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Episode 091 – Chris Jericho/Jennifer Peedom

PLAY Chris Jericho gained fame as a professional wrestler with WCW, ECW, NJPW and most famously WWE, of which he is a member of the Hall Of Fame, elected in 2010. A longtime musician, he has released seven albums with his heavy metal group Fozzy, the most recent of which Judas, was released last year. […]

Duration: 01:02:00

Episode 090 – Christian Picciolini

PLAY For the majority of his teen years and into his early twenties, Christian Picciolini loved to hate. He preached it. As a leader in one of the most notorious White Nationalist groups in the United States, he felt it was his duty. But then he had a child and the first seeds of doubt […]

Duration: 00:57:43

Episode 089 – Robin Ince/Traces

PLAY Robin Ince got started his career as stand-up comedian and support act for Ricky Gervais. While still involved in the world of comedy, he has also become one of Britain’s preeminent science presenters, co-hosting the BBC Radio show Infinite Monkey Cage, which physicist, Professor Brian Cox. He has given TedX talks, hosted panel shows […]

Duration: 01:00:58

Episode 088 – A Conversation With Reza Sholeh

PLAY Back in February 2017, Reza Sholeh and I chatted about an exciting new web series called Petrol. Reza is back, this time in person, and we talked about many, many things. Season two of Petrol has wrapped with a yet-to-be-determined release date. But Reza’s first love has always been acting, and recently, he was […]

Duration: 01:04:49

Episode 087 – Johnathon Schaech, Lauren Wolkstein & Chris Radcliff, Cyrus

PLAY Actor Johnathon Schaech talks working in the horror film genre, including writing with George A. Romero, as well as creating a sequel to a classic B-Movie. His latest, Day of The Dead: Bloodline is in theatres now. Lauren Wolkstein and Chris Radcliff are the creators of The Strange Ones, a psycho-drama based off their […]

Duration: 00:58:50

Episode 085 – Best of Other: Jesse Brown, Cecil Baldwin, Piff the Magic Dragon

Best of the interviews that don’t fit into boxes. It’s journalist and host of Canadaland Jesse Brown, the voice of Nightvale Cecil Baldwin and comedy magician Piff The Magic Dragon

Duration: 00:50:10

Endeavours 083 – Best of Literature ft. Mary Walsh, Jeffrey Cranor, Kory Stamper

Continuing the end-of-the-year Best Of interviews. Today it’s all about books. Revisit some of the best book talks with Mary Walsh, Jeffrey Cranor and Kory Stamper.

Duration: 01:10:21

Episode 082 – Best of Film: Colm Feore & Patrick Huard, Kate Micucci, Matt Skeritt

Looking back on some of the best interviews from 2017. This is episode is all about film!

Duration: 01:08:33

Episode 080 – Lizzy Goodman, David Hyde

PLAY The Strokes. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. LCD Soundsystem. What do these bands have in common? According to music journalist Lizzy Goodman, they helped define New York City’s rock revivalist movement in the early 2000s. In her book Meet Me In The Bathroom: Rebirth and Rock and Roll in New York City 2001-2011, Goodman […]

Duration: 00:53:44

Episode 079 – Greg Sestero, Diego Klattenhoff, Dizzy

Episode 079 There are few movies quite like The Room. In fact, there are zero. Perhaps that’s why the “best, worst movie” ever made has garnered such a following since its release in 2003. One of the two lead actors in the movie, Greg Sestero, wrote about the experience – The Disaster Artist – to […]

Duration: 00:57:37

Episode 078 – Whistler Film Festival #3 – First-Timers

Episode 078 It’s the final show from the 2017 Whistler Film Festival and today it’s all about first time filmmakers! First, actor Michael Maize (Gotham, Happy!) talks about The Story of A Girl, which the directorial debut of actress Kyra Sedgwick. Then screenwriter Ramona Barckert and producer Brian Robertson talk about Ordinary Days, a film […]

Duration: 01:04:41

Episode 077 – Whistler Film Festival Part 2 – Multi-hyphenates & Hybridity

Episode 077 Welcome back to the Whistler Film. Three more amazing guests are on the show today! Katie Boland: Katie may only be 29, but has in the industry nearly her entire life. The daughter of a filmmaker, she has three films in the festival – Cardinals, co-starring Sheila McCarthy and Noah Reid, Never Saw […]

Duration: 01:01:09

Episode 076 – Whistler Film Festival, Part 1 – Canada Coast-To-Coast

Episode 076 Endeavours returns to the Whistler Film Festival and will have at least three shows this week. Today, has three great indie Canadian filmmakers with three very different films. First up, Carl Bessai is something of a legend in Vancouver indie film circles. His previous work includes Severed, Repeaters, Fathers & Sons, Mothers & […]

Duration: 01:01:37

Episode 075 – Blood In The Snow Festival, 54-40, Susan Coyne

The Blood In The Snow Festival is back and better than ever. BITS is an all-Canadian, all-horror film festival in Toronto. I spoke with founder Kelly Michael Stewart as well the teams behind the films: From Buckout Road: Matthew Currie Holmes (writer-director) John Gillespie (producer) From Red Spring: Jeff Sinasac (writer-director, actor – Ray) Tanya […]

Duration: 01:45:12

Episode 074 – AJ Jacobs, The Kents

Today on the show: it’s AJ Jacobs and The Kents! AJ Jacobs is a writer, journalist, columnist and author who sees life as a series of experiments. He first came to prominence by reading all 32 volumes of Enclyopaedia Brittanica, which he chronicles in his first book The Know It All. Since then he was […]

Duration: 00:58:08

Episode 073 – Dave Schultz, The Middle Coast

Episode 073 It’s the Winnipeg Special! Dave Schultz is a screenwriter and director, whose films include Jet Boy, 45 RPM and Rufus. His latest feature is Considering Love and Other Magic starring Sheila McCarthy and Eric McCormack. Solely as screenwriter, he has penned several action movies including the upcoming The Humanity Bureau starring Nicholas Cage. […]

Duration: 00:55:03

Episode 072 – Angela Mombourquette, Empire of Dirt

Episode 72 features freelance writer, editor and journalism professor Angela Mombourquette, who once upon a time, was an associate director at This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Canada’s seminal political satire TV series. With the show entering its 25th season, Mombourquette has compiled an oral history entitled 25 Years of 22 Minutes. It is available now. […]

Duration: 00:47:23

Episode 071 – Gad Elmaleh, Timber Timbre, Vaginal Davis

Comedian Gad Elmaleh, artist Vaginal Davis, and music from Timber Timbre

Duration: 01:15:40

Episode 070 – Doug Nichol & Martin Howard, Laura Sauvage, Evalyn Parry & Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory

Episode 070 Doug Nichol is the director of the new documentary California Typewriter, which, among others, features with Tom Hanks, John Mayer and Sam Shephard. Also featured in the film is typewriter collector Martin Howard, who talks about his love the machine and its art form. Laura Sauvage got her start as a member of […]

Duration: 01:03:59

Episode 069 – Halloween Spooktacular ft. Dr. Bob Curran, Mink Stole, Sid Haig, Ashley C. Williams

Halloween Spooktacular Welcome. Strap in. Is there enough blood on your face? Today Dr. Bob Curran, folklorist extraordinaire, guides us through the history of All Hallows Eve from Pagan to Present Days with talk of vampires, werewolves, zombies and other deliciously nightmarish things. Additionally he picks the creepiest place in the world he has ever […]

Duration: 01:53:41

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