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#16 "Bright Black Soldier Fly Future" Dr. Jeffery Tomberlin

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Jeffery Tomberlin, Associate Professor and AgriLife Research Fellow at Texas A&M University and co-editor of “Insects as Food and Feed: Production to Consumption” about the Black Soldier Fly. One of the most exciting futures in insect farming lies with the Black Soldier Fly (BSF). In the Cricketlicious Café, ChefPV shows us how to make Turmeric Braised Mopane Worms, and on “As the Crickets Chirp” Ashley makes a move.


#15 "Mr. Ento Goes to Washington" Dr. Sonny Ramaswamy (USDA/NIFA)

We have a fascinating talk with the Director of the USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) Dr. Sonny Ramaswamy. He informs us as to what needs to happen for the edible insect industry to grow and flourish in the coming years. He is an engaging personality, and we have a lively and informative talk. In the Cricketlicious Cafe, ChefPV makes Chirpchos. Like Nachos but with Chirps Chips! And on "As the Crickets Chirp" Chip's mind is taken over by the Crypt-Keeper Wasp's...


#14 "Season 2 Premiere" Jack Armstrong

In the Season 2 opener of the Ento Nation podcast, the Cricket Man interviews Jack Armstrong, head of the oldest commercial cricket farming operation in North America. In the Cricketlicious Café, ChefPV is making Jalapeno Chapulines Cornbread Donuts, and you can also watch a new live version of today’s Cricketlicious Café by clicking here. “As the Crickets Chirps” begins its second season, and we find Chip in danger. We also launch our Ento Nation/Entomo Farms contest giveaway, here are...


"Ento Nation Magazine Launch/Season 2 Preview"

In this brief edition of the Ento Nation podcast, the Cricket Man launches the Ento Nation Magazine, and also gives us a preview of what to expect in Season 2 of the podcast.


"Night of the Frogs"

The Ento Nation Podcast goes by a 12 episode Season. Our little web series “As the Crickets Chirp” went 6 episodes in Season 1. We decided that ATCC would be back for another 6 episode season in Season 2 of the podcast. Meanwhile, what would fill the other 6 weeks? We did a few different things, but one of them was a 3-part series called “Into the Night” which takes place in the same Bugton Hollow Universe…and may even be a spin-off of “As the Crickets Chirp”…like ATCC, this is an...


Cricketlicious Cafe Season 1 Special-12 Recipes

The Ento Nation podcast brings you all 12 Cricketlicious Café episodes from Season 1. Our Resident Chef, ChefPV guides you through 9 delicious and nutritious Ento recipes. As guest chefs we have Lee Cadesky and Aly Moore. And the Cricket Man takes over the kitchen on Christmas. Visit EntoNation.com for all 12 recipes in the synopsis of this episode. Times: 5:27-Chirpin’ Tostadas-ChefPV; 7:47-Crickcakes-ChefPV; 10:44-Mealworm Energy Balls-ChefPV; 13:47-Chapulines Spoon Bread con Spiced...


#12 "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" Chef Joseph Yoon

On this week’s Season 1 finale of the Ento Nation podcast we talk with Chef Joseph Yoon. Joseph is a top rated private chef and caterer based in New York City. He is the Executive Director of Brooklyn Bugs, and also the Chef/Owner of Dinner Echo. Joseph is a true culinary artist, who’s passion for cooking is rivaled only by his passion for life. We have an energizing and fascinating conversation about many things, including the challenges of being an “Ento Chef”. In the Cricketlicious...


#11 "Otago Locusts / Kevin Bachhuber"

In this episode we talk with Malcolm Diack, founder of Otago Locusts in New Zealand. Malcolm is the founder of Otago Locusts in Dunedin, New Zealand. In 2017, Otago Locusts won the Novel category of the New Zealand Food Awards, and also a commendation by the New Zealand Sustainable Business Network Awards. Malcolm started Otago Locusts back in 2009. We also have a chat with Kevin Bachhuber. Kevin is an award-winning consultant in sustainable agriculture, small-business innovation, and...


#10 "Bugeaters and Powder Makers"

On this edition of the Ento Nation podcast, we talk with Julianne Kopf, COO and co-Founder of Bugeater Foods. Bugeater Foods creates nutritious and delicious foods like “Jump” cricket based protein shake, and Julianne will let us in on some of the new goodies that Bugeater Foods will be turning out this coming year. We also have a chat with Dr. Aaron T. Dossey, Founder of All Things Bugs LLC, GrioPro Cricket Powder (the original cricket powder), and editor of the book “Insects as...


Christmas Special: Bugs Save Kids

Our Christmas Special focuses on two organizations that are actually doing good in the world, literally saving lives and improving communities by teaching them how to farm certain insects: Farms for Orphans run by Dr. Amy Franklin in Africa, and MealFlour run by Elizabeth Frank and Gabby Wimer in Central America. The Cricket Man is turned loose in the Cricketlicious Cafe and he makes what he claims to be the "Greatest recipe ever created for people to eat." You decide. The Worst...


