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The Empire Afterparty podcast is a sometimes celebratory, occasionally critical look at the hit show from Fox—in your ears. Each week, author and columnist Jozen Cummings hosts a funny, intelligent examination of the fashion, the music, and the escalating drama, while also exploring the ways in which the show touches on real world issues like race, gender, and family. Conversations with key players, hot takes from commentators, and everything essential from the social universe: Empire Afterparty is the place to go after the show. WNYC Studios is the producer of other leading podcasts including Radiolab, Death, Sex & Money, Freakonomics Radio and many others. Find these and more great shows at wnyc.org ©WNYC




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Episode 10: Talking Race & Writing with Empire's Creator

Midway through itssecond season, Empirecontinuesits reign, remaining one of the most-watched and talked about shows inrecent memory. This week, the show'screator Danny Stronggives us an peek inside the royal Lyon family: revealing how he "discovered" the reasonLucious can'ttrust Andre; detailingthe revolutionary diversity of the writers' room;and explaining why the show's total craziness all stems from ten minutes of Kanye YouTube interviews. What was your favorite moment of the season?...

Duration: 00:12:18

Episode 9: All in the Black Family

The Sanfords. The Jeffersons. The Cosbys. The Winslows. The Banks's. And now the Lyons. In this special Thanksgiving episode, we talk about family: specifically, the evolution of the black family on television.NPR TV critic Eric Degganstells us abouthis first encounter with the Evans family on Good Times, and explains why Lucious, Cookie, and their three sonsmight be a new thing in the TV world. What do you think? What did you eat? Get at us on Twitter @EmpirePodcastand@JozenC. Subscribe...

Duration: 00:11:45

Episode 4: Gimme That Bomb Beat From... Hakeem?

Empire is, at its dramatic heart, a show about hip hop culture. So it's about damn time we talk about the music. We dial upsuper producer Mark Batson, who crafted thatanthemic Season Two opener, and also talk to writer and author Shea Serranoabout where Empire's music falls in the hip hop canon (and try tounderstand why he likes that terrible Lucious single). Get at us each and every Wednesday night @EmpirePodcastand @JozenC— send us your best GIFsandyour hottest takes! Subscribe toEmpire...

Duration: 00:12:22

The Lyons Return

Welcome to theEmpire Afterparty, a weekly reflection, meditation, take-down, and twist on FOX's hit hip-hopera. In this episode, meet your host, writer and commentator Jozen Cummings, and learn about his affection for Lucious' scarves. Plus: New York Magazine Editor-at-Large Carl Swanson helps us set the stage for Season Two, and takes us into the mind of show creator Lee Daniels. Get your Drip Drop on, it's time to talk Empire! And when you watch the season premiere of Empire on September...

Duration: 00:14:01