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Ep19- The Case of Black Women Loving White Men

This is a conversation about race, love and belonging. To get a full description, please visit:


Episode 17 - The Case of Power and Season 1

In this episode, the host brings closure to the season by sharing the different lessons offered on power. There were 12 informants in Season 1 and as they are highlighted in this episode, listeners are able to learn more about them and the four levels of power that impacted their work with social change: Structural, Cultural, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal. Where power as an abstract state is hard to understand, this episode talks about tools of power which, as a concept, is easier. This...


Episode 16 - The Case of Healing, Surviving and Thriving Pt. 2

In today’s conversation, Imani Evans talks about how she took her experience with trauma and made it her life’s work. Specifically, she argues that the very thing that made her want to die is the thing that gave her a reason to live. She talks about her experience with sexual violence, with identity and intersectionality, and with her business development with serving women who are healing from sexual and domestic violence.


Episode 15: The Case of Healing, Surviving and Thriving

In this episode, Imani Evans, a therapist and activist for women and girls healing from sexual and domestic violence, presents Part 1 of The Case of Healing, Surviving and Thriving. She talks about critical foundations to thriving, such as in joy, happiness, and peace. And, she argues for a pursuit of wholeness, where thriving resides, which requires individuals to move beyond a fragmented life. Finally, Imani shares her personal story of surviving, healing and thriving by learning to live...


Episode 14: The Case of the Upper Lower Class

In this episode, C. Eric Ervin, a former emergency medical doctor, provides listeners with a compelling proposition about class, human behaviors and emotional well-being.


Episode 13: The Case of Therapy and Well Being

This week Empowerment Starts Here with informant Kaitlin Popielarz in the Case of Therapy and Well Being. In it she discusses working with a therapist as a form of self care, the stigma that can sometimes surround this form of healing and how her family dynamics helped make going to therapy possible. Kaitlin also delves into the racial privilege that allowed her to seek out and get counseling.


Episode 12: The Case of the Social Change Organization

In this episode (Ep12), Empowerment Starts Here with Angela Dye (the host). With the Case of the Social Change Organization, Angela offers a 4-part construct for organizations promoting social change. She reasons that organizations committed to social change should have a clear and active aim, should be treated as a learning organization, should consist of design essentials and should have alignment. This episode is helpful for anyone leading a formal organization (non-profit, school,...


Episode 11: The Case of Knowing and Learning

In this episode, the informant takes a look at what it means to know. Mary Diez looks at the actual nature of knowing and the conscious role of the learner as the knower. She explores schooling as a warehouse for children, where we focus more on managing students based on grade levels and she talks about the readiness (or not) of teachers to truly differentiate instruction; truly be able to individualize and personalize learning; and truly be able to make learning meaningful to the...


Episode 10: The Case of Critical Literacy

In this episode (Ep10), Empowerment Starts Here with Dr. Paul Thomas in the Case of Critical Literacy. As you listen, you will hear Dr. Thomas interrogate the difference between intention and impact as relating to messages we speak. You will also hear him question the joys that come from traditional rhetoric and the pain that we experience when that rhetoric is unpacked. Finally you will hear him challenge the racial bias he’s associated with phrases like grit and growth mindset and make...


Episode 09: The Case of Gradelessness

In this episode, Empowerment Starts Here with Peter Anderson. In it, Peter talks about why he went gradeless; what he learned about the schooling industry once grades were removed from his practice; and how his gradelessness revealed his whiteness and his protected place of power in an inequitable world. At the close of this episode, I talk about some concerns I have with the movement to remove grades from the learning process. The best way this can be summarized has actually already been...


Episode 08: The Case of Authentic Leadership

In three segments, the host (flying solo) talks about authentic leadership. First, she explains the inspiration to authentic leadership as a concept. Next, she provides a concrete construct for authentic leadership as well as speaks passionately about what it is not (taking a jab at false revolutionary workers). And finally, she offers a tool to personally identify nine competencies for leading authentically.


The Case of Strengths and Being

In this episode, Empowerment Starts Here with Kathleen Divine where she reveals individual strengths as a power source to be fully whole. In this conversation, Kathleen also connects being whole (by way of strengths) as being connected to a higher being and makes us think about the notion that man and woman were made in God’s image. In this conversation, we questions the power barriers that prevent humans from both knowing and walking in their gifts and spend time revealing the intrinsic...


Episode 06: The Case of Hating High School

In this episode, Empowerment Starts Here with Nikhil Goyal. Nikhil talks about the impetus to school reform. It all started as a high school student and knowing that his needs as a learner were not being addressed. Nikhil started researching alternative models for teaching and learning and learned about the progressive movement (such as constructivism) that centers students in the learning process and allows learners to make meaning of their worlds. Power in this episode is connected to...


Episode 5: The Case of Passion and Pursuit

In this episode, Empowerment Starts Here with Roger Harris (Artist/Performer) and Joshua Howard (Musician/Producer). Not only are Roger and Joshua both pursuing their artistry, they are both former students of Angela Dye (the host). They attended her school when they were in 6th grade (Joshua) and 7th grade (Roger) and are currently in their early to mid-20s. These young men talk about their current life pursuits, the context of their passions and the power structures that make their...


Episode 4: The Case of Critical Self Reflection

In the episode, Empowerment Starts Here with the Host (she’s flying solo). In it, she speaks about the practice of critical self-reflecting. She talks through foundational conditions required for self-reflecting: hunting for the location of power within the self; communicating with others to gain a deeper understanding of self and power; and being active and passive (reflective) in the work of social change so as to get closer to the espoused self (the idealized self). Not only does she...


Episode 01: The Case of Being Black, Female and Human

In this episode, Empowerment Starts Here with Angela Walker. In it, she talks about the vocation to be human (as defined by Paulo Freire in the Pedagogy of the Oppressed [1970]). In the conversation, Angela Walker (the Informant) and Angela Dye (the Host) talk about agency, about giftedness, about the body as all experiences of being. The greatest value of this conversation is a consideration of what it means to be dehumanized (by way of various forms of oppression) as well as the rights...


Ep 03: The Case of Allyship in Context

In the episode, Empowerment Starts Here with Chris Thinnes. In it, he speaks transparently about his shift in allyship... going from working with people (specifically students) of color to talking within his own family and other whites within his personal and professional networks. Chris also talks about experiencing rage that is designated to those who are considered race traitors and finally, he talks about democracy as a performance when outcomes and decisions are determined before...


Episode 02: The Case of Inclusive Faith

In the episode, Empowerment Starts Here with Rev. Gwen Thomas. In it, she speaks passionately about the value of not only welcoming people in their differences but celebrating them in their differences. She gives a thoughtful run down on the Bible passages that are typically used to deny LGBT persons their full humanity and then advocates the idea of a radical Jesus that comes to give it back to them. Finally, she talks (along with the host) about the paradox of the black church that both...


Episode 00: A Podcast About Power, Social Change and Disrupting the Margins (Introduction)

This episode provides an overview of the Empowerment Starts Here podcast as a new project. In it, the host describes the relevance of power for social change. She describes six treatments of power and offers a few disclaimers about what the show is and what it is not. Finally, she sends out a call to action to describe how listeners can join the host and the producers to help make this show a success.