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The Empowered Healer Show presents the many ways we need to heal: from physical illness, injury and pain, to emotional issues such as depression and anxiety, low self-esteem, grief and loss, anger, resentment and unwillingness to forgive. The show will also highlight other important issues that need healing in our lives, in our relationships, our work, in our communication, and in our spiritual lives. In other words, The Empowered Healer Show addresses the physical, emotional, spiritual and planetary issues that need healing in our individual and collective lives. Our guests will talk about issues of healing and present their perspectives and possible solutions. They will offer ways that listeners can improve their lives and help others, as well as support the environment and our global community.




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Get What You Want with Tony Burroughs

How would you like a foolproof method of setting and manifesting your intentions? On today’s show, author and visionary Tony Burroughs will show us how to get exactly what we want on an ongoing basis. In his breakthrough book, Get What You Want, the Art of Making and Manifesting Your Intentions, Tony gives clear, step by step instructions to help readers intend what they want and manifest it easily. His book is user-friendly, and offers daily intentions on nearly every page. Each chapter...

Duration: 00:57:58

Less Stress, More Joy with Dr. Jo Anne White

Is your list of what to do piling up with no end in sight? Do you have any time for yourself and for fun? What if having “me time” actually helped you be more efficient and less stressed? Today’s guest is Dr. Jo Anne White, author, speaker and certified coach, who will help us release our stress and create more joy in our lives. During the show she will define stress, share some of life’s major stressors, share her stress busting techniques, talk about self-mastery, introduce “Healthy Life...

Duration: 00:58:28

Making Change Stick with Dr. Joe Dispenza

How would you like to break habits that no longer serve you? What if you could make lasting changes and not just survive but become creative and flourish? Now you can with Dr. Joe Dispenza’s 7 Quick Tips to Making Change Stick. He is even calling the month of January Making Change Stick Month! On today’s show Dr. Joe will share insights about how our brains work, and why we can create permanent change. He will share tools to bring about lasting change, mention meditation techniques that...

Duration: 00:56:05

Create the Wealth You Deserve with Morgana Rae

If you could rapidly, radically and permanently change your relationship with money, what would this be worth to you? On today’s show, Morgana Rae, international wealth coach, will help you uncover your hidden blocks to abundance, and assist you to abolish your financial anxiety. She will also share a new way of relating to money, radically different from anything you’ve heard before. Morgana will help you turn your “Money Monster” of scarcity into a “Money Honey” of abundance. To do this,...

Duration: 00:58:06

Choosing Love with Sheila Applegate, MSW

In your daily life, do you live in a state of love or fear? Most of us probably do both, at times living from a place of trust and infinite and unconditional love, and then at other times, becoming fearful and more limited in our beliefs and actions. Today’s guest, Sheila Applelgate, will help us realize that in every moment we have a choice to respond in fear or in love. We can still be practical and rational beings, feeling the full spectrum of our emotions, and at the same time,...

Duration: 00:57:53

Openings with Kim and Mark McGinnis

Do you ever feel stuck, uncertain or scared, and would you like to feel more expansive, confident and free? Join us in exploring “openings” or ways to experience life with open hearts and minds, in alignment with our true desires. Kim and Mark McGinnis will help us see how we can follow our passions, make needed changes, allow our deepest feelings to surface, stay open to synchronicity, and move in a direction that is more fulfilling. Mark and Kim will talk about their new film called:...

Duration: 00:57:47

The Last Shaman with William Whitecloud

Would you like a life that is rich in health, wealth, love and creative expression? How would you like to direct your subconscious mind to create any reality you choose? Author and founder of Living From Greatness, William Whitecloud, has reached these goals in his own life and now helps others bring their dreams into reality. On today’s show William will discuss his latest book, The Last Shaman, which guides readers to live soul-inspired lives: “The Last Shaman teaches us the wisdom to...

Duration: 00:57:43

Special Encore Presentation: 2012 and Beyond with William Gladstone

What do you think is in store for us, and the planet, in 2012? Will we see cataclysmic events, as some people predict, or will December 21, 2012 usher in a time of harmony and higher consciousness? On today’s show, William Gladstone will talk about the end of the Mayan Calendar and the beginning of a new era. Gladstone believes that this era will have a different vibration, and can usher in a time of peace and unity on the planet, IF we as humans choose to manifest this brighter destiny....

Duration: 00:55:28

Why Dads Leave with Dr. Jack Travis

Did you know that 30% of fathers leave physically, and 90% leave emotionally? Have you experienced your own dad’s absence? My father was physically present, but he was preoccupied, distant and closed emotionally. Today’s guest, Dr. Jack Travis, contributor to the breakthrough book, Why Dads Leave, will address this challenging issue. Dr. Travis has begun a grassroots project called “DadLib” to end the epidemic of disappearing dads. Project “DadLib” raises consciousness and creates a...

Duration: 00:57:44

The Power of Premonitions with Dr. Larry Dossey

Do you know what’s going to happen beforehand? Have you ever had a forewarning about what’s around the corner? I have. For quite awhile now I can see where a parking place will be, and nearly 100% of the time there it is just where I saw it in my mind. Years ago, I could predict who would be on the phone and I often have had hunches, feelings, dreams and visions of what lies ahead. What a fascinating subject, and today’s guest has written the book on it: The Power of Premonitions: How...

