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Three strong women... one powerful show. Explore and share in the stories of incredible women who have overcame insurmountable odds, endured inconceivable challenges, and have made the decision to embraced life and success to its fullest. These women and their stories give hope, strength, empowerment, and encouragement to women in all walks of life. A show by women, for women




Empowering Eve -Mel And Kym 04 25 17

This week on Empowering Eve Kym Welton, interviews co-host and co-founder Meldyn Spendlove. Close your eyes and imagine losing everything you have today. Your home, your Marriage, your car, your since of purpose, a child. What would you do? How would you react? How strong do you think you could be? Meldyn shares her personal story of overcoming loss, grief, bitterness and tremendous sadness. Learn from her journey, and see how God never leaves us even when we don’t know Him as we should....

Duration: 00:59:28

Empowering Eve Tom And Kym Welton 03 28 17

This week Kym Welton and Special Guest Tom Welton talk to women who may have disqualified themselves as being, becoming a business owner/ entrepreneur. They will discuss with you the truth about the enormous power of owning a direct sales business and what it takes to succeed. Tom will also talk about the reality and define “multiple streams of income” giving you a new perspective on the possibilities of creating cash flow. So, if you a woman who has been taught to believe that you are too...

Duration: 00:59:11

Empowering Eve - Angela Randle - 03 14 17

Empowering Eve: This week on Empowering Eve: A woman with the passion to vindicate the death of her young son from abuse and neglect, and a failing legal system. If you don’t believe that justice is green, you will, after hearing this tragic story that has inspired a new business that strives to give piece and comfort to those who mourn the loss of a loved one. Tunein LIVE: http://tunein.com/radio/Success-Radio-USA-s273600/ Tunein Archive Page:...

Duration: 00:58:20

Empowering Eve -Michelle Farkas- 02 14 17

This week “FIND YOUR BRAVE” Host Kym Welton talks with the once timid, shy and very introverted Michelle Farkas, Founder and CEO of the Visionary Women's Alliance of Colorado. Learn how this extraordinary woman brought over 1,500 women from across the country and other continents together for a common goal. That goal being “to support one another”. Discover how Michelle Farkas is showing even the most hard core competitors how to come together without fear to give each other real support....

Duration: 00:59:22

Empowering Eve -Nita Godwin- 02 07 17

This week on Empowering Eve, Co-Founder of Empowering Eve, Nita Godwin shares her own powerful story with you. A story in part about her life growing up without knowing her biological father, and having two step fathers. Hear how God drew Nita to himself by giving her faith to believe, even when she herself didn’t know who Christ was. This is a powerful story of faith, endurance, and finding peace through some very turbulent and rebellious times in her childhood. Tunein LIVE:...

Duration: 00:59:22

Empowering Eve -Jeanette Klausmeier- 01 31 17

This week on Empowering Eve: In the midst of the largest refugee crisis in history, we will be featuring Jeanette Klausmeier, director of “Symbol: Hope”, a non-profit, that provides hope to refugees through trauma therapy and the arts." Discover and hear a firsthand account of what life is like for families escaping persecution and terror. Jeanette and been helping refugee families overseas deal with loss, trauma and survival all while trying to give them hope. This is a “DON’T MISS”....

Duration: 00:58:48

Empowering Eve -Jill Barker - 01 24 17

Empowering Eve: This Weeks Show Every Day: 11:00 AM MST If you are a woman of faith facing the challenges that come with suffering loss, you will want to listen to this inspiring story of hope. You may not see it now, but you do have a future, and God has a plan for you. Tune in and hear a message of hope and a true “love story”. Random Empowering Eve Show picks Every Day: 5:00 PM MST 7:00 PM MST Tunein LIVE: http://tunein.com/radio/Success-Radio-USA-s273600/ Tunein Archive Page:...

Duration: 00:57:14

Empowering Eve -Brandi Lea- 01 17 17

On Episode of Empowering Eve, Host Nita Godwin has the pleasure of speaking with Brandi Lea, a single Mom with three beautiful children, 2 biological and one adopted. Brandi is the founder and Executive Director of Beauty for Ashes World Wide which promotes justice and speaks out for victims of injustice by serving them across the world. Brandi is passionate about equality, healing and promoting life over a hurt world. Empowering Eve: Every Day: 11:00 AM MST 5:00 PM MST 7:00 PM MST Tunein...

