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The Real Hero Talk - Hero Bytes Ep. 5.5

On this episode, Vernon and Greg go into new trailers for Justice League, Black Panther, and Star Wars Episode VIII. Minor spoilers and major speculation!

Duration: 01:37:35

Behind the Line Radio - Ep 043: Community Toxicity

Hello Enthusiacs! The topic of toxicity in gaming is going to be with us for a while. There are a few levels that this can be approached from, and today we start our conversation off talking about how a particular game’s community can go toxic, and how good community management can reduce the toxicity. Chris comes back as a follow on to the last episode as we start off with the recent news from Jeff Kaplan having attempted to address the impact of community toxicity on Overwatch...

Duration: 01:21:02

Point Streak - Episode 69, Personal Top 5 Games

A crack team of Enthusiacs each expound on their personal top 5 games of all time. Outro music The Let Down by Rumor Has It.

Duration: 00:57:55

The Real Hero Talk - Hero Bytes Ep. 5

On this episode, Vernon and Greg get into James Cameron yet again, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Star Wars Episode IX, and Hellboy. Also, user questions! This podcast is published uncut and with minor spoilers for Suicide Squad and the Lego Movie.

Duration: 01:20:42

Behind the Line Radio - Ep 042: Personality as Product 2, PewDiePie and Bodega

Hello Enthusiacs! Another day, another Youtube controversy. This week we welcome community expert Chris back to join our sequel discussion to managing Personality as a product. From PewDiePie, to former Googlers putting themselves in front for a tone deaf headline for their company Bodega, we wade back in and dig deeper into the implications of these events.

Duration: 01:10:18

Point Streak - Episode 68, Half-Life

Jeff, Tony and, of course, Gman, discuss the Half-Life franchise. Outro music The Let Down by Rumor Has It.

Duration: 01:55:04

Behind the Line Radio - Ep 041: Games as a Service

Hello Enthusiastics! This week we whole David to Behind the Line Radio to discuss where games as a service came from. David discusses the infrastructure that online games need to have in place and need to maintain to work. So, if you’ve ever wondered why a game server goes down, or what games have issues at launch, David has the answers. P.S. If anyone is curious about the Foamy the Squirrel video we reference, you can see it at iLL WiLL PrEss’s Youtube channel as “Game Devs : Foamy The...

Duration: 00:57:36

The Real Hero Talk - Hero Bytes Ep. 4

Your monthly pop culture news update with Judge Greg and the Black Dragon! Recorded August 30,2017.

Duration: 00:56:52

Behind the Line Radio - Ep 040: Eclipse Adventure, and NEWS

Hello Enthusiacs! After an unintended hiatus, behind the line radio is back. Kynetyk details his adventure to see there solar eclipse in totality, and then he and Baron Fang discuss recent headlines including a piece from polygon about crunch that sparked a backlash, the secret of Mana remake, and the SNES classic repeating the availability word of the NES classic.

Duration: 01:11:07

The Real Hero Talk - Super Mario Bros

On this episode, Judge Greg is joined by Mike, from the Video Game Generations podcast, as they take on the Super Mario Bros. film! Warning, this episode contains SPOILERS!

Duration: 01:32:02

Point Streak - Episode 67, Sex in Gaming

A discussion about sexual content in games, with Jeff, Tony and Goose. Outro music The Let Down by Rumor Has It.

Duration: 00:34:30

The Real Hero Talk - Flash Season 1

On this episode, Judge Greg is joined by Axalon as they dive back into the Arrowverse with the Scarlet Speedster in Flash, season 1! SPOILERS!

Duration: 01:23:45

Point Streak - Episode 66, X-COM

Jeff, Goose and Jen talk about their experiences with the X-COM franchise. Outro music The Let Down by Rumor Has It.

Duration: 01:05:51

The Real Hero Talk - Hero Bytes 3

A monthly Comics, Movies, and Television news update with Judge Greg and the Black Dragon. On this episode, we go over the major news and events from San Diego Comicon and D23.

Duration: 01:10:04

Behind the Line Radio - Ep 039: Analytics part 2

Hello Enthusiacs. This week we return to the topic of Analytics. Last time in episode 37 we discussed a lot of terms and definitions, technical considerations and so forth. This week we dig more into the effect that this can have on the game design. Steve joins us to talk about this, and we discuss some of the baffling ways that this can play out. Also, Baron Fang gets a better answer to one of the questions he asked earlier about analytics intelligence vs design.

Duration: 00:48:37

Real Hero Talk - The Last Unicorn

On this episode of the Real Hero Talk podcast, Judge Greg, Kynetyk, and Sixty discuss the eighties animated cult classic: The Last Unicorn.

Duration: 01:04:05

Behind the Line Radio - EP 038: Bad games vs Bad Movies

What makes a bad movie something you can enjoy? Why doesn’t this apply to bad games? What’s different about the two, and why does it change how we can enjoy them? Kynetyk, Judge Greg, and Bill discuss this in a broad and fascinating conversation.

Duration: 01:33:12

Point Streak - Episode 65, Super Hero Games

Jeff, Greg, Vernon and Goose talk about games featuring Super Heroes. Outro music The Let Down by Rumor Has It

Duration: 01:03:48

Behind the Line Radio - EP 037: Analytics

Hello Enthusiacs! After way too long talking about it, we’ve finally got a guest on to talk about analytics. John (not the same one as an earlier episode) was kind enough to join in and talk about a number of general concepts that go into business analytics, and concerns around it. This is a big topic, so there will be more guests on it in the future, that’s for sure!

Duration: 01:02:20

Hero Talk - Monthly Hero Bytes 2

Hey there, Enthusiacs! Welcome to the second Monthly Hero Bytes edition of the (The Real) Hero Talk Podcast! On this episode, Vernon and Greg talk Jumanji, Transformers, Black Panther, Justice League, Adam West, Jackie Chan, and more! Check it out!

Duration: 01:14:48

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