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Ep 87: Impact Driven Entrepreneurship with Mariana Ruiz - Enterprise NOW! Podcast

In this episode, I talk with Mariana Ruiz of Impact Driven Entrepreneur. Mariana is a Certified Business Coach & Consultant for impact-driven entrepreneurs. Her team works with business owners using high level marketing & sales strategies in combination with Facebook ads to expand reach and convert their audience to clients. We talk about how business impacts family, clients, other people, and giving back. We also talk about believing in yourself and finding your true calling. Golden...


Ep 86: Go offline (Literally) and Enjoy Life With Eric Reid - Enterprise NOW! Podcast

In this episode, I talk with Eric Reid of Eric Reid Coaching. Eric has a mission to help, impact and inspire hundreds of thousands of people to take their life and their business to the next level and get more of what they want out of life. We recorded this episode with no power! Yeah, Eric was running off a generator during our conversation…..So this is our first, non-power, international conversation on the show. We talk about risk without reflection, coaching vs consulting, increasing...


Ep 85: Do you have a love for the game of business with Nick Britton - Enterprise NOW! Podcast

In this episode, I talk with Nick Britton. Nick is a former school teacher, who quit his job, drained his 401K and launched a series of successful businesses to date. He has written two books and is a social media marketing guru. We talk about how to focus your growth as an individual, increasing productivity, and personal responsibility. Alright, let’s dig in. Golden nuggets: Everything is a business. In order to succeed, you have to know how to sell. The human mind is the most powerful...


Ep 84: No Shortcuts. Take Massive Action. - Enterprise NOW! Podcast

In this episode, I talk with Jon and Ervin of the Colombian Coffee Connection. Colombian Coffee Connection LLC. is a specialty coffee importer & roasting Co. in Minneapolis, MN. Through their humanitarian initiative Coffee With Heart, they are committed to giving 10% of all profits back to the Nasa indigenous people. We talk about having patience, being adaptable, and the human side of business. We also talk about how Ervin left his home County and moved to the US, knowing no English, and...


Ep: 83 Crush limitations and experience peak performance with Thor Conklin - Enterprise NOW! Podcast

Intro: Can I get a Oh Yeah!!!!!! What’s up Enterprisers, welcome to episode 83 of the Enterprise NOW! Podcast where we educate, motivate, inspire, and transform business owners and entrepreneurs into success. That’s what we do, we help folks launch, grow, and maximize! In this episode, I talk with Thor Conklin of the Peak Performance Group. Thor’s entrepreneurial addiction started at age 13 when he became a caddie. Walking, talking and asking non-stop questions of the business elite, had a...


Ep 82: Capitalism vs Greed. The Unapologetic Capitalist with Alision Gerlach - Enterprise NOW! Podcast

In this episode, I talk with Alison Gerlach. Allison is a seasoned, strategic management consultant, serial entrepreneur, investor, business executive, and lecturer with expertise in, and a passion for, building businesses. Ms. Gerlach has done extensive research in optimizing the business start-­‐up process and has founded and built businesses in industries that include consumer packaged goods, media, technology, and professional services. We talk about challenges that entrepreneurs face,...


Ep 81: Who Are You? The Manager, The Visionary, Or The Entrepreneur? - Enterprise NOW! Podcast

In this episode, I talk with Robert Kandell of Robert Kandell Consulting. Robert helps you bypass your own self-imposed limitations in all aspects of your business. He has 25 years’ experience of building business, enhancing workflows for your team, mentoring CEO’s and helping start-ups set the proper foundation for success. We talk about the visionary, the manager, and the entrepreneur and how being miscast can affect your business. Robert shares about his worst-case business clients and...


Ep 80: The YOLO Principle with Rebecca Barnes-Hogg - Enterprise NOW! Podcast

In this episode, I talk with Rebecca Barnes-Hogg, the owner of YOLO Insights. YOLO Insights has perfected the art of hiring the right people. Rebecca developed this process because every hire is critical and hiring the wrong people costs too much. Realizing there had to be a better way she created a signature process that every business can use, no matter what size. We talk about how to stay focused, how to recognize passion, and the YOLO principle. We also chat about when she recognized...


Ep 79: Transform Core Values Into Action with Gerald Jones - Enterprise NOW! Podcast

In this episode, I talk with Gerald Jones of Buy Black Podcast. Gerald is the voice behind BuyBlack Podcast, a project that is the opening drive toward accomplishing his life's mission. We talk about building your brand, intrapreneurship, and how to smash it with your core values. Golden nuggets: Introverts can be entrepreneurs Passion fuels power Keys to success: View yourself as a brand Know your mission, vision, and values Never have a wasted day Actionable tip: Sit down and write down...


Ep 78: Maximize Your Personal Power And Unlock Proven Methods With Kourtney Coleman - Enterprise NOW! Podcast

In this episode, I talk with Kourtney Coleman of Kourtney Coleman Inc. Kourtney is a Taylor Protocol Certified Practitioner, Intuitive Business Coach, Speaker, and CEO. She works with spiritually connected, self-aware, mission-driven, high achieving career women to help them discover their personal power. We talk about thinking outside of the box, learning to pause, and we both share our thoughts on balance. Golden nuggets: Think outside of the box Learn to pause Learn to balance Keys to...