Duration: 00:59:34

Empowering Eve -Caryn August - 01 10 17

Host Kym Welton talks to image consultant Caryn August. Your "look" creates an impact on your first impression and effects your own sinse of confidence. What are you projecting to others about yourself in the way you are dressed? Caryn August Image Consulting: http://www.carynaugust.com/ Tunein LIVE: http://tunein.com/radio/Success-Radio-USA-s273600/ Tunein Show Page: http://tunein.com/radio/Profiles-of-Success-p919538/ iB Network Home Page: http://www.successradio.us

Duration: 00:59:15

Empowering Eve -April Fangio - 12 12 16

Nita and April talk about choosing “pro-love”. April shares her personal story of becoming a mother too young in life and her thoughts and fears of having a baby. Save the storks and the “STORK BUS” help new mothers and fathers connect with their unborn baby in a positive and loving way, and helps them outline all the options available to them. Hear this powerful story of success and pro-love. LISTEN LIVE and find archived shows on TuneIn Radio:...

Duration: 00:59:21

Empowering Eve -Barbra Royal - 12 05 16

A powerful interview with Barbara Royal getting in touch with your inner self.

Duration: 00:59:17

Empowering Eve 11 21 16

Nita Godwin talks to Speaker, Coach and Author Jill Davis. Jill Davis spent the majority of her adult life morbidly obese. She lost 135 pounds and along the way regained her identity. Through her own journey, research, and working with thousands of women in transition, Jill discovered that the move from body shaming to body acceptance is only possible when we shed the belief that we are intrinsically good or bad based on the foods we eat and instead trust our bodies to tell us what they...

Duration: 00:59:07

Empowering Eve (Kym Welton) 11 14 16

Kym Welton, (show host) shares her personal story of struggle, overcoming challenges in school, success in building wealth and then losing it, and making powerful life changing decisions that are now making a difference in the lives of others. How do you find the strength to start over? How do you push forward when you are being treated unfairly? How do you not lose faith when you have lost a child? Tune in this week every day at 11:am and be empowered on Empowering Eve. LISTEN LIVE and...

Duration: 00:47:16

Empowering Eve (Jennel) 11 07 16

Host Kym Welton talks to Janel Amella founder of Empowered Colorado. Janel has overcome many obstacles throughout her lifetime. She was bullied for being a teenage mother, suffered from an eating disorder during a successful career as a professional model, and would later realize she married an alcoholic and severely abusive man that made her feel worthless and fear for her life. Her self-worth diminished completely and to cope, she turned to drugs and alcohol. During this difficult in her...

Duration: 00:47:38

Empowering Eve -Tish Hardy

Hear the powerful story of success of Latisha Hardy. Tish possess a knowledgeable, creative mind with motivation and ambition to lead people in the most efficient way possible. Her objective is always to learn about others thoroughly in order to serve them effectively, attack every situation with 100% effort, and follow through to produce visible results. LISTEN: http://wwwSuccessRadio.us TuneIn Radio: http://tunein.com/radio/Empowering-Eve-p919528/

Duration: 00:58:50

Empowering Eve 10-24-16

On this episode meet Trista Tuttle. Trista Tuttle is a small business owner in the Colorado Springs area. She is married to her husband, Chad, of 18 years and they have a 13 year old son, iley a 9 year old daughter, Landri. Last September 15th, Trista was diagnosed with Stage 1B triple positive breast cancer and began her cancer journey October 2015. She has completed a bilateral mastectomy, chemotherapy and breast reconstruction. She is passionate about helping others and wants to get...

Duration: 00:59:50

Empowering Eve (Juliet Miles) 10 17 16

Kym Welton speaks with special guest Juliet Miles. Hear the powerful story of Juliet Miles who in September 1976, during the turbulent and oppressive rein of Idi Amin escaped from Uganda with her mother and siblings to the USA as the borders were being closed down. One in the United States Juliet faced many more challenges as woman in an unfamiliar culture. Let her story Empower you this week on Empowering Eve.

Duration: 00:59:57

Empowering Eve

HOSTS: Kym Welton, Meldyn Spendlove, and Nita Godwin, Three strong women... one powerful show. Explore and share in the stories of incredible women who have overcame insurmountable odds, endured inconceivable challenges, and have made the decision to embraced life and success to its fullest. These women and their stories give hope, strength, empowerment, and encouragement to women in all walks of life. A show by women, for women

Duration: 00:58:34