Ep.8 "The Battle of Evermore with Little Herds"

On this edition of the Ento Nation podcast, we sit down for a fascinating conversation with Ento Industry mover and shaker Robert Nathan Allen, better known as RNA. RNA is the founder of Little Herds and co-founder of GrubTubs. Little Herds educates and empowers communities, both locally and globally, to support and promote the use of insects for food and feed as an environmentally sound and economically viable source of nutrition, and Grub Tubs is a table to farm food waste recycling...


Cricketlicious Cafe Special

Cricketlicious Cafe Special For your Ento dining pleasure, we present three of our recent Cricketlicious Cafe segments featuring bug-based recipes you can make at home while following along with our resident Ento Chef ChefPV or one of our Special Guest Chefs. In this special, ChefPV brings you "Chirpin' Tostadas" and "Pineapple Crick Sticks", while Guest Chef Aly Moore shows us how to make "Tomato Hopper Poppers". Recipes below: CHIRPIN' TOSTADAS (makes 4 tostadas) 1 stick Butter or...


Episode 7 "The Flying Cadesky Brothers"

On this week’s episode, we have an insightful and lively discussion with Eli Cadesky, co-founder with his brother Lee of C-fu FOODS and One Hop Kitchen. These guys operate on the cutting edge of insect protein technology, pushing the envelope in finding new ways to turn insects like crickets and mealworms into a delicious and nutritious dining experience. After our chat, we turn brother Lee Cadesky loose in the Cricketlicious Café, and he shows us how to make Chili Con Cricket! We are...


As the Crickets Chirp: Season 1

Part of the Ento Nation podcast is a little web drama series called “As the Crickets Chirp”. On the surface it’s just a simple fun parody of the old radio dramas. But in reality, it is a semi-autobiographical, multi-layered, metaphorical, allegorical, parody, plus heavy social commentary with hidden messages that the casual listener might miss. Just like when you observe a city or town that you drive through, safe in your vehicle, windows up, seeing just the façade of an average, everyday...


Ento Nation Ep.6

On this week’s Ento Nation podcast, it is our Hawaiian Homecoming Special. We sit down on the beautiful beach at Hanalei Bay, sort of, and have a chat with Emilio Romero and Lourdes Zietz of Sustainable Boost. Sustainable Boost creates wonderful food products made from crickets and other nutritious goodies like the native Taro plant, which is actually a superfood. The Cricket Man grew up on Kauai, and when he realized that there was a cricket farm there, he had to check it out. ChefPV is...


Ep.5 "Farm 2 Table Women of the Ento Nation"

On this edition of the Ento Nation podcast with The Cricket Man: “Farm 2 Table Women of the Ento Nation”. We visit with two power women of the Ento Industry. We chat with Wendy Lu McGill, CEO & Founder of Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch where they farm crickets and mealworms. Wendy Lu is just plain everywhere when it comes to the Ento Industry, and we sat down with her for a very interesting chat. They are bug farming a mile high in the sky! We also have a very interesting conversation with...


Ento Nation Ep.4

Ento Nation Ep.4: “Thanksgiving with The Bug Chef, David George Gordon.” The Cricket Man sits down with the award winning author of The Eat-a-Bug Cookbook, The Bug Chef himself, David George Gordon. Oh, what a time we had! Such a great time, in fact, that he is our guest for the whole show. We had a good old time! Also, ChefPV has created what he believes is one of his best tasting recipes ever, “Thanksgiving Chapulines Spoon Bread con Spiced Cricket Ice Cream” and teaches you how to...


Ento Nation Ep.3

"The Veterans Day Special and the Super Cricket". The Cricket Man (USCG vet) talks with James Rolin (USCG vet/Nat’l Guard) about the cutting edge direction the cricket farm (Cowboy Cricket Farms) he runs with his wife Kathy (also USCG vet) is taking with regard to creating a “Super Cricket”. Also, ChefPV will show you how to take the US Military’s greatest culinary invention, the protein bar, and tweak it Ento-style to give you Maple Mealworm Energy Balls that you can make right in your...


Ento Nation Ep.2 "A Tale of Two Cities"

This week on the Ento Nation podcast… We have a chat with Jarrod Goldin, CEO of Entomo Farms, which is pretty much the largest human grade cricket farming operation in the world. I just love these Goldin Brothers, they got it goin’ on when it comes to cricket farming! Been a big fan of theirs and have followed them for years, long before they became Entomo Farms the Future of Food. When it comes to cricket farming, these guys know what they’re doing, and they are always innovating and...


Ento Nation Ep.1 "The Ento Nation"

In the premiere, we take a look at what this podcast is all about. You’ll meet your host, The Cricket Man, who utilizes his years of experience as a cricket farmer and Ento Industry insider, to help guide you through the fascinating world of Ento. The Cricket Man also interviews Pat Crowley, Founder and CEO of Chapul cricket energy bars. Chapul just went over $1 million in sales. Pat tells the story of taking a simple idea, eating bugs, and turning it into an unexpected career. You’ll...


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