Ep 77: – “Living to Win and Dealing with Failure.” – Steve Werner - Enterprise NOW! Podcast

In this episode, I talk with Steve Werner of Live to Win Coaching. Steve shares how he became a bond trader and how that lead into becoming an entrepreneur. He talks about taking over his father’s company and the lessons he learned from that experience. Steve talks about his battle with prescription drugs and how he overcame that to be the success he is today. Golden nuggets: One phone call can change your life forever Use coping mechanisms to deal with failure With failure comes success...


Ep 76: Success is about the journey, not the destination – Sasha Laghonh - Enterprise NOW! Podcast

In this episode, I talk with Sasha Laghonh of Sasha Talks. Sasha brings over fifteen years of experience to the commercial and spiritual realm by working with private and commercial clients hosting diverse backgrounds and life endeavors. We talk about self-discipline, concept to launch principles, and self-awareness. She shares her worse moment in business - how she was laid off several times in as many years and how that experience led her into success. Golden nuggets: Success comes in...


Ep 75: Is your pain great enough to take the first step? – LuSundra Everett - Enterprise NOW! Podcast

In this episode, I talk with LuSundra Everett the home business tax lady. She talks about moving around a lot and how that has actually helped her develop a unique skillet that benefits her business. We talk about how you can’t play and coach at the same time in the game of business. LuSundra also talks about how business owners need to raise their hand when they need help. Our sponsors for this episode are Regus and Credit Line 1. Golden nuggets: Find the things that define you Don’t be...


Ep 74: Live Your Purpose! – Jen Hall - Enterprise NOW! Podcast

In this episode, I chat with Jen Hall. Jen is the Business Coach for Consultants, Coaches & subject matter experts (SMEs). We talk about living your purpose, having fun, and making money. We dig into how to defeat limiting beliefs and giving your purpose a vehicle. We also step through having a hunger for the game of business and how to crush it! Our Sponsors for this episode are Creditline 1 and Regus. Golden nuggets: Don’t work like a busy fool Attract don’t chase Give your purpose a...


Ep 73: People Pay To Get Out Of Hell! – Crystal Olivarria of Career Conversationalist - Enterprise NOW! Podcast

In this episode, I chat with Crystal Olivarria who is the founder of Career Conversationalist. Parents hire Crystal to help their child transition successfully from school to the workforce. We had a nugget filled conversation about what business skills successful entrepreneurs need to have, marketing to messaging match, understanding customer acquisition and sooooo much more. Golden nuggets: Make sure your marketing matches your message Understand how to acquire customers Understand what...


Ep 72: Pursue your own path, make your own direction with Chandler Walker of Out of the Cave Media - Enterprise NOW! Podcast

In this episode, I chat with Chandler Walker of Out of the Cave Media. We talk about hard work, focus and how building relationships is key to building a successful business. We chat about how the economy is shifting toward a freelance economy and how there must be a mindset shift in order to take advantage of the coming wave. We also talk about understanding your long-term path to success and how to position yourself to be ready for the fire. Golden nuggets: Be engaging and be available...


Ep 71: Step Into The Unknown. Focus on your strengths and never give up! – Greg Griffin of Dreams Sports Podcast - Enterprise NOW! Podcast

This week, I sit down with Greg Griffin of Dreams Sports Podcast. We talk about being self-aware and comfortable with your weaknesses. Being willing to try new things. We chat about Greg taking part in the African American Leadership Program at Cardinal Stritch that helped to identify who he is as a leader and a person. We chat about spending 70 - 75% of your time strengthening your strengths, 20 -25% working on the things that you could be better at and about 5 - 10% of your time working...


Ep 70: Focus and Crush Your Goals. 9 tips to become a mighty goal crusher - Enterprise NOW! Podcast

In episode 69, we talked with DaVida Wingfield, the president of Celebrity Philanthropy and the personality behind the Wingfield report. We covered investing in yourself, embracing wisdom, growing a successful business by being adaptable and DaVida shared how her experience with Oprah Winfrey led to a dynamic shift in her business. This week, I want to unpack the concepts we discussed and talk through how to focus and crush your goals. Ep:69: Golden nuggets: So good that I’m using them...


Replay – Ep 58: Passion, Purpose, Path, 3 P’s of EmPowerment – Get in the Awesome Zone! - Enterprise NOW! Podcast

In this episode, I re-cap my talk with Arsha Jones with Capital City Co. from episode 57. If you haven’t listened to that episode, it is a must listen! I share my thoughts on the difference between dreamers, sustainers, and builders. I talk about leveraging your skills and passions to create opportunity. I talk through how you can find your passion, your purpose, and your path. Golden nuggets: Conversations are the best way to learn Everyone has a general purpose and a specific purpose You...


Ep 69: School of Hard Knocks with DaVida Wingfield of Celebrity Philanthropy - Enterprise NOW! Podcast

In this episode, I talk with DaVida Wingfield, the president of Celebrity Philanthropy and the personality behind the Wingfield report. We talk about investing in yourself and embracing wisdom. We talk through how DaVida started and grew a successful business by tackling challenges and being adaptable. DaVida also shares how her experience with Oprah Winfrey led to a dynamic shift in her business. Golden nuggets: Embrace wisdom and knowledge through mentorship Investing in yourself will...


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