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Qi Gong and Tai Ji | Robert Nations

In this episode, Dr. Greg Lane interviews Dr. Robert Nations. They discuss the history, philosophy, and practice of Qi Gong and Tai Ji. They begin with an explanation of the meaning of the concept of Qi in Chinese philosophy and then delve into a wide ranging discussion on these practices in relation to achieving optimum health and peak performance goals. The explore both the traditional perspective on these practices as well as the growing body of modern research that supports them.


Joanie Anderson | X Games Gold Medalist

In this episode, Dr. Greg Lane interviewed Joanie Anderson, former X games gold medalist in snowboarding. Joanie grew up home-schooled in a large family in South Lake Tahoe. Her classroom was the mountains, so Joanie and her sisters naturally became competitive snowboarders. Joanie was eleven when she won her first national championship and continued to win nationals for many years following. When she was 16, Joanie was invited to join the U.S. Junior National Team. She won her first Junior...


Medical Cannabis | Chad Conner | Pure Ratios

This podcast is an interview between our host, Dr. Greg Lane, and Chad Conner of Pure Ratios. In this wide-ranging conversation, Mr. Conner and Dr. Lane discuss the latest research on the use of Cannabis extracts to enhance physical and cognitive performance, legal issues in the US and California, microdosing, the difference between CBD and THC, and much, much more.


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