Duration: 00:57:59

Our Positive Future with Dr. Bruce Lipton

In a world that seems filled with crisis, turmoil and natural and manmade disasters, is there actually evidence that we have a positive future? Dr. Bruce Lipton thinks so. On today’s show Bruce will explain what he means by “Spontaneous Evolution,” the title of his latest book, co-authored with Steve Bhaerman. He will share how our planet is on the threshold of an incredible evolutionary event: the emergence of a new super-organism: Humanity! Dr. Lipton will also reveal that our struggle...

Duration: 00:57:50

From Fizzle to Sizzle with Dr. Caron Goode

How are you feeling about your relationships? Are they going well, or do you ever feel that relationships are hard? How would you like to fall in love all over again with yourself, your lover, or your teenager or toddler? How would you like to find the partner of your dreams; improve communication and connections with everyone; and know how to repair any relationship at home or at work? Well, thanks to Dr. Caron Goode and her text, From Fizzle to Sizzle: Four Crucial Tools for Relationship...

Duration: 00:57:44

Special Encore Presentation: Be an Agent of Positive Change with Jack Canfield

What do you do best that only you can do? What is your greatest dream, and how can you manifest it? Get ready to be inspired to reach your dreams as Jack Canfield shares his own life story from his book, The Golden Motorcycle Gang. Jack overcame early challenges to go to Harvard, teach in inner city schools, become a trainer and then found his own training company. Along the way he connected with visionary mentors, and now has become a bestselling author and America’s #1 Success Coach....

Duration: 00:55:35

Just One Thing with Rick Hanson

Does life seem super full and incredibly busy right now? In the midst of this pace, do you ever wish you had time for renewal and something to uplift you? Look no further! Rick Hanson is here to tell you about his new book: Just One Thing, Developing a Buddha Brain One Simple Practice at a Time. This book delivers just what it says it will: short, simple, practical yet deep practices to do each day. Some of my favorites have to do with being good to ourselves, enjoying life and being at...

Duration: 00:56:32

The Real Miracle! with Dr. Susan Allison

Do you ever think you’re alone, separate, unsafe, unlovable, undeserving, stuck where you are, powerless and doomed to unhappiness? If you’ve just believed one of these lies, you’ve been “conned” by the ego! The ego wants you to remain dependent on it, wants you to feel helpless and unable to be happy, wants you to believe only it can help you. The ego is driven by fear; in fact one of fear’s acronyms is “Feeling Ego As Real.” The good news, (I will share on today’s show), is that you have...

Duration: 00:54:32

Pushing Upward with Andrea Adler

“Pushing upward is not a bra. It’s a state of mind.” This humorous quote from author Andrea Adler makes us want to know more about her new breakout novel, Pushing Upward. The term “Pushing Upward” actually comes from the I Ching, a method of divination that helps the main character navigate her life. Called a work of spiritual fiction, Pushing Upward draws on the author’s own experiences and reflects some of her most important life lessons. On today’s show, Adler will talk about her writing...

Duration: 00:57:18

The Path of Shumei, with Roy Gibbon

What do light healing, natural agriculture and art have in common? On today’s show, Roy Gibbon, from the Educational Department of Shumei’s American National Center, will talk about the Shumei Organization, spiritual healing using “Jyorei,” the importance of natural agriculture, the Shumei focus on art and beauty and how all of these aspects of Shumei can benefit the average person. You will find out some of the history of Shumei, what is done at the centers, what selfless service entails,...

Duration: 00:56:08

Honest Medicine with Julia Schopick

Have you ever felt discouraged with our healthcare system, or with doctors and their treatments? I have, and so has Julia Schopick, today’s guest, who will tell you about her experience when her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Her husband Tim survived for fifteen years post-diagnosis, and twelve years beyond his doctors’ prognosis. Both Tim and Julia believed that his survival was due to some really innovative treatments Julia found for him. Sadly, none of Tim’s doctors were...

Duration: 00:56:13

Shift and Evolve with Barbara Marx Hubbard

Are you ready to make the shift, to consciously evolve and help save humanity and our planet? I hear a resounding, YES! This is just what inspiring pioneer Barbara Marx Hubbard wants to hear, that we are joining together heart to heart to uplift one another and our world. On today’s show Barbara will be presenting the ideas in her latest book, Birth 2012 and Beyond, Humanity’s Great Shift Towards the Age of Conscious Evolution. She will share her visionary experience that occurred in 1966...

Duration: 00:55:07

Learn to De-Stress with Peter McCarthy

Are you suffering from chronic or toxic stress? Do you wish you were more relaxed and able to enjoy life more fully? On today’s show, Peter McCarthy will tell you about his own firsthand experience with stress, how he changed his life, and how you can, too. As a former commercial airline and B-52 pilot, he knows the impact stress can have on us. In his landmark book Adrenaline Nation, Peter presents the major causes of stress: dietary influences, lifestyle influences, the cognitive filter,...

Duration: 00:56:41

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