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Interviews with fascinating people who are making a difference in our lives with their insightful and innovative talents.

Interviews with fascinating people who are making a difference in our lives with their insightful and innovative talents.
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New York, NY


Interviews with fascinating people who are making a difference in our lives with their insightful and innovative talents.




Energy Stew - Patricia Albere - 12.08.17

We’re in a new time of relating and more is expected of us to know each other differently. How much can we awaken to our soul interconnectedness? At what level of consciousness do we know ourselves together? Are we really moving from “Me” to “We”? This is a time when we can speak at deeper soul levels and are beginning to discard superficial relationships. Patricia Albere’s book,

Duration: 00:29:47

Energy Stew - Barbara Berger - 12.01.17

Can you always be true to yourself or is your life about too many compromises? How do you find the path to own your whole life and find fulfillment? Of course we need to compromise and consider others so how do you make the best choices for yourself? Hear what Barbara has to say about how to live more authentically. Life has become very confusing and we’re bombarded by so much change. Truth has become harder to define in the outer world so the best place to be is in our own truth....

Duration: 00:29:04

Energy Stew - Scott Stabile - 11.24.17

Scott Stabile found so many ways to be discouraged about life, especially tragic deaths in his family when he was very young. He also became an expert at failing and finding fault with himself. His journey is very inspiring to us all as he learned how to reframe his life into kindness to himself and others. I was very moved by Scott’s book, “Big Love” and the insights he brings to all of us. We can learn how to manage life better from his amazing stories and how he found a deeper place in...

Duration: 00:29:07

Energy Stew - Professor Sir Harold Kroto - 11.17.17

Learn about an amazing new discovery that can greatly enhance your life and health. Tom Martin is the owner of, one of the companies distributing this wonderful healing Fullerene molecule. He’ll explain the research and usage of this to maintain our cells, DNA and telemeres. “Professor Sir Harold Kroto won the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the Fullerene, popularly known as “bucky-balls” – a new form of the element carbon in which the atoms are arranged in the form...

Duration: 00:29:16

Energy Stew - Zohara - 11.10.17

“White Spirit Animals, Prophets of Change” is an important new book by J. Zohara Meyerhoff Hieronimus to help us understand the great value of these unusual animals. There are communities of these white animals found in different parts of the world that aren’t albino. They represent the special gifts of their species and are wisdom teachers to help us live in a better world. Our ecosystem needs to be more balanced and we need to provide for the full needs of the natural world where we all...

Duration: 00:29:03

Energy Stew - Penney Peirce - 11.03.17

We’re leaving the Information Age,” says Penney Peirce, one of the world’s leading experts on personal transformation, intuition, and expanded perception, “and entering the Intuition Age. That means our perception is shifting and the rules of the way life functions are changing. It is only by becoming skillful with intuition and mastering the art of working with the ‘frequency principles’ that govern energy and awareness, that you’ll be truly successful in our lightning fast new...

Duration: 00:28:24

Energy Stew - Alexander Dunlop - 10.27.17

We’re all living in the identity of the hand of playing cards we’ve been dealt in this life. We can’t be anyone else but to represent the particular hand we’ve been playing. So we might as well find out which cards we’re talking about. Alexander Dunlop and I will be discussing how some of the more hidden cards play a big role in you. They can be identified and solve some mysteries about your self-understanding and behavior. Alexander Dunlop, the author of “

Duration: 00:27:48

Energy Stew - 10.20.17

So much of our success in life is how well we connect with others. What do we need to be conscious of when we want to create a more positive influence? Michael Gelb’s book, “The Art of Connection”is about relationship building. How can we tweak our innate interpersonal traits to do a better job in life? Find out in this interview. How present can you be when you want to influence others? Are your empathy and humility strong enough to have others be present with you? Can you create genuine...

Duration: 00:29:23

Energy Stew - ReGina Concotelli - 10.13.17

Human Design has detailed insights into the mechanics of your personality. It knows you inside and out. There’s so much it can tell you and we’re going to explain its broad scope of traits that it describes about you. The system uses your birth data, the hexagrams of the Chinese I’Ching and chakras to present your character. It’s so helpful to know more about yourself and this system does it better than any other. My wife, who’s an astrologer, says Human Design is astrology on steroids....

Duration: 00:28:04

Energy Stew - Douglas E. Noll - 10.06.17

There are many people who are difficult to communicate with. So many of them are angry and frustrated. Perhaps they also feel disrespected, unloved and/or unworthy. It’s easy for them to blow up. Let’s learn how to calm them down. Douglas E. Noll has practiced his techniques with all kinds of angry people and has written this very helpful book, “DE-ESCALATE”. There’s so much he can show us to use in our families, at work and in general. How many of you have had difficult teenagers to deal...

