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Elton Jim Turano's Captain Pod-tastic

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Elton Jim Turano's Captain Pod-tastic on WGN Plus

Elton Jim Turano's Captain Pod-tastic on WGN Plus
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Elton Jim Turano's Captain Pod-tastic on WGN Plus




“Elton Jim” yacks yuletide movies, music, and TV specials — marveling at miracles on 34th Street, digging Darlene Love, and putting one foot in front of the other

In this 82nd episode of “Elton Jim” Turano’s “CAPTAIN POD-TASTIC,” Jim Turano, regular contributor Emily Armanetti, and producer Jasmine Cooper light a crackling podcast fire, pour some eggnog, and share their favorite holiday movies, music, and TV specials. They make a list and check it twice, yacking about yuletide classics like “Miracle On 34th Street,” “NIghtmare Before Christmas” and “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” No Grinches or Scrooges allowed!...

Duration: 00:57:27

“Elton Jim” talks festive pins, new Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade balloons, “Springsteen On Broadway,” and “When Harry Met Meghan”

In this 81st episode of “Elton Jim” Turano’s “CAPTAIN POD-TASTIC,” Jim Turano covers a variety of fun topics including the continuing popularity of his annual holiday “festive pin” (no, it is NOT a brooch!), how he’s not recognizing the new balloons in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, and some observations of experiencing the current unique, intimate, and riveting Bruce Springsteen theater show, “Springsteen On Broadway. In the “Pop Culture Club,” Jim and Emily Armanetti dish on “When...

Duration: 00:49:04

“Elton Jim” presides over a hilarious and wide-ranging chat with comedian Artie Lange, as they discuss his HBO series “Crashing,” and bond over Bruce and Belushi

In this 80th episode of “Elton Jim” Turano’s “CAPTAIN POD-TASTIC,” Jim Turano presides over a fun, insightful, and wide-ranging interview with “Everyman” comedian, Artie Lange. They discuss this comic style and beginnings, his latest HBO series, “Crashing,” which begins airing on Jan. 14, his two books, Will Farrell and “Elf,” and his time with Howard Stern. They also bond over their mutual admiration for the comedy of John Belushi and the music of Bruce Springsteen. And “Ronnie” even...

Duration: 00:56:47

“Elton Jim” talks about “My Right Foot” and his recent long, funny emergency room visit, and stages a “Fall Flavor Fight”– pumpkin spice and maple flavor battle for taste bud supremacy

In this 79th episode of “Elton Jim” Turano’s “CAPTAIN POD-TASTIC,” Jim Turano relives his recent visit to the hospital emergency room after his foot swells to twice its normal “Fred Flintstone” size. Find out all the hilarious moments of this eight and a half hour hospital saga. In the “Pop Culture Club,” Jim and Emily Armanetti prepare for Thanksgiving by debating which seasonal flavor — pumpkin spice or the “newcomer,” maple flavor, is the preferred winner of the “Fall Flavor […]

Duration: 01:09:47

Early Christmas Decorating + Jim Turano’s Nativity Set Tradition

Jim Turano asks if it’s too early to decorate his house for Christmas and then shares his nativity set tradition which listeners then add to!

Duration: 00:20:24

Is It Time to Legalize Marijuana?

Jim Turano asks if it’s time to legalize marijuana and explains how craft beer and riverboats may offer some idea of pot’s future.

Duration: 00:16:54

Pop Culture Club: Watching the Accused and Rock and Roll Hall Nominees

It’s time for Pop Culture Club with Jim Turano and Mick Kahler! This edition they discuss whether you can still watch and enjoy movies / tv / music / art made by the celebrities who have been accused of heinous acts. They then take a look at this years’ nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and make their picks who will make it in.

Duration: 00:46:38

Jim Turano 11.17.17: Legalizing Pot, Nativity Sets, Pop Culture Club

Jim Turano (in for Nick Digilio) kicks off the show talking about the new Christmas decorations he brought in studio and laying out the show. His first topic is about legalizing marijuana and how craft beer and riverboats may offer some idea of pot’s future. In hour two Jim asks if it’s too early to decorate the inside of his house with Christmas decorations and then shares his fun Nativity set tradition which listeners’ then add to. He then welcomes […]

Duration: 01:48:08

Elton Jim Brings His Christmas Decorations to the 7th Floor Studios!

Feeling the seventh floor studios were a little drab compared to the decked out Showcase, Jim Turano brings in some Christmas decorations to spruce things up.

Duration: 00:05:39

How to Avoid a Carjacking

In light of a recent string of carjackings, Jim Turano provides some tips on how to avoid the situation from Doug Cummings, former WGN crime reporter and current security consultant.

Duration: 00:18:40

Elton Jim on The Informercial Products He Loves and Wants

Jim Turano reveals the infomercial products he and his wife have recently purchased and which ones he has his eyes on.

Duration: 00:18:16

Jim Turano 11.16.17: Christmas Decoration, Carjackings, Informercials, Music and Northside Memories

Jim Turano (in for Nick Digilio) starts the show describing the Christmas decorations he brought into the seventh floor studios. He then discusses the rash of carjackings in Chicago and provides tips from Doug Cummings to keep yourself safe. Hour two features some infomercial talk including the products he owns & loves and the products he could purchase. He then transitions to some tributes to some recently deceased music greats (Fats Domino, Paul Buckmaster) and why another (Terry Kath)...

