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ViSiT HERE for UpDATES, NEW MUSIC, & Daily MoTioN: WWW.ANGELLIKEFIRE.COM.... ANGELLiKEFiRE's HoME WeBSiTE, is where to be! Where ALL the REAL MaGiC HAPPENS, stay in TOUCH: www.ANGELLiKEFiRE.CoM. ConTaCT ANGELLiKEFiRE Management Team direct: mgmt@angellikefire.com. *ANGELLiKEFiRE updates, live feed, daily meditations, gifts, contests, all will be held on ANGEL FIRE's site, UpDATeS coMinG soon! ANGELLiKEFiRE is an Award Winning Author of EmoTripPoP as a producer, singer, and songwriter. Artistry for ANGELLiKEFiRE spells strength and bold flavor in love and raw truth thru layers and degree by life lesson in the guttural, the grind, the pain, the love, the joy! yes, the experience of it all, intimately dedicated is this music project, taking elements of bass, indie, avant dark, and trip hop = "EmoTripPoP" by expression. This inspiration is communication through expression of attribute and valuable necessity for human growth and this is that usherance with endlessness as Love being Strength. #LiT ChecK iT OuT: WWW.ANGELLiKEFiRE.CoM For merch, info and more fun stuff! Inquiries: MGMT@ANGELLiKEFiRE.CoM ANGELLiKEFiRE is the Author of "Emo Trip PoP" (EmoTriPoP) Music. xXx Also known as "EmoPoP," "ElecTriPoP" and "RockTripPoP." Emo + Electronica + Beats = EmoTripPoP. Dark PoP + Avant Garde = EmoElecTriPPoP ANGELLiKEFiRE is a Award Winning Independent Artist with Billboard, Grammy and Emmy Committee Panel, making her mark in the underground and rippling through with EmoTripPoP influence... ANGELLiKEFiRE is a PRO Actress, Producer, Singer, SongWriter, BeatMaker and Composer and has been professionally performing off and on since childhood as an actress, model, dancer and singer. ~~>>>BOOKiNG, Publishing, DisTriBuTioN, PR, and Sync Licensing iNFO down BELoW... ~~~>>> ANGELLIKEFIRE Won an "Emo Trip Pop" Award as a First New Music Genre Category Title "EmoTripPoP by ANGELLIKEFIRE with Global Music Awards Honorary Grammy's/ Emmy artists, and Billboard Media Group Panel. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>>> DISCLAIMER: This is "Emo-Trip-Beat" Driven Bass Music. ANGELLIKEFIRE Music is Extremely Bassy on the low end of the Subterranean Bass Lines, so earbuds and small speakers need NOT apply here! ((Its a Must that you "feeeeel" the Music! XxX )) *ANGELLIKEFIRE Project is all EMo-TRiP-PoP Bass Music. All one nut shell: Vocals & HARMONIES by: ANGELiKA Written by: ANGELiKA Composer: ANGELLiKEFiRE Producer: ANGELLiKEFiRE NO SAMPLES. ANGELLiKEFiRE is Trademarked & Owned.* ANGELLiKEFiRE Label total package: Booking, Licensing, Distribution, Publishing exclusive through Symphonic/Repost(Branch of Sony Records). ~~PRO BMI Artist ANGELICA DRESP IS SIGNED BY A MAOR ACTING AGENCY AND ANOTHER AGENCY FOR MUSIC. ~~CONTACT: for direct management inquiries: MGMT@ANGELLiKEFiRE.CoM ~~PR: AMW GROUP RADIO: "BiRTH RiGHT 777" POWER 107.9 "HaLLoWWHoLE" Sony Radio "FiRECHiLD" ~All original Emo Trip Hop Music/ small filter on VOX.