Duration: 00:29:39

Energy Stew - Steve Gottlieb - 09.29.17

Emotional Freedom Technique can do so many things for you. It relieves fears, pains and anger. It can help you sleep better. It can heal. The results are simply amazing. Steve Gottlieb is back and will give us some advanced techniques to make EFT work even better. The show will be a great gift for your well-being. Listen in!n this time of on-going crisis, It’s helpful to add more tools for our daily comforts and to help life work so much better when we can find some peace of mind. This is...

Duration: 00:27:59

Energy Stew - Barbara Berger - 09.22.17

We’re all coming into greater consciousness (although it doesn’t look like it) and need to learn what to expect of our minds. I guess it depends on what aspect of our minds we look to. On the unconscious side, our minds know the deepest aspects of ourselves and our lives and likely run the show. It’s our conscious minds that think they’re so smart but only represent a small part of the whole.

Duration: 00:29:17

Energy Stew - Tom Verner - 09.15.17

Why are your dreams the way they are? - Energy Stew interview with Tom Verner This is a very deep show about how our soul consciousness reveals itself through dreams and how we can learn more about who we are. It’s not about dream interpretation but more about our dream themes and how they help us understand our deeper selves. Tom Verner and Stephen Larsen have written a very important book about this.

Duration: 00:29:13

Energy Stew - Itzhak Beery - 09.08.17

Great insights into shamanic healing - Energy Stew interview with Itzhak Beery Shamanic healing is the utilization of ancient practices using tools and techniques harnessed from nature. True western shamans find authentic native healers to teach them their powers. It’s a large tool chest so it takes a long time to evolve into a true shaman. Itzhak Beery is one of those students who can truly call himself a shamanic healer. His latest book, “

Duration: 00:27:31

Energy Stew - Steve Halpern - 09.01.17

Inflammation is the scourge to our health - Energy Stew interview with Steve Halpern Most diseases are only considered to be symptoms of oxidative stress and inflammation. They are the key to getting better. Our bodies produce inflammation to help us but it’s not easily controlled. The answer is to manage it better. I’m talking again with Steve Halpern, a nutritional scientist, who will help us learn more about our ability to decipher and manage this threat to our...

Duration: 00:27:56

Energy Stew - Steve Gottlieb - 08.25.17

Let’s find out even more about EFT - Energy Stew interview with Steve Gottlieb The last show with Steve Gottlieb was very popular so he’s back again to talk more about EFT and the amazing usefulness of tapping. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has become a very popular healing tool and is quite simple to use for everyday emotional calming. It can also fix many problems in your life including getting wonderful health results. Most people don’t know the deeper ways it can be used...

Duration: 00:27:53

Energy Stew - Robert O Williams - 08.18.17

It’s empowering to BE love - Energy Stew interview with Robert O Williams Yes, love can heal the world but what does that aspect of love mean? How do we activate love energy so we can heal ourselves and each other? Maybe any illness represents our self-love limitations. Robert O Williams lived many years with life threatening illnesses and had a number of near-death experiences. He was a great saxophone player touring with the Beach Boys while enduring pain. Through many...

Duration: 00:29:13

Energy Stew - Barbara Berger - 08.11.17

Do you follow your inner compass? Energy Stew interview with Barbara Berger Maybe you can make all the right decisions. What if you have a compass you really haven’t learned how to use properly yet? Barbara Berger has written a wonderful guidebook to “

Duration: 00:29:24

Energy Stew - Edward Bruce Bynum - 08.04.17

Who is in your dreamlife? Why are they? - Energy Stew interview with Edward Bruce Bynum Our dreams are windows to our subconscious and reveal the deep patterns in our lives. Often, those we dream about are family members and our other most significant relationships. Many times, those same people are dreaming about us. There are times of mutual dreaming as these people are in many of the same patterns we are in. Edward Bruce Bynum has written the book, “

Duration: 00:28:35

Energy Stew - Jonathan & Andi Goldman - 07.28.17

Do you hum for your health? - Energy Stew interview with Jonathan & Andi Goldman Most of us haven’t realized the value that humming can bring to our lives. It’s one of the simplest yet most profound sounds we can make. Humming can affect us on a physical level, reducing stress and inducing calmness. It also enhances sleep as well as lowers heart rate, blood pressure and produces powerful neurochemicals such as oxytocin. Jonathan and Andi Goldman are well known sound...

Duration: 00:29:43

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