Duration: 01:46:19

“Elton Jim” shares his recent twisting fears of Lake Tahoe mountain driving, wonders if hair is sold by the pound, and examines if artists should be judged by their work or behavior

In this 78th episode of “Elton Jim” Turano’s “CAPTAIN POD-TASTIC,” Jim Turano shares some hilarious stories of his travails on driving through such scenic and scary twisting roads and mountain ranges including the Rockies, The Sierras, and the Pacific Coast Highway. Hear how on a recent trip to Lake Tahoe, his cab driver drove along twisting roads with hands off the wheel! And how when it now comes to driving in the mountains — he “calls the guy”! He also […]

Duration: 01:15:42

“Elton Jim” hides on Halloween, gets a surprise “walk on” from Dean Richards, and debates the new Rock Hall Of Fame nominees

In this 77th episode of “Elton Jim” Turano’s “CAPTAIN POD-TASTIC,” Jim Turano describes his longstanding “Halloween policy,” and shares the lengths he went NOT to answer the door to trick or treaters. And while he’s telling the story, WGN-TV entertainment reporter, Dean Richards, walks in unannounced and he and Jim have some hilarious banter. In the “Pop Culture Club,” Jim and Emily Armanetti give an overview of the latest list of Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame nominees, and predict […]

Duration: 01:12:19

“Elton Jim” talks with respected guitarist and musician, John Jorgenson, as he details his latest tribute to songwriter, John D. Loudermilk, and shares Tom Petty stories

In this 76th episode of “Elton Jim” Turano’s “CAPTAIN POD-TASTIC,” Jim Turano talks with one of the most respected and in-demand musicians in the business, the multi-instrumentalist, John Jorgenson. Known as one of the best guitarists, Jorgenson has recorded and performed with legends including Elton John, Tom Petty, Earl Scruggs, Luciano Pavarotti, and Duane Eddy, and fronts several bands that feature gypsy jazz, bluegrass, and country. He was a member of noted bands including The Desert...

Duration: 00:58:23

“Elton Jim” gets a big “As Seen On TV” surprise, discovers the “shoe horn” may be a relic, and unveils his idea that will dazzle in the year 2105 — his futuristic “fist phone”

In this 75th episode of “Elton Jim” Turano’s “CAPTAIN POD-TASTIC,” Jim Turano lists many of his favorite “As See On TV” products, including the “Hurricane Spin Broom,” the “Atomic Lantern,” and the “Sock Slider.” And find out the big surprise he found in the mail! He also discovers some millennials have never heard of — a shoe horn! In the “Pop Culture Club,” Jim and Emily Armanetti look decades ahead, as Jim announces his innovative idea for the future of smartphones […]

Duration: 00:59:36

“Elton Jim” hails the “soda tax” repeal, sacks Colin Kaepernick, and witnesses Weinstein’s decline

In this 74th episode of “Elton Jim” Turano’s “CAPTAIN POD-TASTIC,” Jim Turano celebrates the recent repeal of Cook County’s “soda tax,” after he boldly criticized the tax and called for a public revolt when it was first discussed and later implemented earlier this year. He also revisits his initial correct prediction that Colin Kaepernick’s “take a knee” protest would create more controversy about the flag rather than influence real change for his original cause. And in the “Pop Culture...

Duration: 01:14:29

“Elton Jim” examines Hugh Hefner’s legacy, advises O.J. Simpson, and “breaks down” Tom Petty’s music and career

In this 73rd episode of “Elton Jim” Turano’s “CAPTAIN POD-TASTIC,” Jim Turano examines the complex legacy of Playboy magazine founder, Hugh Hefner, who recently passed away at age 91. Some call him a hero, others a dirty old man. Jim looks at the many facets of this controversial icon. He also offers O.J. Simpson — now freed from prison — some advice moving forward. And it doesn’t include selfies or reality shows. And in the “Pop Culture Club,” Jim and Emily Armanetti remember […]

Duration: 01:16:54

“Elton Jim” urges everyone to watch the Ken Burns’ PBS series “The Vietnam War,” and queries if he should “cut the cord” and ride the new TV “stream”

In this 72nd episode of “Elton Jim” Turano’s “CAPTAIN POD-TASTIC,” Jim Turano shares his excitement for the recent PBS series by Ken Burns, “The Vietman War.” He praises the documentary film for its exhaustive research, compelling footage and interviews, and mostly, for its even-handed handling of this controversial and polarizing event and era. It is a “must-see” history lesson that everyone should see. And in the “Pop Culture Club,” Jim and Emily Armanetti discuss the pros and cons of...

Duration: 01:11:49

“Elton Jim” reacts to the sale of Rolling Stone magazine, and huddles about the future of professional football

In this 71st episode of “Elton Jim” Turano’s “CAPTAIN POD-TASTIC,” Jim Turano reacts to the possible sale of the former counterculture “bible,” Rolling Stone magazine, and asserts it lost its relevance more than 20 years ago. And in the “Pop Culture Club,” Jim and Emily Armanetti huddle to debate the future of professional football, in the wake of lower TV ratings, lack of youth participation, and the growing reports of long-term brain damage. And Jim asks Emily if she will […]

Duration: 01:13:10

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