, Live Stream Event, Just $35 Click Here---->>>http://edgy.ist/elevate-minutes FOR BUSINESS OWNERS/LEADERS: Struggling with making money? Unifying your team? Stretched too thin-spending all day putting fires? Battling gossip? Feeling Isolated, Stressed, Fearful? We dive into this and so much more! Featuring Bill Cortright https://www.livingrightwithbillcortright.com Dan...

Duration: 00:53:32

#141 The CEO Roundtable

Live from our brand new Elevating Beyond Studio, Mark shares the story behind the story of The CEO's of The Roundtable. A special treat just for all the Elevating Beyond listeners, enter promo code CRUSHFEAR and save 10% on any of your tickets for Our Live Event, Unlock Your Potential, Click here to get your tickets before they sell out https://www.elevatingbeyond.com/pages/eb-events Check out host, Mark Minard's book, The Story of You, videos, our mastermind, and more here...

Duration: 00:33:23

#140 The Momemtum Theorem

Is there truly a theory for massive success? We discuss Dave Ramsey's Momentum Theorem, directly from his NY Times bestseller, EntreLeadership. Click Here For Information To Get Tickets To Our Live Event In Boston, July 15th, Unlock Your Potential! https://www.elevatingbeyond.com/pages/eb-events Mark answers questions from YOU, like "What's your biggest struggle, & HOW Do You Deal with It?" Please make a few minutes to give us a ranking in iTunes, and we are always grateful that your tell...

Duration: 00:33:26

#139 Tapping Into Your Dreams w/ Chris Hogan

Chris Hogan is truly a guru, as one of Dave Ramsey's leadership speakers, and hosted the worldwide famous podcast, EntreLeadership. Hogan is the author of Retire Inspired, It's Not An Age, It's A Financial Number. https://www.chrishogan360.com/book Listen as Mark sits down with Chris and has a very special conversation about leadership, battling fear, facing confrontation, and tapping into your dreams! Breaking News!! Elevating Beyond is kicking off it's live event tour in July, 2017!...

Duration: 00:58:24

#137 Mr. Unbreakable - Manny Wolf

"We had a gun, and that night, we were going to kill him." -Manny Wolfe- Elevating Beyond Kicks off Season 3 of 2017 with a Boom!!!! On today's episode, Mark sits down with Manny Wolfe, as he shares the story behind the story where he was born into a cult, thrusted into a life of a abuse, violence, drugs and crime. Manny Wolfe is the international Best Selling Author of The Tao of The Unbreakable Man, & Founder of The 1000 Speakers Academy. http://mannywolfe.com Manny shares how he...

Duration: 01:04:59

#135 Beast Mode Leadership: Lieutenant Justin Constantine

Shot in the head by a sniper in Iraq, Lieutenant Justin Constantine, shares his unbelievable story behind the story, and how he’s taking servant leadership to the next level and beyond, beast mode style! Listen and Mark sits down with Justin and has an in depth conversation, challenging every leader out there, how to create unity in your business, and in your home. Justin speaks all over the world, has been featured on Ted Talk, Forbes, USA Today, Men’s Health, Time, and so much more. He...

Duration: 00:42:35

#133 Your History Is Not Your Destiny: Guest David Mike

"I swore off drugs from that moment forward.” -David Mike– Today we’re joined by David Mike, the author of Dishonor: One Soldier’s Journey from Desertion to Redemption. From dealing drugs, going awall, prison, and discovering the power of transformation, proving all things are possible through Christ! David’s message is one of grace and forgiveness, and a reminder that regardless of what has happened in your life, you are not defined by your past. Wherever you are in your journey, this...

Duration: 00:27:39

#130 Find Your Treasure or Die!! - Motivational Mix

Mark brings in the fire with a special episode that will motivate you relentlessly, to not give up on your dream!!! Never Settle, Never Give Up, Keep Elevating Beyond! https://MarkMinard.net

Duration: 00:07:22

#129 Thank God For Failure w/ Jared Angaza

"I was trying to kind of earn my way back in the good graces of the good Lord” -Jared Angaza- In this episode, the son of NY Times Best Selling Author, Dan Miller (who wrote the foreword to Mark's book), Jared Angaza, sits down with Mark and shares his unbelievable story behind the story of dealing drugs, drug and alcohol abuse, dying and being brought back to life. Jared discusses not only how he overcame the adversity, but how he was able to create a life of significant success as well....

Duration: 01:00:15

#128 PERSIST - The Story of Isabel Hundt

"I should have probably given up at some point, but I just couldn't." -Isabel Hundt- Mark Minard refers to her as Mrs. Perseverance. Listen and you will learn why! Isabel Hundt is a certified Vision & Transformation Coach, Speaker, Ambassador of Global Presence Leadership and author of “The Power of Faith-Driven Success, A Journey toward Living Your Dream by 30. Isabel shares with listeners her story of true persistence, from her journey to America at the age of 18 and not knowing any...

Duration: 00:57:52

#123 The Health Transformationalist: Angelina Martindale

"I started with $50 in my pocket – anybody can do it” - Angela Martindale - In this episode, Mark is joined by someone who shares that she had a “death sentence” put upon her when she was born, and how she overcame this adversity, achieving a massive level of success! Angelina Martindale worked for years as a A-LIST CELEBTITY fitness trainer and personal nutritionalist. Angela is the President of Utah based “Meals that Transform”, Producer of the 16-week Ultimate Transformation Lifestyle...

Duration: 00:38:24

#120 I Won't Back Down w/ Chris & Hannah Kirkpatrick

For the first time ever, a husband and wife team is appearing on Elevating Beyond together! Chris and Hannah Kirkpatrick share their insanely-inspiring story of heartbreak, addictions, betrayal, perseverance, massive triumph, & why you should never back down! Learn all about Chris aka “The Safe-Bet Money Guy” channel on Youtube or www.Life180.com. Send Chris a private message on Facebook (www.facebook.com/LIFE180LLC) for a chance to win one of 10 scholarships (worth $5,000 total) to his...

Duration: 01:01:26

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